I would say Angell K7 Red is not too far away and very spin-friendly. With such a spin focused setup, it’s from the back of the court where this racket is most comfortable. But I’d like to note how it is super nice and controlled when doing a flatter shot with the Blade, compared to the Pure Aero :p Sorry for the long comment, and I hope to hear back from you. Hi Christian, Since quality control makes it difficult to know exactly how much the racquet will weight (balance and swing weight are also relative unknows), I don’t think you should count on the strings to make much of a difference. This racquet is definitely an upgrade when it comes to the feel compared to the CV version, but the Countervail version is a bit more stable on slightly off-center shots. I did play them side to side for this review and the 2015 Blade is crisper, gives you a bit more power and stability, while the V7 edition is more comfortable and slightly sweeter feeling. I think newer version has little less power and more control than the 2015 version. With the easy access to spin, I felt really confident in my serve, particularly the second serve and this really helped me to hold on those tight service games. How does the Blade 16×19 v7 compare to the Ultra Tour? I want to make a switch to Wilson but I haven’t any experience with Wilson rackets before. It’s a bit more of a middle ground than the Burn S and that’s something that’s going to make it appeal to a lot of people. $218.99 - $264.43. But this version is probably the sweetest feeling Blade yet with a plushness and pocketing that reminds me of the nBlade 98 and older classic racquets. Check out the Wilson Blade 98 V7 on the official Wilson website. Thank you Tij. The new Wilson Blade 98 V7 is an improvement to me over the Countervail version. Wilson Racquets Preview: Blade Pro, Blade 102 SW,... Making the Switch – with Daniel Rutkowski, Wilson Six One 95 nCode Classic Racquet Review. This model will be endorsed by Stefanos Tsitsipas, David Goffin, Milos Raonic, Karen Khachanov and Serena Williams … They’ve got that combination of control and speed that means you can play the ball out in front and really guide the ball back exactly where you want it. I like the new version as it has a balance of control and power. This new version features improved feel and control: Check Price: Just to give you some background, I started playing with the Wilson Blade 98 … Ok Thx. I think this racquet plays better than the CV that felt a bit board-like to me, but I am still not sure if I prefer the 2015 version or this one. I picked the Wilson Blade 98 16×19, which is advertised on Tennis Point (and elsewhere) as having the same specs as the Pure Strike. When we took this stick out for a little doubles practice, we found it offered easy depth and was quick to get into position, which helped in quickfire exchanges. Click Here To Get The Wilson Blade 98S V7 For The Best Price From RacquetGuys! (For other Tennisnerd affiliates check here). You’ve just got to focus on swinging through with plenty of racket head speed, and the blend of control and spin does the rest for you. Well, with the Wilson Blade 98s V7, you certainly have the ability to do this. We took the Wilson Blade 98s V7 out with Wilson Revolve strung at 50lbs and it was a nice little combination. I also tried it at 24 kg (52 lbs), but it felt a bit too low-powered at that tension. Hi Tij, Possibly at some point, I have had an issue getting new racquets to review during the Corona situation so we will see what happens. The playtesters' reactions were mixed when it came to returning serves with the Blade 98 16x19 v7… The technology in the rackets is very impressive, and it leads to a good blend of performance and comfort. Thanks! The Wilson Blade 98s are some of our favorite rackets here at the TennisBros.com so we we’re pretty excited to get our hands on the Wilson Blade 98 V7 (16 x 19). As of now, I will be playing with my friend’s CV 18×20 but however I am wondering for the next step, whether the 16×19 would be favored over the 18×20 especially because it is lower RA for version 7 (62 vs 65 for CV), and therefore the power would be better in 16×19 compared to the 18×20 for version 7.0 (I’m afraid the 18×20 will be super low powered). But you should choose what is best for you. I am still not sure if it is my favorite Blade, both the kBlade and the 2015 Blade offer more power and stability. Do you plan to test the 98s V7 ? Showcasing a brand new tri-colored design with clean lines and an elastic paint finish, the Blade 98 (18x20) V7.0 backs up its sharp design with cutting-edge innovation for next-level performance. He critiqued, "For me, the Blade 98 16x19 v7 was pretty average in all areas: spin, power and control. This version of the iconic Wilson Blade 98 has Wilson’s 18 x 16 spin effect string pattern which really helps players eke out every little bit of spin possible. Too much flex or just enough? However in matchplay I sometimes would wish a bit easier access to spin and more forgiveness. The new Wilson Blade V7 does not only come in 98 sq inch head size, but there are a number of different racquets released on August 15. What do you think of the new Wilson Blade 98 V7? Like the previous generation, this racquet combines the same elegant cosmetic and velvety paint finish that was originally launched with Federer's Pro Staff RF97 … Wilson Blade 98 V7 Racquet Review – How does it play? Flex is suddenly a trend in the industry and that will please a lot of racquetholics and tennis nostalgics.

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