A grand theory, and there are many, is a synthesis of scholarly research, professional experience and insights from theoretical pioneers (such as Florence Nightingale). Caring can be effectively demonstrated and practiced only interpersonally. Health care once was dominated by the theory that stated “first, do no harm.” Modern health care theory takes the maxim further to state that patient safety in every area must always come first and that no one should be harmed by the work or lack of attention from nurses. A classification scheme is proposed to organize existing research and set directions for future studies and theory development in nursing. When science and theory do not appear to guide professional practices, we risk showcasing only the art of nursing and being seen as task agents who move through patient care checking boxes instead of improving the lives of patients. Caring is central to nursing. P.S! Theories of nursing that are Middle-Range tend to be more specific in focus and offer more concrete connections between Grand Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice. These theorists have contributed tremendously in the field of nursing through their theories, and research. The self-care deficit theory explains when nursing is necessary as it defines the relationship balance between self-care agency and the therapeutic self-care demand. Different theories have different perspectives and meaning; however in nursing practice these play a vital role in explaining the key notions and philosophy in easy way. Grand Nursing Theories: Jean Watson’s Theory. An overview of her theory identifies the centrality of caring, holism, and ecology in the theory as it has evolved over the past 20 years. Article PubReader PDF–2.8M Citation. As these theoretical frameworks were not applied to embrace all aspects of nursing in hypertension care, a middle-range theory of nursing in hypertension care was judged to be needed to guide nurses in their practice, developing the nursing of patients and designing studies to investigate nursing in hypertension care. As created beings, humans are eternal and infinitely valuable. Self-Care Deficit Theory: Orem’s self-care deficit theory is the major focus of her grand theory of nursing. Introduction. Proposition statements relate the different nursing theories to one another. Published online 2020 May 7. doi: 10.1097/JFN.0000000000000287. … Swanson proposed her caring theory, a middle range theory that embraces five caring processes, in 1991. It's increasingly a skill-based profession. It involves. Nurses care for people as people who are created . The Philosophy and Science of Caring has four major concepts: human being, health, environment/society, and nursing. The grand theory was the most used type of theory and the Humanistic Nursing Theory was the most used theory. It is suggested that nursing theory is the driving force to advance and impact the economic side of heath care as well (Nickitas & Frederickson, 2015). Watson believes that health professionals make social, moral, and scientific contributions to humankind and that nurses’ caring ideal can affect human development (Watson, 2006). An example in action is the Neuman Systems model, named after famous nursing theorist Betty Neuman. Identify a theory within her framework. The human caring theory is a grand theory that was developed by Watson in the 1970’s, then in 1991, Swanson proposed her caring theory which is a middle range theory consisting of five caring processes (Chen & Chou, 2010). The various nursing theories that have been proposed involve ways in which a patient should be … The nurse may evidently then release the client from their care (Adams, 2017). This is not a full paper, just a snippet of what we can do for you! developed for individuals, Watson's theory is proposed as a nursing framework that is philosophically congruent with contemporary global approaches to community health and health promotion. Nursing has changed dramatically as science and medicine have adapted to meet the growing needs of our population. Safety as a Priority. The Care, Cure, Core Theory puts emphasis on the importance of the total patient rather than looking at one part or aspect. Theorists have contributed enormously to the growth of nursing as a profession. The Core, Care and Cure Theory by Lydia E. Hall. Nursing theory Importance. Identify what the client is asking for help with. Jean Watson refers to the human being as “a valued person in and of him or herself to be cared for, respected, nurtured, understood and assisted; in general a philosophical view of a person as a fully functional integrated self. We conclude that there is no consensus surrounding the utilization of one unique theory in Palliative Nursing. Place an order to get a 100% original custom paper. Contrast interpretations of caring as proposed by different nursing theories. As it is necessary to clarify the unique contribution of nursing to palliative care, the current study aims to identify and analyze the nursing theories used in Palliative Care research. It is the core and essence of nursing. Theory of Human Caring. As nursing education developed, the need to categorize knowledge led to development of nursing theory to help nurses evaluate increasingly complex client care situations.. Nursing in hypertension care comprises counselling about lifestyle changes, blood pressure measurement, and being a translator for the physician. Jean Watson (June 10, 1940 – present) is an American nurse theorist and nursing professor who is well known for her “Philosophy and Theory of Transpersonal Caring.” She has also written numerous texts, including Nursing: The Philosophy and Science of Caring. A theory is a group of concepts that relate to one another and proposes actions to be used. Leininger states that the essence of nursing is care and the distinctive, dominant and unifying feature. Using the readings for the week, discuss why her work is considered a grand theory. For example, nurses working hospice may choose Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. These theories can often attempt to describe, explain, or predict certain phenomenon in clinical practice. The Theory of Human Caring, which also has been reffered to as the Theory of Transpersonal Caring, is middle range explanatory theory.

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