Thoroughly wet both the inside of the grip and the tape on the shaft with the spray solvent, don't be afraid of using too much. Everyone is different but chances are you are not as good as you think you are so don't buy super stiff shafts or tiny blades unless you can already hit them! The OEM Label Is Less Important Today . 5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars. Achieving a 20 year history of designing and building golf clubs takes passion and an understanding of people who love golf as much as we do. The solvent dries quickly so if you don't use a lot of solvend and don't go fast, youll end up with the grip stuck halfway onto the shaft and youll be forced to cut it off and start over. Shop Now Fairway . Monark Golf Clubmaking Kits are great for the occasional clubmaker. Regardless of your experience, if you are hooked like I am, you already know that golf clubs can be pretty expensive. Golf shafts come in a variety of lengths, so you'll have to experiment here as well. Measure the distance between your wrists and the ground while wearing your golf shoes. Now take all the money you saved and take some lessons! Having a hand tool background for furniture making has been helpful for understanding general important concepts such as grain direction that are applicable to making golf clubs. TIP: warm up the plastic ferrules with a heat gun to soften them up, otherwise it will near impossible to get them up the shaft. If you're looking for Golf Equipment online, compare us to other authorized online golf retailers. The GolfWorks is the leader in golf club components and accessories. Hireko has serviced the golf … Custom Made Golf clubs are no more expensive than big brand named clubs bought off the rack, because you do not have to foot the bill for expensive advertisements as used by the OEM brands. Line up the grip the way you want it and QUICKLY push the grip all the way onto the shaft. We'd Love to Hear From You. Many people are starting to use the thicker grips because they are comfortable, but experiment to see which grips really work for you. From irons to woods, from wedges to putters, Diamond Tour Golf has the golf club heads you need to build the perfect club! HE golf bug has bitten me again. Keyword Suggestions. As evidenced from my Instructables, I've been into …. Search Domain . This is strong stuff and youll only need a small amount. World Golf: Component Clubs: Some assembly required. I cut them into squares and use/discard one square at a time. Difficulty: Moderately Easy. It doesnt have to be perfect and don't use too much, it will only ooze out of the hosel when you install the shaft. Squeeze equal amounts of both onto a piece of cardboard and mix thoroughly. I also draw a line with a marker so that I can line up the shaft with the logos the way I want them. Make sure there is a little bit hanging over the end and tuck it into the shaft. Back in the "old days," as the expression goes, golfers who wanted to customize an OEM golf club had far fewer options than they do today. In fact, all other things being equal, we would put our clone clubs up against any pro line club out there. (844) 443-8197 *NEW* Credit Card processing available!! Step 1. Golf clubs off the rack are made as one size fits all, imagine if your shoes were made that way! In the end you'll have a set of custom clubs that you'll be happy to talk about and use as the reason for your great (or poor) performance on the course. Grips, Shafts, Heads, Custom Clubs, Clubmaking Tools and Supplies, Golf Balls and more. A golf club shaft is made up of steel or graphite. The shafting epoxy is a two part product. Use the following chart to determine the length of your 5-iron. Use your Dremel tool to sand the shaft tip until you see bare metal. GOLF CLUB HEAD COMPONENTS - Find Large Selection of Golf Club Heads Here at Pacific Golf Clubs. Golf Clubs; Shafts & Components; Covers & Tools; Apparel; Trade-In; CT Retail; Popular Brands. Cover the ferrule and club head with tape. Geek has designed several of the most successful component heads on the market today. What components are a gold club comprised of? Cut a piece grip tape a little smaller than the size of the grip and wrap it around the butt end of the shaft. You will find a link to each tool used. Comment Report abuse. BOSTON (March 22, 2004) - "I'm not much of a handyman," admits Carrick Williams, high-teen handicapper and amateur club-builder. As I said before, don't buy stiff shafts unless you know you have a swing speed of 100mph or so. 8 years ago It is available in either a spray can or liquid, I prefer the spray, - Tubing cutter for steel shafts or hacksaw with a fine blade for graphite shafts, - Dremel or other rotary tool with sanding drum, - Masking tape, small wooden stick, paper towels, sharpie marker, - The GolfWorks catalog (

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