As a matter of fact they were my favorite thing to get at the donut shop. Yes I am sure there are lots of great recipes out there for baked apple fritters however this particular recipe really needs to be fried. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "adff7cfb951387e2f54e1034faa86419" );document.getElementById("h0c7c00011").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Welcome to The BakerMama! Can recipe be baked in loaf pan & adding xtra time for baking? Old-Fashioned Dutch Doughnuts (Oliebollen) 50 mins Ratings . . Made these this morning – my family LOVED them! Cut in the butter with a pastry blender or two knives until coarse crumbs form. Add your own specia, Spread some joy this holiday season with my Christ, How fun is this No-Bake Gingerbread Men Decorating. Hi Ann! In step #3, it says fold in the apples which includes both the chopped and shredded apples. Thanks for sharing! Do you have a favorite Bisquick recipe – share it with us be emailing This Apple Fritter Bread is inspired by my Apple Fritters. This is an old-fashioned apple fritter recipe. pinch of salt, Homemade Apple Fritters. Baked Bunuelos with Anise Filling . Juicy chunks of apple, coated in batter and shallow … This Old-Fashioned Apple Fritter Recipe. Spiced Pumpkin Fritters or Drop Doughnuts 27 mins Ratings. Prepare the Apple Wash, dry, and core the apples, leaving enough of the core at the base of the apple to contain the filling, which is usually some butter, something sweet, and some warm spices. Enjoy! I used sour cream instead of yogurt because I didn’t have any. Tks , Hi Maegan, Did you mention what to do with the shredded apples? How to make Apple Fritters: Step 1: In a large mixing bowl of a stand mixer dissolve the yeast in the warm water.Add the warm milk, sugar, and eggs. The guys loved these! Old-Fashioned Apple Dumplings are made with sweet cinnamon-sugar apples wrapped up in an easy, flaky pastry and baked in a homemade cinnamon syrup. To make batter you’ll need: Lemon Juice – once apples are chopped drizzle lemon juice to prevent it from browning.. Kosher Salt (optional). Add flour, baking powder, cinnamon, pie … Fritter Frying .. I will be trying the blueberry and the pumpkin. Most will bring in the extra dollar by setting up a counter and offering other things as well, such as apple fritters, pies and quick breads. Hi Glenda! To learn more about me, click here. Hi KC! Enjoy! Thanks for sharing: I was looking for an old-fashioned one of those. I have some pineapple pieces I’ll make into fritters tomorrow using this recipe… thanks Sheryl , This sounds SO good!! Can these be made without yogurt? Why can’t we eat like we did in our 20’s? Baked Apple Fritters. I’m so happy you’re here! Chocolate Vanilla Marquise. Your email address will not be published. View Recipe. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In a medium, microwave-safe bowl, melt remaining 2 tablespoons butter in the microwave. Danish Apple … The total cooking time for the Amish apple fritters is approximately 2-3 minutes on each side. 6 of 25. Once these fritters are shaped and proofed, the dough really is no different than a sweet roll dough and you can make baked apple fritters by baking these in the oven at 350 degrees F for about 20-25 minutes or so. Be sure to watch the fritters carefully so they don’t blacken and burn. We’ve crafted a range of delicious cocktails and mocktail recipes for each specific variety of The Apple Press Juice. Print Review. Old-Fashioned Apple Fritters are made with a donut dough and simple to make apple pie filling. Old Fashioned Apple Cake. 2 or 3 tsp. Send Text Message. Apple Pie Breakfast Cookies 25 mins Ratings. Chunks of apples nestled in soft dough that’s fried to perfection and coated in a sweet sugary glaze. Now I have to have a snack before bed :-). Continue to enjoy! Maybe I will try this recipe. Can you elaborate? Since I have absolutely no willpower, I will have to refrain….urg. More recipe ideas. Fry fritters in batches for 1.5 minutes on each side or until golden brown. Hi. It’s the same with apple fritters. Spoon apple mixture onto brie in prepared baking dish. What kind of apple did you use for the shredded apple? Pin. 12 to 14 sweet-tart apples (like a Winesap) 2 cups apple cider or juice sugar ground cinnamon ground allspice ground cloves freshly ground nutmeg Lightly oil crockpot. I’ve never had apple fritters before. Granny Smith, honey crisp or Fuji apples are best. Heat oil (3 to 4 inches) in Dutch oven to 375 degrees F. Mix remaining ingredients except corn with hand beater until smooth. Beat until smooth. oh man, yum. NOTE: The cooking time may vary a bit, based on two things: the SIZE of the fritters you cook, and having the proper oil temperature to cook in. Return the fritters to the oven and broil for 2-4 minutes until the glaze starts to caramelize the tops of each fritter. These Easy Homemade Apple Fritters are packed full of fresh apples, easy to make with simple ingredients, and can be ready in just 30 minutes! Jul 9, 2020 - Explore Lori Josefowski's board "Baked apple fritters" on Pinterest. Question about storing, can you freeze them so they can last longer? Enjoy! These Easy Homemade Apple Fritters are packed full of fresh apples, simple to make, and can be ready in just 30 minutes! Frying. Cook Time 20 minutes. ; Baking powder– the leavening agent that helps these donuts to puff up while frying; Salt-enhancing the flavors in this recipe. Hope this helps. I love apple fritters but have never made them. Reheat in the microwave for 15-20 seconds or in the oven at 350°F for 5-10 minutes. Preheat oven to 350°F. These Baked Apple Fritters are the real deal and you’d never guess they weren’t fried. Fold in the chopped and shredded apples. You could certainly try reducing the sugar in the batter. Baked Brown Butter Beignets with Orange Brown Butter Glaze. I used applesauce instead of yogurt. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. At the height of summer, use fresh corn; otherwise, canned corn works great. Enjoy! Was looking for a baked recipe and found these. Hope this helps. Yes, they would definitely need to bake longer in a regular muffin pan, but otherwise they should turn out great, just bigger! My husband and I loved it. Yum! Batter – you’ll make batter similar to donut batter that will coat the apples before frying. ( Log Out /  Let me show you how they’re baked! | Privacy Policy. Oct 2, 2018 - Explore Gretta Stafford Ward's board "Old Fashioned Fried Apple Pies", followed by 326 people on Pinterest. Hi Rose! Pets de Nonne – Fried Choux Pastries. The batter is your typical muffin batter and it can be baked in a mini muffin pan or a donut hole pan. When the crisp autumn air rolls in, that can only mean one thing—it’s apple picking season! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! From #apples #fritters #dessert #breakfast #brunch OLD-FASHIONED APPLE BUTTER If cooked totally on high, it takes all day to make this flavorful apple butter. View All. Drop spoonfuls of batter into hot shortening. . See more ideas about Recipes, Food, Baked apple fritters. They look scrumptious! I haven’t tried it so I couldn’t say for sure how it would bake up as a loaf, but it’s certainly worth a try. Old-Fashioned apple fritters chock full of chunks of Envy apples make a wonderful breakfast treat for autumn and #AppleWeek. Mar 21, 2020 - Explore Debra Collett's board "Old fashioned apple dumplings recipe" on Pinterest. How Long Do You Cook The Amish Apple Fritters? Blessings – Patty. apples cut in small pieces . It’s like shredding cheese, but using a whole apple and shred until you get to the core. My recipe of the day is for old-fashioned apple fritters, which can be a bit of an Ohio thing if you go around to the various apple orchards to do u-pick locally. I would suggest replacing the yogurt with applesauce or sour cream. Hi Julie! Soft, tender dough wrapped around chunks of juicy apple, laced with cinnamon and topped with a simple powdered sugar glaze – these are what Fall breakfast dreams are made of. No resting time or rising time required! I just updated the recipe to make it clear from the ingredient list that the powdered sugar is divided in the instructions. Once they came out of the oven, we couldn’t resist. #applefritters #recipe #easy #fried #brunch View Recipe. View Recipe. 1 egg, This great tasting apple fritter recipe makes enough for twenty-four servings but you can cut the ingredients in half if you don't need quite so many. or more milk, Old-timey corn fritters. Old Fashioned; Fritters; Apple; Spiced Apple Rings Recipe: Old Fashioned Flavor - I’d like to cut the batch in half and make full size muffins. Yay, I’m so happy to hear. Enjoy! I also want to make in regular muffin tins. My husband loves them. They're destined to be a new family favorite! Serve warm with apple butter, if desired. It has been years since I had apple fritters…now you got me hungry for them. I don’t provide nutritional values at this time, but you could easily plug the ingredients into an online nutrition calculator. See more ideas about apple recipes, apple dumplings, dessert recipes. I’ve been enjoying trying old fritter recipes,  and have warm, fuzzy, memories of eating apple fritters on cold winter days. They definitely look yummy! So happy to hear they worked well when baked like drop biscuits. I hope this helps! Brush the glaze over each fritter and let it drip down the sides. Advertisement. baking powder, Hi Diane! Our baskets are bursting with fall’s favorite fruit, which we’re adding to dishes of all sorts. They’re so hard to turn down! Chef's Recipes . Ingredients for making homemade apple fritters. Enjoy! Hi Trista! From a reimagined apple cake to a savory soup, check out the myriad of ways we’re making the most of autumn’s favorite fruit. We love them served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! ; All-purpose Flour– the gluten base. Add the yogurt mixture to the flour mixture and stir until well combined. Will try your recipe! We love a good apple cake here in the autumn months when there are lots of delicious apples. Instructions. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Bread Recipes (41) Breads , Rolls & Pastries (41) Fritters (41) Dips (1) Cooking Style. How to Make Baked Apple Fritters. View Recipe. I baked half the batter in each of the pans mentioned and had excellent results with both. The best thing is they are not overly sweet. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Loaded with apples and cinnamon. I was wondering if you could use regular sized muffin tins instead of the minis. Add these lemon apples into the flour mixture and mix everything together with a large wooden … Sep 16, 2019 - Old-Fashioned apple fritters chock full of chunks of Envy apples make a wonderful breakfast treat for autumn and #AppleWeek. Hi Jennifer! From this ... Old Fashioned Apple Cobbler; Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls; Homemade Apple Fritters. This bread has all the goodness of Apple Fritters but is a “quick bread” which means you can bake it instead of frying. See more ideas about Recipes, Baked apple fritters, Foods with gluten. Apple – use any variety of crisp and firm apples that has sweet and tart flavors to it. Hi Diana! Hi Stacie! I’ve been making these baked apple fritters from the bakermama every fall for the past serval years. Pour oil to a depth of 2 to 3 inches into a large Dutch oven; heat to 350 degrees. With the weather cooling down and apples abound, I’ve been craving apple fritters and decided it was due time to make my own. Baked Apple Fritters 40 mins Ratings. They are delicious! I’m not a huge fan of frying things at home because it’s usually a mess, so I decided to create a baked version instead. Mix all the dry ingredients together and then add the beaten egg, milk and lastly, the Take big spoonfuls of the mixture and drop them one by one in the hot oil. Let set on cookie sheets until glaze hardens, about 15 minutes. Strawberry Cake Donuts. A combination of biscuit and scone dough with apples and cinnamon, they capture the essence of fall in soft, crunchy, sweet, warming bites. The fritters may need to be flipped several times to completely cook due to the thickness of the batter. Copyright © 2020 The BakerMama, LLC, All Rights Reserved. Just wanted to know if you can use blueberries instead? What’s the Difference Between a Recitation and a Dialogue? Envious Pash. Apple – use any variety of crisp and firm apples that has sweet and tart flavors to it. Yes, you could use milk or apple juice instead. Baked donuts are all the rage, but they just don’t have the same texture as fried ones. Apple Fritter Bread 65 mins Ratings. Oct 6, 2013 - An old fashioned recipe for apple fritters, or use another fresh fruit. To make batter you’ll need: Apple Fritter Bread. The post Old-Fashioned Apple Fritters #AppleWeek appeared first on . ( Log Out /  The Hanukkah Snack Board! You cannot eat just one. Maybe more yogurt? Try these corn fritter recipes, potato fritter recipes , apple fritter recipes and more! Hi Lainie! Quick (26) Easy (25) Winning Recipes (8) Kid-Friendly (1) Cuisines. Helpful tips for making Apple Fritters. Old-Fashioned Creme Glaze. ; White sugar and Brown sugar– adding both sweetness and depth of flavor. If you don’t put any apple in them at all, you would probably need to find something to replace the shredded apple with. I hope it turns out great! Mango Lassi. Made these for the first time today and my family gobbled them up. Place a few teaspoons of batter in each muffin cup. I like using Granny Smith or Honeycrisp apples. Easy Classic French Beignets 28 mins Ratings. those sound so good–I suppose they need to be cooked in shortening but I never use it. Old-Fashioned Deep-Fried & Glazed Apple Fritters: Recipe yields 12, 2 1/2" round apple fritters/12 servings. Baked Chocolate Donuts with Peanut Butter Frosting. Advertisement. Enjoy! Oct 17, 2019 - APPLE FRITTERS RECIPE- Old fashioned, quick and easy fried fritters with vanilla glaze/ sugar glaze, homemade with simple ingredients in 30 minutes. Remove from the oven. Recipe Photos. Delicious cinnamon apple filling inside these light and fluffy fritters. Enjoy! Profiteroles with Fresh Berries. Stir in corn. Thanks for pointing it out. Strawberry Donuts with Lemon Glaze. I left half of them plain to freeze and both the glazed and unglazed are almost gone. Hey! Old Fashioned Apple Fritter Bread! These Old Fashioned Apple Fritters Will Be Your New Favorite Addiction. One of my absolute favorite things to get at the donut shop is a good apple fritter! ; Cinnamon and Cloves– adding a bit of spiced flavor into every bite. Explore. No apples? Make sure not to crowd the pan; fry in batches if needed. I used Gala apples, Hello Maegan! Line two cookie sheets with parchment. 1c. Drop by rounded tablespoonfuls into … In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg. No yeast required! Hi Liz! They turned out delicious. They might turn out just fine without a substitute though. Transfer the fritters to the cookie sheets. Flip fritters and fry until golden brown on all sides. Apple Fritter Bread, Apple Bread, Quick Bread, Baking, Apple Fritter, Cinnamon, Apple, Baking Ideas, … Beetroot Bloody Mary. Stir in apples. Hope this helps. Advertisement. Scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl occasionally with a rubber spatula. Definitely making more!! Old-Fashioned Apple Fritters Recipe . I just updated the text to clarify. The recipe yields 48 mini fritters and 24 regular sized fritters. The dishes they ate probably were made with local ingredients that were available in January. The entire family agrees it’s a winning quick bread! Best Baked Apple Fritters Recipe - How To Make ... - Delish Try them with warm syrup for a sweet-savory surprise. You could try shortening or even peanut butter. Place a few teaspoons of batter in each muffin cup. Whisk flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg together in a mixing bowl until well … Notes: Store in the refrigerator. Red and Black Currant Cheese Tart . Easy to make and no frying! Hi Denise! Description. Food And Drink. I’m trying to be really good after Christmas. Can something else be substituted? So glad you figured it out. You’ve inspired me! I wanted the same amazing flavors but to be able to bake it instead of frying. You’ll love these crisp apple fritters covered in glaze and chock full of apples. Select Filters. Thanks for the yummy recipe!! I love that they’re bite-sized for easy eating and they have a strong apple flavor from the outside in. I would bake it similar to how you would bake banana or apple quick bread. Heat the oil in a deep saucepan. It’s a miracle I actually had some to photograph for you! Aren’t they so yummy?! Primary Sidebar. Heat shortening until hot in large frying pan. Bake for 15 minutes until they just start to brown. The tops of the fritters don't brown as nicely as the bottom. Saved from Will have to try this recipe – thanks for sharing . Chocolate-Vanilla Shortbread Cookies. Then when you’re ready to eat them, let them defrost completely, glaze and broil them. Dishes & Beverages. They’re amazing and addicting! I would recommend no less than 1/4 cup sugar to maintain the expected texture. Hi Willow! For more apple fritter style like the apple fritter donut- use more milk for a thinner glaze that you can pour over the whole loaf. 1/2 cup of powdered sugar; 1-3 tablespoons of milk or cream-depending on thickness of glaze wanted. I always loved Apple Fritters as a kid. There are so many delicious things you can do with apples beyond just apple pie!Some of our other favorite apple recipes are Apple Crisp, Crockpot Apple Butter, Baked Apples, … ( Log Out /  A nice alternative to deep fried fritters. 4 c. sugar, Make a well in the center and add 1/3 cup milk, eggs and applesauce. 2 cups of flour, Change ). Required fields are marked *. The glaze should be very thin. Can plain greek yogurt be used & still get a good result? These baked apple fritters are basically mini muffins. This recipe has been adored by so many children and adults alike Granny Smith, honey crisp or Fuji apples are best. I made them as normal sized muffins and baked for 20 minutes. Old-Fashioned Apple Fritters By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime. Just be sure to remove the core before shredding it. Do you think they would work well with half of the sugar in the batter? ( Log Out /  I knew this would be tricky because nothing usually beats a good fried apple fritter, but I took the risk and I’m proud to report…I succeeded! I followed the other steps according to the original recipe. 17-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: Monday, January 13, 1913:  Nothing much for today. The best autumn dessert. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Do your best to keep the oil at 375 degrees so the fritter absorbs less of the oil. While it does take a bit of time to make these, they are so worth the effort! Place the pieces of dough in a large bowl with the sugar, cinnamon, and chopped apple. Thanks. I'm Jen! These Amish Apple Fritters were Amazing. Click here for full recipe. Feijoa Margarita. Old-Fashioned apple fritters chock full of chunks of Envy apples make a wonderful breakfast treat for autumn and #AppleWeek. 5 Apple Recipes for Fall. If it’s all-purpose gluten free flour, it should work well. Fry the These are the best fritters, no more deep frying!!! You could shred it in a food processor too. Oct 6, 2013 - An old fashioned recipe for apple fritters, or use another fresh fruit. Separate the biscuit dough into eight biscuits, cutting each of the biscuits into 10 pieces. So much flavor! This post is sponsored on behalf of #appleweek. Brush glaze evenly over broiled fritters. In a large bowl (or the bowl to a stand mixer), cream the sugar, eggs and vanilla for 1-2 minutes with the paddle attachment. Apple Fritters with Apple Caramel . Cooking Method. If preparing baked apples for a party, plan on one apple per person. How many fritters does this recipe actually yield? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Enjoy! Yes, plain greek yogurt will work just great. Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later: Something must have happened a hundred years ago today. Hi Kelly! 7 of 25. Enjoy! Only issue is the ingredient list says nothing about nutmeg, so I added about a qtr tsp each of … Recipes > Old-Fashioned Apple Fritters. View Recipe. These Easy Homemade Apple Fritters were are spur of the "I really want some fritters… This bread has all the goodness of Apple Fritters but is a "quick bread" which means you can bake it instead of frying! Why this recipe works: Soft and fluffy doughnut dough that is stuffed with fresh apple filling. So if you’re looking for a special treat to bake for breakfast, brunch or a midnight snack, these Baked Apple Fritters are sure to be a hit! Chunks of apples nestled in a chewy dough that’s baked to perfection and coated in a sweet apple cider glaze to make these simply irresistible Baked Apple Fritters! Oil-used for frying the donuts. Love it, Trish! I don’t remember reading that So many great foods we are starting to forget! Enjoy! Drop batter by rounded tablespoons into hot oil. It came out DELICIOUS! Hello Maegan! Whisk remaining powdered sugar and apple cider into leftover glaze until it’s smooth and thick. Author Marie Roffey. Enjoy! Just take one look at this picture and you will be running for your big yellow box of Bisquick to make sure you have at least 2 cups left in your box so that you can make thees amazing Apple Fritters this fall on a chilly morning. See more ideas about dessert recipes, cooking recipes, food. Preheat the oven to 350°F while you mix the ingredients for the apple fritters. I wonder what the Muffly’s ate on that mid-January day. … Gosh, that recipe looks so good.I’ll save it for a special morning breakfast! Warm or at room temp, fritters are the perfect Fall treat: The apple of my better-than-a-doughnut eye -- Sigh, oh my: Old-Fashioned Deep-Fried & Glazed Apple Fritters: Recipe yields 12, 2 1/2" round apple fritters/12 servings. Warm Apple Confit with Pistachio Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream . Tag @thebakermama on Instagram and hashtag it #thebakermama. Total Time 35 minutes. Here's a super quickie for you all! Prep Time 15 minutes. Share. Drain fritters well on paper towels and cool slightly. 1 tbl lemon juice Deep Fried Banana Fritters 30 mins Ratings. September 2020. They are plenty sweet with the glaze. If you want to freeze them, I would recommend doing so before you glaze them. Apple wedges are coated with a sweet batter and then deep fried to perfection. View Recipe this link opens in a new tab. Thanks so much for sharing! Email. Hi Iris! Rotate the baking sheets every minute to insure even caramelization. I imagine they’d have to be baked longer. It has nice, crisp edges from the … Facebook Tweet. I’m not familiar with shredding apples? When the fritters … Going to try 2 tbs of batter 18-20 minutes, Never mind now that I reread it for third time i see what I was missing. Better than baked fritters. Easy Banana Fritters Credit: scotch bonnet. Old Fashioned Apple Fritters Review by Loni on October 6th, 2011: This was very good, the batter would be perfect for switching the apples with sausage links for breakfast pig in the blanket. Average Height for Males and Females in 1912 and 2012, Hundred-Year-Old Cottage Cheese Pie Recipe, Old Spiced Crab Apple (Pickled Crab Apple) Recipe. I haven’t tried them with blueberries, but I’ve been wanting to. My husband loves apple fritters but I don’t like the fact that is fried. Hi Maegan! These baked apple fritters are delicious for breakfast, snacking, gifts, and fall celebrations. I love the additin of the lemon. We loved these! Step 2: Add the dough hook attachment, and stir in the flour and salt. Your email address will not be published. Remove the fritters from the oven and turn the oven broiler on high. You can use any kind of apples that you like the best. These apple fritters have become a favorite in our house. Batter – you’ll make batter similar to donut batter that will coat the apples before frying. Servings 12 fritters. thanks. Hi Sandy! I baked these on parchment like drop biscuits for a little longer, maybe 22 minutes and it worked well! Combine flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, egg, and milk. Sep 22, 2020 - Explore Lori Josefowski's board "Baked apple fritters" on Pinterest. In a small bowl, whisk together 1 cup powdered sugar and 4 tablespoons apple cider. only needs a few ingredients you either have in your pantry already or can buy at the regular grocery store; is super easy to make – even though the apple fritters … I’ll sure make them! Thank you for the recipe. This was my Grandmother’s recipe for Apple Fritters (Seraphine Hermida b.1898 Tenafly, New Jersey, d. San Diego,California 1989). These are delicious! Cocktails & Mocktails. Thank you so much. It is both the classic baked apple cake but also a good old fashioned danish apple cake of apple puree with apple cake crumble and macaroons. Absolutely incredibly delicious, moist , yet with the fritter crunch. This apple fritters recipe is the perfect addition to a long line up of amazing apple recipes here. Fresh Corn Fritters 25 mins Ratings. View Recipe. Lemon Juice – once apples are chopped drizzle lemon juice to prevent it from browning.. Kosher Salt (optional). . Aren’t they amazing?! Just google nutrition calculator and there are several free ones out there. Drizzle the fritters with syrup or caramel sauce or dust them with powdered sugar. The old-fashioned fresh apple cake recipe (sometimes called "Apple Dapple Cake") stays super-moist thanks to plenty of oil and juicy apples in the batter. . In a small bowl, whisk together the egg, vanilla and yogurt. I didn’t put the dough on mini muffin trays, rolled them as small balls (a bit sticky) but it worked. They are not hard to make but it’s serval steps and takes awhile before you can eat them but worth the patience and labor!! , Apple Cider Donuts - Beyond Frosting says, […] Baked Apple Fritters from The Baker Mama […], wondering what the nutritional value is for your fritters, especially the carbs. Old-Fashioned Apple Fritters. They really sound good. Bake for 15 minutes until they just start to brown. Hope this helps. Let me know how they turn out and stay tuned for a blueberry version soon. Enjoy! Whisk together flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon in medium bowl. I decide to try your recipe with few changes: I used whole wheat flour (2cups), flax seed meal (2 spoons), plant base butter, instead of yogurt I used apple sauce, brown sugar (2 spoons) and only shredded apple (2cups). Old-Fashioned Baked Donuts. Yum!!! LOVE apple fritters – will try your recipe soon! Thanks for sharing. Lightly spray two mini muffin pans with non-stick cooking spray. Starting over! Don’t over-mix the batter as it may make the fritters tough.

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