Some berries can only be used outside of battle to adjust the stats of Pokemon. Ok i already planted some berries but how do i make them grow faster i already put water on them but it takes a long time does anyone know a good way to make berries grow faster please help me =] Answer Save. Quick question growing berries pokemon platinum ? 2 Answers. Leppa, Oran and Persim take 4 hours to grow to stage 1, and 16 hours to grow berries. In the manga The berry growth time and yield is different from Pokémon X & Y also. Leppas are considered one of the best berries, they heal 10 PP on a move of your choice when used. ... cut the power off and change you DS day to another day. A Leppa Berry in the anime In Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry, Leppa Berries were among the many Berries sold at the Lilycove Berry Market. Relevance. answered Feb 14, … Leppa Berries are a type of Pokémon berry. The majority of Berries are best used when held by Pokemon. A Parting of the Ways!. Growing berries works the same as before. I am preparing for the Elite Four in my Pokémon Platinum game, and I am planting Passho, Charti, Haban, and Leppa berries for use during my Elite Four challenge. Taken from: Pokemon Platinum Official Guidebook. where do you find leppa berries in pokemon platinum. but on diamond, i pretty much use all the berry patches all the time, because of the poketech app growing berrys is alot more convenient, and i grow what ever i have the least amount of in my bag 3DS FC: 5472-7477-3741 Multiple Leppa Berries were seen growing in Dr. White's garden in A Fork in the Road! Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. Other berries: Leppa Berry. 0 0. Pokemon Platinum! This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers. Any one where i can find Leppa berries? You can find them on routes 209, 211 and from the Berry Master on Route 208. PokéBlocks The problem is, (I am really impatient and) I want my berries to grow extremely quickly. They dry up after every 4 hours.. try all the days of the week and he will eventually give you a leppa berry. 1 Growth Time 1.1 Generation III 1.2 Generation IV 2 Uses 2.1 In Battle 2.2 Berry Crushing 2.3 Poffin Cooking Leppa Berries take 16 hours to mature from planted seed to a full-grown tree, with 4 hours per stage. Once you get the Wailmer Pail, you'll be able to water the areas too, to keep the soil moist and thus increase the potential yield of the berries. gives you 99 of each berry, Pokemon Platinum Nintendo DS. The mulch from X & Y does not make a return. Once a Pokemon uses the Berry, it will be gone forever. ... Engima, Micle, Custap, Jaboca and Aspear take 24 hours to grow to stage 1, and 96 hours to grow berries. An image of a Leppa Berry was displayed by Rotom in SM059. Although most well-known for the "Infinite Combo", used with Recycle, a healing move, Heal Pulse, and a trapping move to stall forever, the Leppa Berry has more productive uses than making your opponent ragequit. Walls in particular can use Leppacycle to restore HP more often than the 16 PP you have.

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