If these and Andros were the same price, I'd still pick these. I have both - both are excellent for their respective costs. The best term I can use is "proper," as in, they sound righteous. After some back to back testing on my FiiO X7ii and A&K Kann Cube I find that I prefer the FH7 to the Andromeda. I believe FH7 will be great for the price, might demo them sometime in the future.If you are willing to shell out that much, i do advise demoing the Meze Rai Penta, it will not wow you instantly but its more to my taste compared to the Andros, thicker and "lifelike" mid range and better bass both quality and quantity, the highs are slightly recessed but the quality is great. vs. FiiO FA7 – 300 $ The FA7 is much warmer, thicker and darker sounding than the FH7. If these and Andros were the same price, I'd still pick these. I always held off of thinking about Andromedas as they always seemed overhyped, or saying that they were best was the accepted opinion on here that everyone had to share. "Robię szybkie porównanie między FH5 i FH7 z M11. Perhaps if FiiO had designed the FH7 with just the bass filter (non-changeable) and slashed the price by $50 or maybe even $100, then that would’ve made the FH7 just a way better value product. Technical. The sound great, though. The bass of both IEM’s is fast and controlled, while the FH7 has the upper hand in terms of detail. The FiiO FH7 is the company's top of the line hybrid universal monitor featuring a single dynamic driver and 4 BA drivers. I’m … They differ vastly in presentation, with FH7 being clinical, aggressive and forward, more a W-shape. With that said, more simple, vocal-focused tracks by Norah Jones or Jeff Buckley sound divine. FiiO’s hardly a newcomer to headphones, but their FH5 is miles ahead of what came before. For example, the kickdrums in Raining Blood by Slayer is crisp as hell, and doesn't become muddled into a thick bassline. On some sound systems this sounds terrible but on the FH7s I have no complaints. Well-engineered and well-built. FA9 will hope to be the usurper. But it's a lot of money to pay for IEM's without any chance of testing them first. I never felt that the midrange was recessed. What I dislike, however, are "strong V-shaped," "no treble," and "extra bass" headphones/iems. Honestly go look at a more professional review, they laid out everything you get with the IEMs. Inside is a large book style case, simply embossed with the FiiO name/logo. The FH7 is more dynamic, it has more air and space, and it has a distinguishable tonal balance when compared. @/u/happycow24 Have a Request, Does your local happen to have the Meze Rai Penta? FiiO FA9 Review The FA9 is an impressive upgrade on the FA7, no doubt about that. Maybe 5 months too late but for what its worth, IMO the FH7's sound better than the Rai Penta. I haven't listened to every track on the albums I've mentioned (yet). I should clarify these are my personal opinions only and everyone has different tastes, different ears, and different opinions. But using EQ to bump up the low end a few decibels can certainly change that. It’s a tad more expensive, but as usual, the price difference makes a big difference in terms of performances. But balanced/neutral isn't quite right either, the bass is kicking. What's noteworthy is the airyness and soundstage of this IEM. The fit and finish is very nice, and the included tips for fit and sound are a very nice extra! After hearing it I was impressed. Lemme know if this review was helpful, and constructive criticism is always appreciated. They sounded so shrill and piercing. I think a better test for treble are electronic songs. A place for discussion, news, reviews and DIY projects related to portable audio, headphones, headphone amplifiers and DACs. FiiO FH7 IEM Review June 14, 2019 JBL Tune 120TWS True Wireless Earphones Review June 05, 2019 RHA TrueConnect vs Under Armor True Wireless Flash Review May 30, 2019 The level of comfort and sound isolation is fantastic. Opening this reveals the FA7 safely held inside a foam cut-out. Well, I like to think so. FiiO FH7 vs Campfire Audio Andromeda. BA IEMs may have bass in terms of volume, but that impact, slam, the "oomph," so to speak, cannot be matched. It not only provides a better seal, but is also a more comfortable wear. FiiO LC-4.4D 4.4mm High-Purity Monocrystalline Silver Litz MMCX Replacement Cable for Shure SE215 SE315 SE846 SE535 SE425/JVC/FiiO FH5 FA7 FH7 4.4 out of 5 stars 163 $99.99 And then there are the people in this very thread saying they sound piercing and crappy. I can't really tell if these were brighter or darker than the Andros in treble, nor can I say one is objectively better. Like sub-100$ IEMs. FiiO Q5s is the update of the older Q5, but now has DSD Decoding, Bluetooth 5.0, and 4.4mm Balanced outputs from the get-go. Andros sounded like trash out of my Note 9 though, heard they were picky with sources. I’m a much bigger fan of the FA7 in this department. I thought the FA7s were definitely a class below the FH7s, but the pair I was truly disappointed by was the A&K Billie Jean. For me , the FA7 did not work - it was like there was a blanket over the music. Really impressed by Fiio of recent. The player is fully universal in terms of style, you just have to understand that you will get … (Note: This comparion credit to Soundnews, if you would like to read the full review, just click the following button) FH7 vs FA7. A cleaning tool is also provided but there is a nice fine metal wax filter already in place on the earphones. FiiO FH7 The FiiO FH7 is, again, a hybrid IEM, which follows the same footsteps, carved by the FH5. FiiO FH7 Hybrid In-Ear Monitors: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Słyszę wiele szczegółów i świetną dynamikę. Extension down to subbass is perfect, and a bit emphasized. Disclaimer. Probably not, but I haven't heard them (Senny and 64 Audio pls send me a pair I'll pay for shipping). One issue: I find the Io (same size as the Andro) too big at times. vs. FiiO FA7 – 300 $ The FA7 is much warmer, thicker and darker sounding than the FH7. MSRP 450 USD. $399.99. FiiO FH7 vs The Custom ART Fibae Black - Fibae Black would have been a much more fair competitor to FiiO's FA7 rather than FH7, because it features a similar concept, and a similar tuning. I've listened to both. Quite heavy and bulky too. W kolumnach znikają one niejako ze sceny, w słuchawkach dźwięk się „odrywa” i mamy wrażenie ze czytamy, scenę, jej wymiary i pozycje każdego instrumentu. The cymbals on "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac sound absolutely glorious, from the impact to the end of resonance. For its price (MSRP 450 USD) I think the Fiio FH7 is a steal. I own the f9pro - and these sound much better - more details, more and better trebble and lower bass. The fit is much better for me, and the overall sound is a little better, along with better sub bass. At the time of writing, the Fiio FH7 are available on Amazon for $449. With that said, my personal opinion is tantamount to absolute truth. But does that mean they conquer all? I loved my HD650s but the LCD2C (classic not closed) sounded pretty bad to me, especially while directly comparing to LCD2Fs. Probably not, but I haven't heard them (Senny and 64 Audio pls send me a pair I'll pay for shipping). As a comparison, the Andros had lower sub-bass as expected, but I felt the mid-bass to be higher in quantity (not sure about quality) over the FH7s. FiiO FH7. Technically and sonically the Campfire Audio Solaris combines the best elements of the Atlas and the Andromeda designs. I don't really know what to call them. I love the little ring of blue and red for L/R near the connector, should be on standard on every IEM. Bring out the pitchforks. Not overwhelming in any way, but what's far more impressive is how clean the rest of the spectrum remains even with the bass. Design – FiiO FH5 vs Sennheiser IE 80 S Comparison Review Look and Build. Priced at 350 USD, this modular USB DAC/AMP has iFi xDSD, Earmen TR-AMP, and xDuoo XD-10 Poke as the main competitors. And now we have a totally titanic, titan vs titan tournament. Właściwie dla mnie, z dobrym kopnięciem basu i iskrzeniem w górze bez przesady. FiiO’s FH7 too shines a bacon, I mean beacon, for others to follow in this price range. Then i picked up the FH7 to try at half the price of the Rai and i was blown away. If I had to pick 1 genre, I'd say it works best with electronic and alternative rock. I would like to thank FiiO for providing me with the FH7 IEMs and LC-2.5D balanced cable … They also have 3 sets of nozzle filters that come in an adorable little cylinder you can use to modify the sound, and the eartips themselves modify the sound as well. As an aside, after extended listening I can sorta see why the Andromedas are hyped as the second coming of Christ. That phrase implies master of none, which I think is categorically incorrect. Pretty sure I missed a bunch. MYSPHERE - The AKG K1000 successor is like speakers on your head. But would I take that quality over the rest of the advantages of the FH7s? FH7 is the king of the hybrids in FiiO’s stable, and has been a regular recommendation for a good IEM in the $500 region. If you are in the market for some good iems, the FH7 is well worth looking at. Review between Campfire Polaris II vs FiiO FH7 FIT Even though Campfire has tweaked the contours and size of the Polaris, the FH7 still offers a far better fit with more effective sound isolation. And bass is there in spades when needed. The most interesting ones for me were the M11 game-changing DAP and the all new FH7 flagship IEM from the company of the rising sun. The DFR sounds better, enough to make me regret selling mine but not enough to make me give up the wireless aspect of the ES100. I think this is why the headphones sound great with practically everything I've listened to, excellent to poorly recorded/mastered tracks. This means it features comparatively large CNC-machined aluminum earpieces each housing a hybrid driver array consisting of two balanced armature high-frequency drivers, one balanced armature midrange driver, and one 10mm dynamic mid-bass driver with an ADLC diaphragm. What I really have a problem with is just shitty mastering by bands trying to get their CDs just a bit louder than others (I think the greatest achievement of the music streaming era is that artists aren't incentivized to compress the shit out of their tracks anymore). It still has some legacy traits with that warmish sound but everything is now … FiiO FH7 vs Final Audio B3-Final Audio B3 is one of the IEMs that's less talked about, but it is the most direct competitor to FH7, as it has a fairly similar signature, but a different design, and comes from a company that follows an entirely different philosophy from FiiO. Just Get an AirPOD Pro! Prowadzone pod skrzydłami bloga, pozwala dzielić się opiniami i wrażeniami z odsłuchów, a także rozmawiać na tematy sprzętowe związane ze słuchawkami, kolumnami, wzmacniaczami i dowolnym innym sprzętem audio. Complexity is handled well. Eventually the dynamic driver died on me and here I am. Reply. This was way longer than I originally intended, so I hope you at least enjoyed reading it and it helps you decide whether to purchase these or not. I don't want to give the impression that I'm a basshead in denial and/or these are basshead IEMs in disguise. These two are equal in a lot of ways with a similar price, standard of build quality, and accessory set. FH7 vs FA7. And I had a nagging need to to push the FH5 deeper into my ears, while the FA7 required no adjustment. I can't definitively say you're SOTL, but probably. But I wish it had memory wire in the loops like the Shure SE-series. The cohesiveness that was the hype was there and long story short they did sound great. The FH7 follows a very different aesthetic and internal configuration to the FA7. FiiO FH5 vs FiiO FH7 Comparison Review FIT. It's not artifically wide like my AKGs but impressively wide, especially for a non-openback. I'm not and they're not. Use magic Report. My video review: At FiiO Spring Launch Event held in March 2019, FiiO left me glued to the monitor for about 2 hours announcing crazy cool new innovative products. They are, to extract the most intricate detail possible, and to provide an unfettered fun factor. After then researching them I decided to buy a pair. 13.6mm beryllium-coated dynamic driver, 2 Knowles BAs for mids, 2 Knowles BAs for highs. Very tempted to give these a shot. Porównanie z Head-Fi - FH5 względem FH7: "FH7 o kazały się bardzo miłe. FiiO are serious about getting you the best possible sound with the FH7. The FH7 cable is composed of high-purity Litz monocrystalline copper-plated silver wires – 152 of them in fact, bundled into 8 strands. Not to mention they are more than double the price. I purchased these for personal use and am not affiliated with any company. The driver housings of the FiiO FH5 and the Shure SE425 have some similarities in their shape, there are a few major differences.

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