The effects … 4. •Nevertheless, Western shirts and trousers are becoming popular among the urban population. •Muslim, Christian, and Sikh Biharis use attar, a perfume. Known as Land of Buddha, Bihar is a spot with a captivating history. Chhattisgarh Bihar Traditional Clothing Style. Previously the state is a part of Bihar. Saree… •Jewelry such as rings for men and bangles for women are popular. It … Men of this clan wear lungi of green shading with white, red and yellow yarn. 5. The clothing style in Bihar is the mirror of its culture and tradition. Due to some reasons, in November 2000 Jharkhand was born as a new state. Men's traditional costume includes dhoti, kurta, and kharaun (wooden sandal).Saree is the traditional attire for the women and especially saree worn in "Seedha Aanchal" style is quite famous. While Female of Bihari wears sari. Keywords: Bihar, India, traditional games, limited resources, oral tradition INTRODUCTION A game is a situation that involves two or more players, and in which each player faces a choice between, at least, two behavioural options and strives to achieve the greatest payoff possible (Michener 2000). The most preferable and traditional dress in Bihar is dhoti-kurta for men and saree for women. Jharkhand traditional costumes indicate the states nature, culture and simplicity of the people. Particularly, the rustic crowd of Bihar adheres to the traditional pattern of dresses … The traditional dress worn by the menfolk of Assam is ‘Suria’ or ‘dhoti’ and ‘kameez’ or ‘shirt’ and over it, a chadar known as ‘Seleng’ is spread. Bihar has brought forth numerous erudite people whose information has illuminated the world. Bihar’s ethnic attire has dhoti and kurta or mirjai as the traditional wear for men and Tussar silk sarees worn in Seedha Aanchal style as the traditional dress for women. Bihar, also known as the Land of Buddha, has their traditional attire as dhoti & kurta for men and Tussar silk sarees for the women. Generally, the married women wear the red colored powder which is called Sindoor at parting hair area. There are several traditional styles of painting practised in Bihar. It is known for its hand woven textiles in the field of costume. Dressing: •The traditional dress of Bihari people: Male wear the dhoti, kurta & pyjama. The women of Bihar have also started wearing the urban outfit like the salwar kameez. Bihar. Bihar women are very eager to preserve their folk costumes, which are their traditional costumes. #29 Karnataka Much like the southern state of Kerala, Karnataka too has silk sarees as the conventional traditional wear for … Bihar, the land that has inculcated traditional old values to the core, is noted for its hand woven textiles in the field of costume. The individuals of Bihar pursue its old conventions till date and the social legacy of the spot is still particularly alive. The village crowd of Bihar adheres to the traditional pattern of dresses and jewellery. The women prefer to wear Tikli which is a beautiful ornament at the forehead. They wear a sleeveless shirt and an upper piece of clothing. Jharkhand Traditional Costumes for Women: The people in Jharkhand follow with utmost respect to their tradition and culture. The dress color and dresses designed in their traditional way. 4. Traditional Clothing Style. The state of Bihar has inculcated traditional old values to the core. 6. Bihar: The traditional dress of Bihari people includes the dhoti-mirjai or the kurta for men and Saree for women. The costume of the women folk of Bihar is chosen carefully in keeping with tradition.

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