Looking for where else we should stay. From YS I want to head down to GTNP and Jackson Hole. We went for a luxury + outdoorsy mix for our trip. It’s the only hot spring in the front country where you are allowed to soak. I spent more time than usual figuring out which airport to use, how long to go, where to stay, and what to do. We will be coming in the South entrance , is there a link to which way we should start out ? We can do 9 days, but just lost on how best to route everything out. Grand Teton National Park in ONLY One Day. For the best experience, you need to get a very early start today. I think if you did a cost comparison you’d find that camping is still less expensive even if you have to pay for 1 additional bag. Important Update for 2020: There are planned road closures on Grand Loop Road between Tower Fall and Chittenden Road. Thanks for sharing your trip! Hi Kim, It means reserving another hotel room or campsite but it is worth the time savings. If you do this itinerary as it is written (starting in Grand Teton), instead, start at Idaho Falls. The only additional items we packed were headlamps. The suggestion to hike the Wapiti trailhead to see the Yellowstone Grand Canyon from the south side was also spectacular as was the suggestion to visit Lake Butte lookout (we almost didn’t do it, but reminded ourselves that Kim had not steered us wrong to this point). Day 9 (Glacier): Stay in West Glacier or Whitefish. Travel back to Salt Lake City and fly home! NOTE: Campsites fill up quickly in the summer, sometimes as early as 8am. On your first day, I recommend heading clockwise to Old Faithful and getting this tourist-packed attraction checked off the list. The visitor center is equally impressive and very informative. I have spent some summers in both parks. Most recently, we spent one week in Jackson, Wyoming to hike the trails in Grand Teton National Park. You can leave a comment, but you wont be able to add any links. If you’re traveling in July there is also the County Fair to visit. They have a beautiful outdoor porch perfect for watching the sunset and toasting the end of your vacation. We have made bookings and will stay first in Mammoth Frontier Cabin for 2 nights, then Canyon Lodge Western Cabin for 2 nights and in the end 3 nights in OF Inn Old House. Learn More: Grand Prismatic Spring and the Fairy Falls Hike. 1 How much time do you need in Yellowstone and Grand Teton; 2 When is the Best time to Visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton; 3 … Established as a national park in 1929, it takes its name from its most prominent feature, Grand Teton (13,775 ft), the tallest mountain in the range. Eg our day 1 is your day 3? On your way up to Teton National Park, take I-15 North through Swan Valley and Victor, ID. Do you have any suggestions? That is awesome to hear you are taking your kids to the Tetons! Check out our guide to the campgrounds in Yellowstone with tips for getting a reservation. We allocated one day for each area, and went back to do more hikes around the areas which we enjoyed. AMAZING! Now that you only have one day in Glacier, I recommend spending it on Going-to-the-Sun Road, the best experience if this is your first time in the park. On the South Rim, the highlights are Artist Point (one of the most iconic views in all of Yellowstone) and Uncle Tom’s Trail. The trail meanders through lush forests, along a flowing river, and past several waterfalls. In my opinion, this stretch of Going-to-the-Sun Road, from Logan Pass to the Loop, is the most spectacular. My kids watch it over and over…we just got back from another roadtrip and I have started to put the new video together this week. like the idea of coming thru Victor Idaho, then returning difft route to SLC, where we would first arrive. Purchase your pass at the first national park that you visit (in this case, at Grand Teton) or you can get it online. Then, as you’re heading out of Jackson in the evening, grab dinner at The Bird just south of town. At Bearfoot Theory, she runs our editorial calendar, and helps us deliver top-notch goods. Unfortunately due to his work schedule we will be flying in on a Wednesday and Flying out on a Sunday. As the sun sets head on over to the small town of West Yellowstone for a night at a local motel. ), here is what we recommend. Tomorrow, you will head north out of Yellowstone. Really enjoyed the itinerary. It is here that you will see the Grand Prismatic Spring, the most colorful hot spring in the park. Thanks, Mel! Great info. Awesome Anna! Be aware that many of the roads close in both parks during the winter season (typically November through early May), including the southern entrance of Yellowstone. The next day travel to Devils Tower and then on into Red Lodge MT. Thank you for your insights – and thanks again for this travel guide which is obviously a labour of love! Day 7 (Drive to Glacier): Many Glacier Hotel (1st choice); Swiftcurrent Motor Inn (2nd choice); St. Mary Village (3rd choice) This page is great and full of great ideas. I have been attempting to plan this trip forever, but have been overwhelmed with too many options! We are in mid-50s and fairly active. In the park: Many Glacier Hotel or the Swiftcurrent Motor Lodge. Do you think that sounds reasonable? Not only will you save money on park fees for this trip but you will also get free admission to any other national park or federal recreation sites that you visit within 365 days of purchasing this pass. To make this a 7-day itinerary, take one day from Glacier. Copying the Yellowstone portion of this itinerary except in reverse! Sounds like an incredible trip! Here’s our three-day family-friendly itinerary. I had the exact same question . I want to take the north entrance into Yellow Stone from Red Lodge. Kristen and crew – I’ve been following your blog and instagram as I research camper van options. Those items for me all fit easily in a backpack and I traveled with my backpack and then put clothing in a rolling suitcase (carry-on size). Similar to Upper Geyser Basin, this is another large collection of geothermal features. Would this itinerary be your choice with all the smoke in the area? This is a jaw-dropping view of the hot spring and a must-do on a trip to Yellowstone. We can’t speak to the current situation out there, but I’d recommend looking up fire maps and smoke/air quality maps for the area before deciding if it’s safe to head that way. So, the total hike would be around 17-18 miles. (any advice on where we should stay (reasonably priced) and anything else we should see or do I would love to hear!) Starting near Midway Geyser Basin, you will hop from geyser basin to geyser basin. https://youtu.be/fEEA6r7DX4s, Glad you found this blog post helpful! It is located at 1 Teton Park Rd, Moose, WY 83012 and is formally called the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center. Due to snowfall and the road closures that come with it, there is a narrow window of time to do this road trip. From here, continue on driving through Yellowstone’s Canyon. I have been the other route in 2016. I am trying to figure out a plan to get the most out of our days with our launching points. We’re going this summer with our 3 kids, ages 3, 7 and 10. Not trying to sound cheap but everything must be reasonably priced! Sooooo pretty! Yellowstone is usually always on this list, provided you have some time to explore this bucket-list destination, so we asked our Wise Guides for their recommendations on the ideal 5 day trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. You do not mention how to get back UP if we decide to go down to Lake. I don’t have any suggestions for hotels, but I’d suggest you try Airbnb. This section of road will be completely closed until April 2022. Get an early start and begin your day at the Grand Teton Visitor Center near the South Entrance. May is great for seeing baby Bison, and it shouldn’t be too crowded. I think you’d be fine, especially if you stick to popular trails. This is a great itinerary. Thanks Mick for the correction! Hello Lindsay, thanks for reaching out. Where should we stay, and how long? To minimize your driving today, stay near Lake McDonald or in West Glacier. We live on the east coast, so checking out the beauty and the uniqueness of the west is our goal. Bourbon thanks so much for your message! Have fun next summer! For example, when exploring mammoth hot springs, take a short drive north to the Gardiner Entrance where you will get to see the Roosevelt Arch! What a resource! I have a few questions… we will be coming from Salt Lake, stopping in Jackson for a day then heading into the parks. We would also like to add in rafting in Jackson (or elsewhere?) We are saddened to learn that. Hi Kristen, Hey Katie! These were the type of things that were off the beaten path but well worth it. On our recent trip, rental car prices were very expensive. This itinerary is a summer itinerary. We stayed at the Yellowstone Gateway Inn and I highly recommend it. Visit Waterton Lakes from Many Glacier. So thankful I found your itinerary! Could you please suggest Lodges and number of nights to book(DAY 1 to7) Can you tell me how many miles this trip is. Thanks! We are planning a trip out West this September leaving AL. There are three main airports near Jackson, Wyoming. We had a one-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen. Important Update for 2020: The east side of Glacier National Park is closed for road construction. Escape the crowds by continuing on past Inspiration Point to Lake Solitude. This is also the busiest time to visit the national parks, so make your hotel or campsite reservations many months in advance and be prepared for big crowds. Today, you will visit the most popular sites. The hike to Avalanche Lake starts at the Trail of the Cedars. If you have an SUV with a sunroof, pop your head out of the sunroof and enjoy the view. Due to road construction, Tower Fall will only be open from June 5 to September 6, 2020 and June 4 to September 26, 2021. While the drive time says it is about 2 hours to each park, that is highly unlikely because you will stop at scenic overlooks, see wildlife, stop to … I believe the author camped at the campgrounds described in the post. Road trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks? After this stop, keep cruising along the road to visit Sulphur Cauldron and Mud Volcano. At Midway Geyser Basin, you can get right up to it, while walking on raised boardwalk trails. Finally, this itinerary can be done in the opposite order. I was wondering for Day 1 when you mentioned “Grand Teton Visitor Center near the South Entrance,” exactly which visitor center you’re referring to? The tour is free and provides so much history about not only the hotel but the park itself and its first visitors. There has been a ton of snow, so you won’t necessarily be able to do all the hikes, and some of the campgrounds in Yellowstone might not be open yet, but the one near Mammoth should be great (It’s my favorite and we usually spend mother’s day weekend there). Leaving Yellowstone, drive south into Grand Teton National Park. The park video gives you a great intro to the park. Lamar Valley is 100% worth seeing, even if you don’t catch a glimpse of any wildlife it’s a beautiful area worth including. Today, you’ll head north towards Mammoth. Sounds great! Day 6: Yellowstone Spend the most of the next day doing the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. If you take the North entrance into Yellowstone, I’d stay near Canyon Village and spend one day doing the North Loop (we list plenty in this area to do for a full day in our itinerary) and then spend 1-2 nights in Grant Village before heading on to the Grand Tetons. You might want to consider visiting one or two of those parks if it works within your schedule. Thanks for sharing, really helpful. Yellowstone has multiple areas to visit - Canyon, Mammoth, Old Faithful and West Thumb amongst others. Visit Mormon Row at sunrise and then spend the morning driving the 42-mile scenic loop drive. You can start at Glacier National Park and work your way down to Grand Teton. If you’re flying, you can fly into Salt Lake City and enjoy a 5-hour drive to Grand Teton National Park. Day 4: Yellowstone Teton Park Road is closed from November through mid-May. Lots of options to consider to make the most of your trip for you AND your four-legged friend. I would plan to only do Badlands and Mt. You can definitely see both parks without long day hikes/backpacking. This is the best itinerary I have read and I have read a lot ! Hi Melanie, this is Kim and I took the I80/89 route in 2015 when I visited the parks for the first time. From here it was a short drive to Glacier Park International Airport. By ending near Going-to-the-Sun Road, you will be much closer to the airports near Kalispell. We are working on a post right now about traveling with your dog so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you know when the post is live. to read our Guide to Yellowstone National Park. On one of these days, we day tripped to Yellowstone. Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Parks are three of the top parks to visit in the United States. Lindsay. We are planing on going to Yelowstone, Teton, and Glacier. If you’re wanting to visit Jackson at all you’ll also want to do that when staying at Old Faithful (but it is still a bit of a drive). We don’t travel by RV (and did not do so on this trip) so I don’t know where the good RV spots are, unfortunately. Within one square mile, there are over 150 geothermal features here, making this one of the best spots in the park to see geysers, hot springs, and thermal pools. Article: https://outdoorsconnected.com/blog/john-f-yanceys-death-and-the-roosevelt-arch-/, Help! You have the chance to spot moose right from the boat. A visit to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone will take all morning. Have you checked out our post on the best places to rent camper vans? so I can’t talk a lot about that area. Any thoughts on how to adapt your itinerary by coming in from the North? This town also has a great little family-owned grocery store so you can restock on food (you will get bored with the park food really quickly—it is the same between both parks and at all stores in the parks). This section of the trail is easy, gaining just about 200 feet. Our website uses cookies. Glad you found it helpful! Both take you close to Bear Lake. Thanks! Is that something that should be reserved for another visit perhaps when the wildlife is more active in the spring? For instance, being able to compare Death Canyon with Cascade Canyon or visiting Signal Mountain Lodge (we stayed there) for awesome views, nachos and blackberry margaritas (no huckleberry while we were there). Hi Liz, the entire trek from Salt Lake City airport to Yellowstone and back to the airport is at least 720 miles but with side trips and such I’d estimate about 800 miles to be safe. Bozeman is north of Yellowstone and Jackson is at south entrance of Grand Tetons. Thanks for sharing. Day 5 (Yellowstone): Canyon Village (1st choice); Mammoth (2nd choice); Gardiner MT (3rd choice) The Tetons and Yellowstone will be best in June-October. We did rent a car for this itinerary (from the Salt Lake City Airport) but we just flew with our camping gear, we didn’t rent any camping gear. Lisa, Hi Lisa- It looks like no one here got back to you, but I think you will be fine in Late May. The best time for wildlife viewing is in the morning and evening, so time your visit for the end of the day. One of the best parts of Yellowstone is that the main road is a loop, so you basically just keep working around the circle. Other airports in the area are Idaho Falls about 2.5 to 3 hours from parks. All in all, this is one of the best itineraries I found anywhere and it was a huge help in planning our trip. Trying to decide if we should start south in grand Tetons, or come in from the north and work our way down. Call US 7 days a week from 8AM to Midnight ET. Feel free to drop me a person email if you want to discuss more options or even hop on the phone and discuss what you potentially could drop off the trip. I hope to be able to visit the Tetons soon. There are two ways to explore Grand Prismatic. Julie Last updated: November 19, 2020 United States 59 Comments. I recommend heading to Jackson, Wyoming for a lunch stop and afternoon walk-about. – We added a trip to Jackson to look around and go white water rafting down the Snake River between day 1 and 2 instead of waiting until day 6 For more details on visiting the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, don’t miss our best things to do in Yellowstone post. Also, do you have a suggested packing list and were you able to wash clothes along the way? Hi! Teton Village at Jackson Hole: Ski resort by winter, outdoor playground by summer, this resort offers hotels and restaurants, plus gondolas, chair lifts, and a cable car that will whisk you up to Rendezvous Peak for stunning views over the Tetons. Do you all buy or rent bear spray and if so, where can you rent it? From Logan Pass, continue the drive towards West Glacier. Do you recommend any particular books for the area with hiking trails and information? Pull into a turnout and view the bison from your car. When we booked our trip to Grant Tetons/Yellowstone, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of things we wanted to see in our short 6 day trip, until I found this! If you get to SLC and have a few hours to burn I highly recommend you check out Park City (famous for incredible winter skiing and hosting the Sundance Film Festival) or if you really want to indulge (won’t lie, we did) then check out the Kura Door Spa. This is the area of Yellowstone with the highest concentration of geysers and hot springs, including the famous Old Faithful geyser.

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