The NGT425 features a set of touch-based controls which are configured for five different speed settings that conveniently let you change to the desired speed setting. Instead, a solid, secure and sturdy design ensures that the unit stays stable and supported. Also adding value to its design is its enclosed cylindrical air duct which enables air to be sculpted into a high velocity air column and blades with heavy contouring that maximize movement of large amounts of air. The 530 is equipped with the signature grill design of Vornado and a deep-pitched propeller design which propels air, moving it up to 65 feet in distance. The excellent performance of the Vornado 530 is attributed to its intelligent Vortex action technology and design that allow a large amount of air to shift and move – thus replacing old and stagnant air in lesser accessed corners of the room with fresher and cooler air. Rejuvenate your space with this highly powerful air circulator from Vornado! Made out of a high-quality metal frame, the device is built with comfort in mind. If you’re not satisfied with your Vornado product, let us know. These have a thin, panel-like design and efficiently save on space. Silver Swan Alchemy is a pure and high quality distillation of the values of Art Deco & Art Moderne — constructed of heirloom-quality materials. This Vornado fan uses the Vortex technology which allows the air to circulate around the room you place it in. The fan is built to meet standard voltage requirements in the U.S., as well as it is certified, warrantied and safety tested for use in the U.S. Like most Vornado fans, this one also has an easily adjustable tilt head system that efficiently lets you direct air to wherever most needed. The design also aims towards effective and smart energy consumption, thus offering you the best of both worlds in one intelligent air circulation unit. Its efficient air circulation capability adds an increased level of comfort in your space, and adds noticeable freshness to the surroundings. Now that you have a brief understanding about fans and air circulators, here are some top-rated models from Vornado to help you make a good choice. The remote control magnetically attaches to the top of the unit, and is thus easy to carry and use. The VFAN is also backed by a warranty and support promise that lasts for five years from the date of purchase in the U.S.A. Like another typical Vornado fan, this one too utilizes the signature Vortex technology that efficiently helps circulate air throughout the room. These include a steel case that is cool to touch, essential tip over protection design and an auto-shut off system. The deep pitch blades are heavily contoured and help increase the amount of air moving through its motor. Product Details Crafted of heirloom-quality materials, the all-metal Alchemy Vfan delivers a timeless experience. Don’t hesitate to experiment and play around with these features to determine what suits your need. 11 watching. At just 14” tall, the VFAN Alchemy sits in the middle of the Alchemy Collection but with a sturdy metal construction and luxurious finishes, the VFAN Alchemy … Get the air flowing in your home with this powerful and easy to use vintage air circulator fan from Vornado! (i.e. Vornado’s Silver Swan Alchemy fan has a completely vintage and lad back look. Vornado Vfan Petite Alchemy Vinta Fan, Gunmetal. What’s more, Vornado has started manufacturing its own line of energy-efficient/ energy-saving fans. The electronic push-buttons provided at the base are ingeniously designed and placed for ease of operation. The Vornado 610DC has been stringently tested to meet all voltage requirements in accordance with US standards. The spiral grill is designed to help the blades move air to up to 85 feet. Welcome home this little powerhouse of a device and experience the best airflow ever! The design that the VFAN has is a classic and time-tested one, inspired by the original fan from the company dating back to 1945. 3. It is also safety-tested and certified to meet all required standards and compliances. This easy to handle enclosure makes it highly portable and friendly to use. Make sure that the path of airflow has a clear and unobstructed path to flow across the room (ideally from one end of the room to the other end). With unbeatable warranty periods, flawless designs, best-in-class performances and top-quality construction, the company has been ruling the roost for a very long time. They are ideal to include in spaces which require discrete air circulation and can be stacked together as well. About 15 minutes is believed to be the average duration taken to circulate air in a small to medium sized room. The 733 features a three-speed control system located on the back of the device. See similar items. The device is capable of circulating air thoroughly in a medium to large sized room. These devices are highly compact, weigh less and are easy to carry around. The Vornado 733 has a compact yet powerful structure designed for powerful airflow in medium to large sized rooms. Weighing a mere 4.9 pounds, this device is fairly lightweight and very easy to carry around. The convenient design of this Alchemy fan makes it great for a desk or even on the floor, and its elegant finishing and accents work magic in enhancing your living space. The design makes for effective cooling because it aids in airflow rebound movement. The Vornado 184 comprises of four convenient speed settings operated using push button controls. In 1945, the uniquely powerful “Vortex Tornado” propulsion system he developed became the fan that changed the way America kept comfortable. Tower fans help cool a wider region of air because the vent runs across the full-length of the tower. Made of weighty die-cast metal. Hence, it is important that you carefully assess your primary requirements before zeroing in on a particular fan, so as to get the maximum benefit out of it. The black colored frame and tower shape gives it a discrete look, and helps you save up on additional space. The Vornado V10 comes complete with a manual swivel base. Most of their devices are covered by a satisfaction promise/warranty of at least 5 years, while some extend up to 10 years too. How does one position an air circulator for ideal performance? this system uses the … The Vornado 184 features a tower-based design and has a height of 41 inches. There is also a 1, 2, 4 and 8-hour timer that is equipped with the Vornado 184 that lets you run the device in the most energy-friendly and efficient way possible. Performance wise, this Vornado fan works using a patented technology by the company called the Vortex action – a signature feature in top Vornado fans. The design of the device is expert tested and verified to meet safety standards, standard certifications and voltage requirements. Vornado VFAN Vintage Air Circulator Fan, Vintage White. Along with these, the air flow experience is further enhanced because of its easy pivot head and convenient height adjustment settings to direct the flow of air where desired. The optimal performance of the Vornado 610DC fan is attributed to its smartly designed parts such as the deep pitched blades coupled with the inlet guide cone, an enclosed cylindrical air duct, as well as a spiral grill that helps in moving air up to 80 feet.

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