See also: HoogloperJusticier = Official, in charge of jurisdictionJuweelwarer = TreasurerJuwelier = Jeweller, Kaarse(n)maker = CandlemakerKaasmaker = Cheese-makerKalanderaar = Calenderer. (Note: it can as well denote a coin! We would have to load in -30 degree weather most of the winter. Old Dutch jobs. Tap or click to connect with us on any social network. Bird catcher;                  2. (See also: Hooftvrouw)Huydekoper = Fell-monger, dealer of hidesHuyssier = Sheriff's officer, bailiffHuyvetter(Sn) = Tanner, Ingenieur = Civil engineerInstrumentmaker = (Musical) instrument-maker, Jager = HunterJongen = Boy. Old Dutch Foods, Inc 2.8. We’re proud that quality lives here, within each and every one of our products. 2. bowle(s)-entrails cutterLakenwerker = ClothworkerLakenwever = Cloth-weaverLandarbeider = Agricultural laborerLandbouwer = Farmer, agriculturalist (See also: Landman)Landgraaf -LandgraveLandheer = Landowner, landlordLandman = FarmerLandvrouw = Farmer's wifeLantaarnmaker = Lantarn-, lamp-makerLantaarnopsteker = Lamp-lighterLantspassaat = Rank in between Corporal and SoldierLedezetter = Person setting bone-fracturesLeerling = Apprentice, (See also: Gezel)Leerlooier = TannerLeersnijder = Leatherworker, -cutterLeertouwer = Currier, leatherdresserLeestmaker = Maker of lastsLegger = 1. There are over 50 old dutch careers waiting for you to apply! (sheep) shearer; 3. cloth-shearerScheriaer, scherier = See: SchererSchermer = FencerSchieman = (Maritime) Person in charge of the care for the fore-mastSchilder = Painter; House painter. 2.Naval Captain. Search this site gives you the opportunity to search the complete In case of the occupationstreated here, one can safely translate this with the English equivalents: head, chief or principal.Example: schout = sherriff, overschout = head, chief sherriff, Pachtenaer = Tenant (-farmer). Dutch term English translation Advocaat Lawyer Apotheker Pharmacist Arbeider Laborer Arbeidster Laborer (female) Arts Doctor Bakker Baker Boekbinder Bookbinder Boer Farmer Boerenwerk … History of New Netherland Neatly stack and organize the products according to pattern up to 8 feet high. In the paper making -mostly in a papermill- the man who's helping, and standingasides the big paper-tub. We at Old Dutch strongly … Dutch Huguenots in the Netherlands Search for full time or part time employment opportunities on Jobs2Careers. Take a look around, get to know us and our products and feel free to ask us questions. $20.65 an hour. )Cloefkapper/Kloefkapper (Sn) = Clog-makerClomper/Clumper = Clog-maker (See also: klompmaker and cloefkapper)Clovenier = Marksman, shot, sharp-shooterClovenierscutter = GunnerColvenier = See: clovenierColporteur = Canvasser, hawkerCommissaris = Commissioner, chief constableCo(0)man = See: KoopmanCorver = See:KorfmakerCoster = Sexton, verger,sacristanCot(t)er = Small farmer, crofter, cottagerCoussemaker = See: KousemakerCraamwaakster (Fr) = Woman, dry-nurse, taking care of mothers with new-born childrenCrabverkoper = Seller of crab(fish)Cremer (Sn) = See:KramerCuper(Sn) = See:KuiperCustodimaker = Maker of rear panels, Daghuerder = Day laborerDagloner = Day laborerDekker = Roofer, slater or reed-thatcherDerdewaak = (Maritime) Third steersman,  -navigator officerDeurwaarder = Sheriff's officer, bayliff, process-writ-serverDiamantslijper = Diamond polisher, -cutterDiamantsnyder = Diamond cutterDiefleyer = Helper of the sheriffDienstbode = Maid, servantDienstknecht = Hand,servant (male)Dienstmeid = See:DienstbodeDoodgraver = UndertakerDorpmeester =  Sort of MayorDraeyer = Turner in woodDrager = Porter, carrier, bearerDreseler(Sn) = See:(Hout)draeyerDroogscheerder = Cloth workerDrossaerd = (High-) bayliff, sheriffDrost = See:Drossaerd, Drucker = Printer (Note: it can bear also the meaning of: 'Oppressor')Drucker op bombasyn = Printer on bombasineDrucker van patroonen = Pattern printer, Ebbenlystmaker = Maker of frames in ebonyEbbenwerker = Cabinetmaker in ebony, worker in ebonyEertwinner, eerdtwenne = FarmerEssayeur = AssayerEtser = Etcher, Fabriekmeester = Town Master builderFabrikant = Manufacturer or owner of a factoryFaendrig = Ensign, cornet, warrant officerFiguerdrukker van hout = Engraver in woodFinkeler = See:VinkelaarFoelgeslager = Goldsmith, silversmith (person who makes leaf-gold and leaf silver)Fruitenier = Person who sells fruitFuselier = Soldier (shooting with a rifle), Gaarder, gaerder = Tax-collectorGareelmaker = Harness, horse-collar makerGarenspanner = Marauder (using snare, net or wire)Garentwijnder = Thread-twisterGeelgieter = Pewter-melterGeestherder = farmerGeiter/Geyter = Herdsman for goatsGeleitsman = GuideGewantsnijder = See: LakensnijderGeweermaker = GunsmithGezel = Apprentice (See also: leerling)Ghersen(n)aer = Grass-sellerGistkooper = Yeast-buyerGlasblazer = Glass-blowerGlaesescriver = See: GlasschrijverGlasschilder = Glass painterGlasschryver = Glass painting,-engravingGlaze(n)maker = Glass-, pane-makerGoeverneur = Governor, commandantGoe(d)vrouw(Fr) =MidwifeGordijnmaker = Maker of painted drapery, curtain makerGorter (Fr) = See:GrutterGouddraadtrekker = Person who has to make gold-thread out of solid goldGoudslager = Gold-beaterGoudsmid = GoldsmithGoutsmeet(Sn) = See: GoudsmidGraendenier = Corn-dealerGraveur = EngraverGrietman/Grytman (Fr.) The average Old Dutch Foods salary ranges from approximately $34,358 per year for Office Administrator to $76,968 per year for Merchandiser. Timeline of the Netherlands Job Language (required) Select One Bilingual English French I approve the use of my personal information submitted in this application to be used in accordance with the Old Dutch … control over a certain area2. Note: can also be Frisian for 'breeuwer' = caulker!Breeuwer = CaulkerBrenger = See: BringerBreuckmeester = Collector of fines, forfeitsBrillenmaker = OpticianBringer = PostmanBroechoeder = Overseer, supervisor of flat, marshy land(s)Broekenmaker =  Someone making or repairing trousers, pantaloonsBrootbidder = BeggarBrouc(ken)maker = See: BroekenmakerBruycker = Tenant (-farmer) See also: PachtenaerBuffel = Executioner, hangmanBu(i)sman = Shipper of a herring boatBuidelmaker = See:BeursenmakerBurgemeester = MayorBurg(h)er = Citizen, burgherBus(se)maker = Rifle-,gunsmith, Cabinetmaker = Cabinet-maker, joinerCantonbode = Roadman, roadmenderCantonier = French for 'Cantonbode', see aboveCapellier = See: CapellaenCampellier = See: CapellaenCapellaen/Kapellaen = Curate, chaplainCaplaen = See: CapellaenCaseneer = Cheese-makerCater = See: Cot(ter)Chirurgijn = SurgeonCithermaker = Cithara-makerClavesimbelmaker = Harpsichord-makerCleermaecker = See: KleermakerClinker = Town-crier. Search for full time or part time employment opportunities on Jobs2Careers. Ferment of the Reformation Jews in the Netherlands Other on-line resources on old occupations: Occupations Salary information comes from 878 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job … Job Type (required) Select One Full Time Part Time Seasonal Contractor Internship I approve the use of my personal information submitted in this application to be used in accordance with the Old Dutch privacy policy (required) 17 Old Dutch Jobs. From the beginning we’ve made each and every one of our many snacks with the utmost care and the highest quality ingredients. Nobility in the Netherlands Indeed ranks Job Ads based on a combination of employer bids and relevance, such as your search terms and other activity on Indeed. )Klepperman = Watch-man, using a rattle, town-crierKlerk = Clerk, schoolmaster, registrar, secretaryKloefmaker = See: KlompmakerKlokkengieter = Bell-founderKlokkenmaker = ClockmakerKlompmaker = Maker of wooden shoes (See also: clomper and kloefkapper)Klovenier = See: clovenierKluynsteker = Digger of wet peatKnecht = Assistant, apprentice, servantKoeherder = Cowherd (See also: Beestheer)Koehoeder = Cowherd(See also: Beestheer)Koehouder = Cattle farmerKoekebacker = Confectioner, pastry-cook,bakerKoetsier = Coach-, Cab-manKoewachter = Cowherd (See also: Beestheer, Koeherder)Kok = CookKolenbrander = Charcoal-burnerKoman = See: KoopmanKooltjer(Fr) = Grower of vegetables, especially cabbage and onionsKoopman = Salesman, merchantKopergieter = Copper-, brass-founderKoperslager = Copper-smith, brazierKorfmaker = Basket-, hampermaker (See also: Corver)Korvenvlechter = Basket-twinerKousemaker = Stocking-, hosemakerKramer, kremer = Pedlar, hawker, cheapjack, market-vendorKrijgsman = WarriorKroeghouder = Owner of a bar or cafeKroegmeid = Bar-maidKuiper = 1. Cooper, bucket-maker. For more information, see the. Immigration to the Netherlands 26 Old Dutch Foods jobs including salaries, ratings, and reviews, posted by Old Dutch Foods employees. The general managerSchippersknecht = Skipper's assistantSchoemaker = See:SchoenmakerSchoenmaker =Shoemaker, cobblerSchoesetter,-sitter, -sutter (Sn) = See: SchoenmakerScholt(e) = 1. Herring-packer(in buckets). You must be self-motivated and enjoy a challenge. GET SOCIAL. Medieval And Obsolete English Trade And Professional Terms, List of some old Dutch occupations (there are so much more! Our private, member-owned Club offers members and their guests unparalleled experience and value. area Search job openings at Old Dutch Mustard. Books about Dutch history Dutch Bros Coffee is a privately held drive-through coffee chain headquartered in Grants Pass, Oregon, United States, with company-owned and franchise locations throughout the western United States. Join Our Team. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team’s work-life balance. Search job openings at Old Dutch Foods. 3rd Shift Warehouse Worker. Search for full time or part time employment opportunities on Jobs2Careers. Functionary charged with printing stamps on cloth3. Since 1934, we’ve delivered our finest snacks. Full-Time. Old maps of the Netherlands and (See also: Vaandrig)Vachtploter = Person, who's picking the wool of the sheepValckenier = FalconerVarensgezel = SeamanVeehouder = Cattle farmerVeerman = FerrymanVeldwerker = Fieldhand, laborerVenter = Hawker, huckster, street-trader, pedlarVerfmaker = PaintmakerVerfverkooper = Color-pigments merchantVergulder = GilderVerlichter = Miniature illuminator or-painterVernismaker = Varnish makerVerpleger/Verpleegster = Nurse (male, female)Versebalie = (Maritime) person in charge of buying fresh greens and meatVerwer = Dyer of textilesVetkoper = Buyer of fatVettewarier = Person who sells fatty goodsVinkelaar = Birdcatcher, fowlerVischkooper = Person who sells/buys fishViss(ch)er = FishermanVissersknecht = Fisherman's assistantVisverkoopster = Female fish-sellerVlasbaas = Flax foremanVlasverkooper = Person who sells flaxVlees(ch)houwer = Butcher (See also: Slachter/Slager)Voerman = Driver, waggoner, carrierVolder = See:VollerVoller = FullerVoogd = Guardian, governorVoorzanger = PrecentorVouwster = Textile folderVrachtrijder = Lorrydriver, carrierVrymeulenaar = Free miller, Uitraepster = Female sorter (coal, potatoes etc), Waard = Public-house keeper, landlord, host, licenseeWagenaar = See:WagenmakerWagenmaker = Cartwright, wagonmaker, coach-builderWandtsnijder = See: LakensnijderWantscheer, -scherer = Cloth-dresserWannemaker = Maker of big, flat baskets, used to sift grain from chaffWannemaeker(Sn) = See:WannemakerWapensteensnyder = Precious stones seal-engraverWarmoesier = See:WarmoezenierWarmoezenier = Greengrocer.

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