The first day a pig is sacrificed outside the oldest hut and a piece of meat is given to the house at each end of the main village street. It has an ancient culture and popular for classical dance. The Angami tribe is listed as a Scheduled Tribe of the Indian Constitution. A handful of young men hold the stage and tell amusing stories about the elders while greeting them by jumping in enthusiasm. The only defence offered is that the men have to pull the rope uphill and the women downhill. They practice jhum and terrace cultivation. The headquarter of the Rengmas in Nagaland is at Tseminyu. It is celebrated in the eve of the harvest. Nagaland is known in India as the land of festivals. Odisha Traditional Dress: Odisha is an Eastern Indian state of India, by the beautiful Bay of Bengal and enclosed by the West Bengal. The course of the race normally starts at the town square and then stretch along the heart of the town’s main roads before culminating at the starting point. Main Festival: Ngada [Celebrated every year in the month of November]. The only defense offered is that men have to pull uphill and the women downhill. The Sumis practised headhunting like other Naga people before the arrival of the Christian missionaries and their subsequent conversion to Christianity. The musical instruments of the Yimchungers include simple log drums, trumpets and flutes, similar to that of the Angamis. The genesis of Sumi Nagaland tribe is also said to have it’s roots of existence in the Khezakeno Village which is claimed to be the center point of Sumi history. The most prominent item of Naga dress is the shawl. Oct 19, 2020 - Explore Awesome's board "Naga culture from Nagaland : Northeast India" on Pinterest. The Yimchunger nagaland tribes mainly inhabit the  Tuensang districtof Nagaland. Killing an enemy and bringing back their head was considered a rite of passage and was rewarded by a tattoo on the face or the chest of the warrior. The Mokokchung Municipal Council organizes this annual competition where both men and women from all of the 18 wards under the municipality compete. After the headhunting was abolished, the village disputes were resolved by a council of informally elected village leaders. Jewellery has also been a big part of their customs; the number of heads on a warrior’s necklace showed the number of people he has killed. There is no visiting of girls house that night, for the god are abroad and so all go to bed early and avoid walking about. Rice, millet, Job’s Tears, pulses and vegetables are the main crops. The Nagaland State Government has even taken steps to embrace Korean culture: it hosts an annual Indian-Korean cultural festival. hornbill festival 09,kisama village,nagaland, India. Their traditional territory lies between the territories of Konyak in the north-east, the Ao in the west and the Chang in the south. Nagaland Traditional Dresses. Nagaland is comprised of sixteen tribes. The Lotha Nagaland tribes practiced headhunting in the older days. Yongnyah is the largest Phom village. They use vegetable dyes in a myriad of hues and weave dreamlike designs mostly geometric in nature. The Sumis are known for their soybean fermentation (akhuni) skills and the dishes flavored with the akhuni is a delicacy we find in many hotels in Nagaland. At present, term  Zeliang is used, indicating two tribes- Zeme and Liangmai tribes and their sub-tribes. Delhi Red Fort Naga People Arunachal Pradesh Burma Myanmar States Of India Tribal Dress Burmese Incredible India Asian They join the men in dancing, eating and drinking and composing warrior songs. A man who had taken a head or offered feasts had the privilege to wear a cowrie-ornamented shawl (fanet-henyu). There are also oral records of a mighty struggle between the combined Rengma villages, and the Lotha village of Phiro. This is the biggest festival for the community that is celebrated immediately after the harvest of the crop. Odisha Traditional Dress for Women: Tradition has also been explained as ideas, principles, knowledge and usages transmitted from generation to generation over a long period of time. The traditional Rengma clothing consists of various types of clothes, which are indicative of the status and position of the weavers. The Moatsu is a festival celeberated by Ao People of Nagaland. Main Festival: Yemshe [Celebrated every year in the month of October]. Originally Chakhesang consisted of three major sub-tribe, namely “chokri”,“khezha” and “sangtam”, from where the word chakhesang came from, taking the first syllable of each tribe namely “cha” from “chokri”, “khe” from “khezha” and “sang” from “sangtam”. Their principal village wasMozungjami/Haku in Tuensang, from which the tribe expanded to the other villages. However, this wave of Korean culture threatens traditional Naga customs. All the tribes celebrate their distinct seasonal festivals with a pageantry of colour and a feast of music. The Angami men spent the majority of their time in warfare with hostile villages and taking heads. The Angamis are known for terraced wet-rice cultivation. ‘Tsungremmung’ festival is not just a festival but a source of building unity,’ The highlights of the day-long celebration among others were folk dances presented by Longra and Chari, and Amok Lushi cultural club Chuchuyimpang and folk songs presented by the Watsu unit of Chuchuyimpang.Prior to the start of the festival, every village declares the Süngküm (village gate) closed and free entry or exit is restricted and regulated for those who do not belong to that particular village. The Zeliang Nagaland tribes practice wet cultivation or Panikheti and terraced cultivation. 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