with some string or one of the dangle things on a rod. My Kitten 7 Months old Keeps jumping up at the walls why is this - Answered by a verified Cat Vet We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The kitten will continue to become more and more unsocialized. During play occasionally, one jumps on top of the other and straddles one on the bottom’s back and grabs the nape of his brother’s neck (the same area that momma kitties pick up their little ones from) with, I am assuming, his teeth and holds him there for upwards of a minute. From a biological standpoint, owners should expect kittens, especially those under the age of 6 months, to have a ton of energy. As the kitten grows, she will realize that she can stick up for herself. It can be frustrating when you have to deal with your cat jumping onto the kitchen countertop and other unwanted surfaces, such as coffee tables, bedside tables, etc. If you recently adopted the cat, get a record of his medical history from the shelter or rescue group. One of the greatest joys of living with cats is when one of them chooses to lounge on top of me. Kitten is now a juvenile and is terrified when she sees the other cat. As you mentioned, spraying with water might do the trick. I hate this set-up because it means we have to have food and a mess box in 2 areas of the house and the little guy is trashing the place. But once cats get older, they use other vocalizations -- such as yowling, hissing, and growling -- to communicate with each other. Place light baking sheets at the counter's edge. An arthritic cat will struggle with most physical activities. the kitten is 3 months and the cat is 4 years. We play with the younger one for hours each day, trying to distract him from attacking the older one, and we even take him for walks outside on warmer days. Regardless, you'll have to teach the younger to stop chasing the older. He is a male kitten, less than a year old. Help with gentle grooming, if your cat will let you. The other cat is a 2 year old female. However, this is a common problem with cats and there are ways to get your cat to prevent jumping on work surfaces and other surfaces that you … Top 10 Ways To Stop Cats From Jumping On Counters and Furniture Read More » If you say to it, 'you can have affection only on my terms', you are breaking the two-way communication that the kitten needs, and which will be repaid as he/she gets older. 10. The kitten is young, so you'll have to protect her. I am at my wits end and can barely get any work done with this little monster. The older cat doesn't mind the little one as long as he doesn't do this, but as soon as he gets jumped on, my older cat shrieks, hisses and gets upset. Hi everyone. Discussion in 'Cat Training and ... and this was to protect the older cats not the kittens who were full of confidence. We think he’s 8 or 9 months now. How to Care for 1 Week Old Kitten (NewBorn Kitten) November 01, 2020 3067 Views; Blue Buffalo Kitten Food Reviews and Information November 12, 2020 2041 Views; White Kitten with Blue Eyes (Deafness/Blindness) November 03, 2020 3506 Views; … Some people might use plastic or metal pans. We're worried that he'll break the … Keep it interesting for her by rotating her toys, boxes to hide in and even crumpled pieces of paper to bat around. We recently brought in a new addition to the family. It provides great climbing opportunities and, in multi-cat households, creates more play and rest areas by taking advantage of vertical space. Wow! Obviously I don't know if he does this when we're not there but it seems to be an attention seeking thing because everytime he does this we have to get up and shoo him off. The resident cat was doing well during the supervised time, not hissing but also not making an attempt to go up to the kitten. Older cats may have a hard time grooming themselves, and paired with a declining appetite, may lose weight or become dehydrated. It's possible that your kitten sees something you don't, like a very tiny insect, on the wall, and he is jumping to try to catch it; however, kittens/cats will sometimes just make this a game and do it to occupy themselves. The older cat starts screaming and hides under the bed. If he is making extremely loud, high pitched meows/ squeaks then you give him a little break on your lap or in another room and give him affection for a bit. When Does a Kitten Become a Cat? As the kitten gets older it should chill out a little but it's normal for cats to play stalk each other. they hiss and bat at one another, but it doesnt last more than a minute. My one-year old cat has grown out of this habit, but I had not thought of doing what you are saying. What does it mean when your cat jumps and hug your leg? There is never going to be improvement for this kitten and your older cat if the kitten is shut in a room alone for two-thirds of every day. On a reassuring note, most kittens grow out of the aggressive stage and grow into adorable, sweet natured cats who would never dream of … Jake never tries to fight with Bella and if Jake does get out of line Bella gives him a wack and a hiss. The kitten wants to be close to your face, so as to give and receive affection. I would love to hear an update, doglover29. Of course, the amount of meowing varies by breed and even cat. I hope someone has some better ideas for you. Play time. The smooth, cool surface of the wall is fun to jump up on and then 'slide' down. The older one will not fight back and will whine and try to get away. The kitten, however, is obsessed with the cat. This can give your cat an unkempt or scruffy appearance. My oldest cat, Bella, is 15 and she just watches all this and doesn’t seem to know why any cat wouldn’t want a nap instead of play fighting. Alternatively, if your cat jumps on tables or counters, balance cookie sheets on the edge of those surfaces so they’ll fall and make a loud noise when your cat tries to jump up on them. My cat Brutus keeps jumping up the front of our flat screen tv. It's a great learning process that does not involve the master's presence. I.E. We are seeing the same behavior from the young cat that people have described. Unfortunately your older cats are now beyond, have outgrown, the age when they would naturally play. At home she has an older cat brother (almost 16) and a dog brother (big guy, 70 lbs, age 6) and doesn’t mind them in the slightest. Joined: Dec 28, 2014 ... every night and half the mornings and this is specifically to give the older cats time on their own.The time apart keeps … When the big day comes and you bring your kitten home, it may be tempting to introduce both kitties straightaway, but hold off! At times, the two cats lie together on the bed and take naps. But just as wild, and stronger and bigger lol.. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Kitten & 7 year old cat. She may cry or even try to claw you if soft brushing hurts, so follow her cues in how much physical contact you have. Log in sign up. Regular monitoring will be required. Have some cat toys stored in a closet so that, when she loudly requests your attention, you can pull a few out and play with her. We took him in off the street this past summer after he’d been TNR’d. My kitten who is around 6 months old hides under furniture and out of no where jumps on my leg and hugs it and runs away. Maybe older kitty needs a room or space that's all her own she can go when she's had about enough of it. This may never happen. You are its substitute mother, remember. I have a 4+ yr old ragdoll cat….got her when she was 10 mo from a breeder who decidednot to breed this particular cat….. should, have been a red flag for sure…we can’t touch her without an appt. Our kitten keeps scaring our older cat by pouncing on her or chasing her. #3 Empty Cans with Coins. Spraying with a water bottle is not a good means of discipline for cats. However, these may hurt the cat if the pan falls over. Is there anything we can do? How do I stop this from happening? our older female cat was very aggressive from the start and we have to keep them completely separated we have tried to have some supervised time with them but ultimately it lead to our older cat attacking the new cat. She doesn't cry or even seem to mind it, but I am terrified he will accidentally hurt her. Only thing is we live in a small-ish apartment. Thanks for this advice -- it is very good. I constantly monitor them and yell at Mr.Bears when he does it, but it almost seems as if he can't control himself. Step 3: Make Sure Your Cat Is Able to Self-Play & Keep Kitty’s Environment Stimulating. We’ve been trying the whole “time out” method too but that hasn’t showed much promise either. Over time, your older cat may start to associate the smell of the kitten with treats, making it a positive scent. Cookies help us deliver our Services. If your cat is not jumping and seems largely reluctant to move, you need to manage its arthritis pain. Otherwise you'll have hair flying and kitty brawls around every corner. However, giving the older cat a place to retreat to would help, somewhere that the kitten cannot get to, like a high up perch. We have a five-month old kitten, who is great, except for one problem: he annoys our older cat (four years old) very frequently with aggressive play behavior. I don’t want to give him to a new home because we love him so much but I hate seeing my other cat struggle. Neck biting/dominance issue. Why do cats sit on you? I think time will help. The younger cat does like to wait behind doors and then jump out, pounce on and chase the older cat. Is there anything we can do? I think she finds it nice when I close him out of our bedroom but then she doesn’t have access to the litter box. I just feel bad because when we go home for the holidays I take the older cat home with me and my boyfriend takes the kitten home with him. 10. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If a cat is to jump, it first needs a firm footing on the ground. We have a 12 year old calico and 3 weeks ago adopted a 6-month old kitten. Log in to Reply. You do not need to be rough or harsh with the youngster; simply pick her up and deliver her quietly to the private room. It seemed to work until the cat learned she could just mush down the fabric. Most cats older than 10 have some degree of osteoarthritis. A. Alternatively, string some twine between 2 empty cans at the point where your cat jumps up to create a noise when the cat touches the twine that will scare it. The kitten is constantly chasing the older one around and if they just pass each other the kitten will jump onto the others back and tackle or bite. Older cat was very suspicious at first and spent a lot of time outside but has gradually become more accepting. Some of her toys can be something she can play with on her own. Great hub! She seems to have some thinning fur on her stomach which I hadn’t noticed until a few months of having the kitten and … Do not wait for your cat tell you that it is in pain. The younger cat may be aggressive or playful or something else. Aside from water, a surprising sound might also deter a cat from jumping … I try my best to distract him with string toys and mice and laser pointers, but he suddenly loses interest and zooms over to the older cat. Another way to stop your cat from jumping is to put some tape on the table, so that when it jumps up, its legs will stick which it won't like. Pictures, videos, articles and questions featuring and about cats. Alternatively, if your cat jumps on tables or counters, balance cookie sheets on the edge of those surfaces so they’ll fall and make a loud noise when your cat tries to jump up on them. Posted by 5 years ago. We also have an almost 10 year old neutered male cat that is declawed (was when we adopted him). Our question this week was: This involves two year and a half old male domestic short hair cat siblings. Helen Lewis from Florida on January 05, 2010: Thank you ~ I love the visuals you create with your writing! It scares the heck out of me. I got Milo because his mother died, but he was already weaned. The cat will not generate enough force to … I don't know what to do. There are several methods that you can use to keep indoor cats jumping off the balcony. Our kitten keeps scaring our older cat by pouncing on her or chasing her. We took home a male stray 2 months ago and he has more than doubled in size since we brought him home. Mr.Bears is over 10 pounds. He weighs over 11 lbs and we had him neutered a month ago. Sometimes the older cat swats at the younger cat when he is nearby, but, mostly, the younger cat chases the older cat. Time will help I think, it's only been 3 weeks, but just wondered about other opinions as to if we are doing the right things. Mother cats normally start weaning their kittens at 4 weeks, but in the case of orphaned kittens, the process can start at around 3 weeks old. Obviously I don't know if he does this when we're not there but it seems to be an attention seeking thing because everytime he does this we have to get up and shoo him off. To prevent your cats from jumping on countertops, fill a light baking sheet with water and place it on the counter so that the cat will get startled by the sound and movement of the tray if it jumps up. Our older car is having a hard time trusting her because of this. Cats prefer not to reveal perceived weakness. However, as some have commented, it can also be a form of dominance behavior. Kitten biting can be cute and harmless when your cat is a baby, but can turn painful as cats get bigger. Not everyone will suit each person’s circumstance. She seems to have some thinning fur on her stomach which I hadn’t noticed until a few months of having the kitten and I’m afraid it’s because he’s stressing her out so much. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The only disciplinary action we take is a spray bottle, but I’ve heard it’s not effective in “training” your cat, and it’s obviously not working. Even a large cardboard box can entertain her, enabling her to jump in, hide and jump out at unsuspecting passersby. You also need to kitten-proof your home — or keep your baby confined in a safe part of the house whenever you’re not watching him — and then spend a few months picking your little baby off the drapes, off the kids, off the back of the couch, or off your slippers. Hi, i am at my wits end with my new kitten Louis who is about 5 months old, as he wont stop terrorizing my 8yr old cat Minnie. Every time your older kitty strolls into the living room, little Max comes barreling around the corner, trying to get Lulu to play. New Kitten Jumping Older Cat - Help! Often theyll hiss or swat to keep them in line. While your cat may not jump off your balcony, they do also stand a good chance of falling off. She kind of just watches him from afar and stays very still. Prevent an all-out brawl from occurring by tossing out a few balls, fuzzy mice or other types of catnip-free toys to distract Max. I have not resorted to the squirt bottle because I agree with Jackson Galaxy on this but I am getting close to trying it to see if it helps. He’s a tabby, and his name is Milo. If you can, locate the cat tree next to a window so your cat can watch the action outdoors. Your kitten isn't really being aggressive, just playful. To discipline your cat or kitten, try associating unpleasant consequences with bad behaviors, like spraying bitter orange on your plants so it will taste unpleasant when your cat tries to eat it.

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