The graphite infused, titanium cup face, adjustable everything clubs of today are much easier to play than the old persimmon head with metal sole and screw face, steel shafted drivers from the mid1980’s. I don’t have an official handicap, haven’t done for the 15 years I’ve been playing golf. I love golf, I don’t compete. To me this is the whole issue summed up in one. So now I am in the rough or worse, just a few yards closer to the green. foot wedge, pocket ball drop, or just by “Index Padding”. You might be right. I’m with you completely. I always believed that there are rules and regulations in place for a reason and I abide by them. When the rules allow non-conforming equipment, and I hope they never do, new standards would have to be adopted to allow for it. I play well enough to enjoy the game every time I go out. Every time I tee it up I am just so happy to be there that the rest doesn’t matter. I wonder if there is a website out there that describes what balls are legal or illegal and if there are instances in which even pros have confused what ball they are using and wound up using an illegal ball. Remember Arnold Palmer endorsed Callaway’s non conforming driver from Japan about 10/15 years ago. Most amateurs can’t break 100 on eighteen rounds. The good thing was the course wasn’t crowded, tee times were easy to get and golf just wasn’t that popular. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. The Super Improvement equipment is just fine for beginners and the hole doesn’t need to be enlarged. Women might play NC clubs. You can’t even compare the old and new records anymore. Speed pocket, morph of the driver head, also does that. This is why the USGA allows for an Index to be “adjusted” when tournament scores are “out of wack” with non-tournament scores. I’m still upset about the 3-point shot in basketball and the designated hitter in baseball. No issue for me – even if I get 30 extra yards from an illegal driver I still need to actually control the extra distance, keep it in the fairway, hit a good approch, and make the putt. Basically it’s guys like us (avid golfers) speculating on what it will take to bring new golfers to the game. 50? Well, the metal wood, cavity back irons and other innovations have greatly enhanced the popularity of golf. When we tee off with mortars and putt between bumpers into a 15 inch cup, will we be playing golf? Golf is hard. The game is being protected by “already compromised” idealists… kinda comical. Being able to improve your skill and score. Back in the late 80s I … I’m just not seeing the logic. An illegal driver can be a great tool for improving your personal scores while playign recreational golf. Hopefully those guys simply misunderstood my meaning. Nothing beats putting up a new personal best score. Regulation golf balls can not have a velocity of more than 250 feet per second (76.25 meters per second). USGA limited non-conforming status including usage of: belly putter, enhanced COR variables and (fill in the blank) No reason you can’t have two handicaps. Seems like they are just trying to recapture their lost virtue. It is no fun to struggle and hack it around for 4 hours. 1 day, 5 hrs ago When that happens others will surely follow. its an interesting debate. Is it because you believe it would make rounds take less time? For this reason, many people buy this golf equipment without realizing they are outlawed by the USGA. By edweather, February 7, 2019 in Equipment. Several weeks ago we asked you to share your thoughts on non-conforming clubs from major manufacturers. I saw that Golfsmith carries the Polara golf balls, they advertise an extra 20 yards, the Polara XD seemed to have a better review for distance. The club will end up in the garage or eBay, and the only people that profited from it are the OEMs that sold it. Let people play whatever they want so long as they’re playing recreationally, with like-minded individuals and not for handicap purposes. These listings identify golf balls and clubs that have been evaluated for conformance to the Rules of Golf as established by the USGA and The R&A in St. Andrews, Scotland. I would compare the average duffer using a NC driver to the person who can average 260+ on their drives that won’t play from the back tees. Love the paper…but what the hell would you ride a bike in Le Mans !!?? Companies aren’t producing illegal golf drivers just to mock rules and regulations, these drivers exist because playing golf with them is much easier and entertaining.

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