Mo records under the names MoHawk, Twisted Air, and Openair and also writes music for TV and film. As mentioned earlier, if you are choosing a recording device to record music – and a digital piano is definitely a music instrument! Thank u. The ways of assigning VST instruments to tracks vary. Hi Lucas. Mo is also a prolific writer and journalist writing for publications such as Music … My question would be if I really cannot use the usb midi connection or maybe I’m doing something wrong and the same for the line in part, meaning, if I am doing something wrong or It’s only that it can only be done using an external audio interface. If you want to record your piano in mono, you can connect only one channel (L/Mono) to your interface. However, a basic concept of recording audio is that you can capture and replay recorded sound at any time, exactly as it was at the moment of the recording. I desperately need someone just to tell me what I need to set up so I can record. I am also getting back into music and getting my head around midi and audio and trying to mix old with the new! If you wish to play your track with some virtual pianos, refer to our VST Piano Plugins Guide to find more information on the most popular piano plugins. I've already got Audacity and Wave Pad and a ProSound mike on a stand I use for Dragon Speech but not being a techie no idea if anything else is needed and what to do next. Hello free space in my room! To get your recording into the computer, you need to connect your microphones to an audio interface, which is then connected to your computer. This is described in the “Recording with a Headphone Output” section of the article. Can You Record MIDI AND Audio at the same time? Would it be better to use a different cable? You can play the simulation of your band with a MIDI file at any tempo. In order for it to work, you’d need to use some resistors to avoid back-feeding when summing the stereo signal to mono. This forum discussion might be helpful. But, you can’t even start to record without a great set of microphones. SO….. Is it not possible to record the exact sound dialed up on my keyboard and have it reproduced in the DAW? If that’s the case, you can use two XLR Male to Female cables, provided your recording device also has XLR line inputs. With an upright piano, the best results come from using close mic techniques. Use these tips each time you record, and don’t be afraid to do multiple takes with different camera positions, lighting, and sound. You could try that, but since the phone output on the P-45 is stereo, and the Mic In on your MacBook is mono, it’s desirable to get a stereo to mono summing cable with built-in resistors to avoid potential back-feeding problems. I was understanding everything you wrote and the best explanation I’ve ever read! Step 9: Follow your software manual or reference guide and record your tracks. 2nd, what I would like to do is record my piano through my laptop AND record vocals as well. So, you could try using a TRRS Y splitter cable to split those two signals so that you can connect the P-45 to the Mic In jack. I think I have the same problem. Think I need a stereo input audio interface with , without midi? Some of them are targeted for professionals; some for semi-pros and beginners. When you directly connect a stereo out to a mono in, even if it sounds ok, you can burn your outputs. Remember that recording engineers and amateur tapers alike have captured many magic moments using technology that, although considered state-of-the-art at the time, would not merit a second look from today’s audiophiles. Your skills as a keyboardist and MIDI controller operator? She wants something lighter weight but it doesn’t have to be super portable as it will mostly be in her room but a mic, headphones and to be able to connect to her Windows 10 computer is a must. A bit depth parameter is responsible for dynamic range of your audio recordings and it’s smoothness. However, with an external sequencer, you enjoy much more power in editing, recording, and, as we mentioned above, notating your music. This recording can be saved as an audio file. Final song files best as a .WAV or MP3? Hi Lucas, this information is awesome. Just like learning the piano, learning to record yourself takes practice. To choose the option that’s better for you, consider the following questions: If you are going to record at your home studio, then the best choice will be an audio interface or sound card. Yes, I think it’s defined by the source. What do you mean by a “sparking” sound? We are recording for our virtual church services and during the last few weeks the sound of the Yamaha Clavinova has sounded very tinny or “carnival style” with the hymn accompaniments. Is this as good of quality as a if I had an external premium audio interface and was going through that? ; Keep your sound and tempo under control with the dedicated Sustain, Metronome, and Tempo buttons. How To Record Your Keyboard Or Digital Piano Step-by-Step Step 1: Check Where The Sound Is Coming FROM. 2) Yes, it never hurts to have both files, which can be helpful if you decide to tweak certain aspects of your song (MIDI allows for a much wider range of tweaking possibilities). I’m a lil bit confused, i tot it would be either audio signal or midi signal. If you need to record a mono track of your piano, the best way to do so is to use one of its line mono outs specially designed for this purpose. have at least two channels for recording, but some audio interfaces – like the PerSonus AudioBox iOne – have only one. Since you’re saying that the right channel keeps cutting out, maybe there’s something wrong with one of the ports or the cable, so you might want to try using 1/4″ outputs to see if the issue persists. That’s great! Your thoughts about using GarageBand to record/produce music? The quality of microphone inputs will be lower than with the Scarlet, though. The principal difference between audio and MIDI data is that audio consists of information on sound, like frequencies and amplitude, while MIDI data doesn’t. Both cables make it possible to connect your keyboard to a computer, Android, or Apple device in order to transfer MIDI data. See the table in this article. Also, its inputs (XLR) are capable of microphone recording and if you’re not interested in that, you can go with something cheaper. By connecting a MIDI cable to your computer, you can record, edit, and notate your music using software programs on your computer. I’d recommend GarageBand or Logic The input sockets can be TRS, XLR, or Combo. in both the piano and my macbook pro, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explain a few simple ways to approach the recording process. Also, you can connect it to your computer through USB or USB-C. With this interface you can achieve near-studio quality recording. The answer is simple: it doesn’t have sound. Eg can I connect the RD700NX direct to the AudioBox rather than the iMac? Can i connect it with a 3.5mm TRS (classic aux cable) with the help of 6.5mm jack as output from P45 and input the microphone in the adapter with 3.5mm TRS. We only use your Facebook account to be able to save your music. If your recording device only has TRS mono jacks (balanced), then you can use two XLR Female to TRS cables for a balanced connection. At the same time, if you are just starting and would like to buy “everything in a box” with an easy set-up, this might be an excellent option for a reasonable price. XLR inputs are normally designed for connecting microphones and have a different voltage level. All these four programs also have the feature of working with video, and if you are establishing your career in film or the game industry, it could be the right choice for you. Think carefully about this when you choose your recording device. You'll still need a computer, DAW, and keyboard, but it simplifies things a bit. This card allows you to process your tracks with amazing, quality plugins: EQ, Compressors, Reverbs, Delays, and much more – so everything you need to complete a professionally sounding track! . I bought a stereo 3,5mm jack to 2×6,35mm mono jacks and I was wondering if I can connect it that way? As said above, MIDI technology is like having an orchestra at your fingertips. Hello! So, you’ll have to use either a DI box or a different audio interface, unless I’m missing something with regards to your setup. You can always convert WAV to MP3, which is a lossy format that takes up less memory (more web-friendly for that reason) but it does lack some of the details of the original uncompressed file (may not be noticeable, depends on the song). Just want to record from my Korg Triton ( 2005) to SOMETHING ………that will be transferable to my iPad Pro or whatever. You might want to check a few options in our short Audio Interfaces and Digital Recorders sections. Many Yamaha digital pianos (portable keyboards, synths, workstations), as well as some Korg, Roland, and Dexibell instruments have this feature, so make sure to check the owner’s manual to see if your instrument supports audio via USB. Been wrestling with this issue for years and finally just accepted that it cn’t be done. I am getting a buzz noise though from this input. Can you please help me on this. A few manipulations and you’re done. I am just so lost in whats good whats not and I don’t want to spend a fortune for something that doesn’t fit her needs ?. Step 3: Check that in MIDI IN settings of your software your digital piano is set as an input device. Can’t play a fast passage? Regarding your second question, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to connect your USB mic and your digital piano to your Mac at the same time and recording them in your DAW. A MIDI file with one of Bach’s Preludes will probably require 10-15 kb. It is very likely that you’ll see labelling similar to your keyboard’s labelling, but instead of OUT you’ll see IN. Audio Evolution Mobile shows the same plus 16-bit depth (no other depth possible). MIDI ports allow you to record MIDI data that you can then render as audio using various VST plugins, including your DAW’s native library. In order to record your music, you will need to click “Track,” which is at the top of a menu bar. For example, you can get 6 simultaneous analog inputs with Steinberg UR44 for about $300 and only 4 with an RME Babyface for around $1,000. My wife suggested using the headphone jack, but that the quality might not be as good. This level of signal is typically put out by an electric guitar or bass. If it does, consider yourself lucky, because you can connect your piano to a computer via USB and record high-quality (digital) audio signal directly into your DAW without using any additional equipment or cables. Step 6: Create a MIDI track in your computer’s sequencer (following your software manual). Another pitfall is that “play it exactly as it written” can be misleading: your MIDI track might sound very different from computer to computer, or from one digital piano to another. I own a Macbook Air and I do have a USB sound adapter as well But it is difficult to record music anytime and anywhere. To understand this disparity, you need to realize that quality, functionality, and reliability come with a price. 2. If I went the latter route, is this just as simple as plugging my YDP164 and my USB Mic both into my laptop, opening a DAW and recording both? And if I record any midi files it speed up the tampo and some notes drops. I also have Presonus Audiobox 96 audio interface. Or did I misunderstood your question? Step 8: If you are using a VST plugin’s sound program, you need to follow your sequencer and VSTi manuals. Your digital piano, electronic keyboard or synthesizer may have speakers. But it saved as a BUP file and there is nothing I can do with it. Let’s break it down and you’ll see that it’s much easier to understand than you think. Strange that both the RCA ports and 1/4 line out jacks have the same issue. As mentioned above, MIDI files don’t contain any information on sound themselves, but they contain instructions instead on how to generate sound with an electronic or virtual instrument (and sheet music is the same: a book of Bach’s WTC doesn’t contain the sound of Preludes and Fugues, but it gives you a way to play them). Thank you. Thx Lucas for this informartion! That way you can have both MIDI and Audio version of your performance (rendered using one of the built-in tones). Please read your manual’s specifications and follow them to find an appropriated cable, connectors, and adapters. For example, a good quality transformer for a channel’s amplifier could cost well over $100, and this is only a transformer for one channel! Powered by Genesis Pro with the Mai Delight Theme, ← How Do I Convert MIDI Files To Wav/Audio/MP3, What is MIDI? First, you need to find what options you have. Connecting to the wrong type of input can lead to distorted or noisy recordings. Pete///. This is usually a left output and is labeled as L/MONO OUT. What am I missing here? If you want to output the actual sound program in your digital piano, you’ll need to output the audio using the Aux Out jacks. Question for you, I have a YDP-164 that allows me to audio record directly into my Mac. It’s pretty much all it takes! Moreover, you can store information like the change of a program. From your right OUT you will only get half of your audio signal. Yes, you can definitely try the headphone jack. RECORDING YOUR ORIGINAL MUSIC. Thus creating a MIDI file is essentially creating instructions for a computer on how to order an electronic instrument to play sounds. First of all, you need a MIDI sequencer, a program that allows you to record, play, and edit MIDI data. To do this properly, you’ll need a stereo to mono summing cable with some resistors to avoid back-feeding. Regarding the sampling rate, the Steinberg USB driver shows 44.1 kHz (no other rate possible). With the CLP-465GP, you can actually record a MIDI file first, make sure that you’re satisfied (if not you can change multiple parameters right onboard), and then you can convert it to a high-quality audio recording (again no additional equipment required). A MIDI Channel is a pass through in which MIDI information is being transmitted, while a MIDI track is a pass to and from the source where MIDI information is being recorded/played. The casio has both MIDI and line outputs and the presonus will accept both. While Sound Device and some models of Sony are pretty expensive and targeted to professional, top-quality recording, Tascam and Zoom can be much more affordable. The P-45 doesn’t have dedicated line outs, you’d have to use its headphone jack instead. If you use your piano as a MIDI controller and are recording sounds from your VSTi plugins or other virtual instruments, you’ll usually need to render your audio only. Your skills as a piano player? Note: Some digital pianos have a built-in USB Audio Interface, which allows them to transfer digital audio via their USB port, while normally USB ports on digital pianos only support MIDI data. Our guide will help you understand your needs as well as the basics of MIDI and audio recording. You can solve this problem in an editing window of a MIDI program, which is exactly what many musicians do. Is this correct? One of the advantages of digital pianos is that you don’t need to set up a complicated configuration of microphones to capture sound. How do I adjust the volumes in main piano volume, input volume in audio interface? Hello, this article cleared my mind a lot, but I still have some questions. Did you change your mind and wish to modify intervals or chords in the middle of yesterday’s composition? The recording sessions for this article took place in the Colin Hill Recital Room at Hills Road Sixth Form College, making use of their 7-foot Yamaha grand and Yamaha upright pianos, as well as the Music Technology department's adjoining control room — thanks to the Director of Music, Jonathan Sanders, for making this possible. Usually, you can use an adapter for connecting different types of digital sockets. Note: To connect stereo out to stereo in (usually 1/8″; 3.5 mm), you need a stereo (balanced) cable with stereo connectors (1 tip, 2 rings)! So, what is MIDI and how you can use these files? Have fun with it! Have you checked out the “RECORDING DIRECTLY WITH YOUR BUILT-IN SOUND CARD” section of the article? However the recorded version is very choppy and staccato-like! All these messages are sent to your computer and recorded as a MIDI file. This means you can play a smaller variety of different parts of your arrangement with a smaller variety of instruments at the same time. Hi Lucas But to record digitally, both your keyboard and recording device must have digital connections (input/output). I assume that using CSP’s line out to an external audio interface cannot reach higher quality audio transmission into a DAW than what USB to Host can achieve. We have a small home studio and have been playing our Roland TD-4 drums and Yahama DGX 505 digital piano with some vocals for some original songs. I donot find any way to fix this up. This connector has an additional contact that carries the microphone signal. Your approach hinges on your answers. This usually comes with software, like some light versions of ProTools and Ableton. With the 4-channel option you’ll find that Zoom has a more durable body and a slightly higher price than the Tascam. Thank you. What is important to understand before starting to play around with MIDI software and MIDI recording is what a MIDI track is, what a MIDI channel is, and what is the difference between them. Hi Tim, if you want the sound of your digital piano, you can use the USB audio recorder to record a song (wav format, stereo CD quality) and then import it in your DAW. Tried a trial version of N-Track Studio V.9 but was all greek to me, couldn’t grasp it. Some of the pocket digital recorders can give you less because they are designed as Dictaphones for journalists. The design is quite innovative… Basically, most DAWs should have no problem recording your P-125, all you need is to install the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver, and you’re good to go. I now have a VERY basic, maybe silly question: I have a Casio MIDI kybd, a presonus 1818, and am using an IMac with GBand for projects. Or is your keyboard a midi-controller only without build-in sounds? Depending on the instrument/device this may be more or less pronounced. These cables are pretty hard to find and they are not cheap. For that, you’d need a splitter TRS to two TS cable that would allow you to split your stereo signal into two mono signals (see “Recording with a Headphone Out” section), so you’ll have to use two inputs of your interface for two mono signals (L and R). 3) If you don’t want to deal with recording your cello using mics, it’s a good idea to VST instruments for that. Hey Deb, let me try to answer your questions in the same order as you wrote them. Let me know if this works. Is there any way to get my Triton sounds into GarageBand to record. If both your outputs and inputs are balanced, then it makes sense to use a dual 1/4″ TRS to dual 1/4″ TRS cable for a balanced connection. Thank you. A dedicated recording device such as an audio interface or digital audio recorder is always a better solution than recording directly to a laptop’s Mic In. This is GarageBand I’m using.

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