Figma is taking the design world by storm, and we are convinced that its growing community needs a solid resource website to support its growth. Figma is taking the design world by storm, and we are convinced that its growing community needs a solid resource website to support its growth. smart cropping and face detection. decks. For now, these are the these are the three embeds that you can add into your Pitchdecks or your presentations that you've designed in Figma. Love that I can now create presentations with animations and embeds right Again, I'm just going to copy the the Vimeo link from the URL, and I'm going to swap out this image and again you can see here that it's just taking over. That's available on every frame every slide, you can customize those per slide and get them later when you go to present it. Try Figma for free See how it works. If you need the audio, just unmute your your television screen, or your computer, or whatever you're presenting on, and you've got to hear that, but that just that just plays automatically; you don't have to interact with it again, if you wanted to, the controls are there; if you want to engage with the mouse you can do that of course, but in this case I just want to let it run and just play in the background. Check it at Orange Free Sounds. If I copy the GIF, you can see here this is just a link to the GIF file; that's one we want, you want to link that links to a "dot GIF" file in the URL. Now that we've got that set up, what I can do is, I can actually now export this to a presentation. I've just exported a hundred banners for Google Ads using What used to take me 3 weeks to code, now takes me 20 minutes to pump out. To do that, you just need to make sure that your export setting is set to "Pitchdeck URL"; that's sitting underneath the "animated" group, and there's some "static" options as well, which I won't cover in this Figma tutorial, but if you're interested in these these ones, I've created some other YouTube Figma tutorials on the Figmatic YouTube channel. I'm going to be using a pitch deck (or a slide deck) that I designed in Figma based on Dieter Rams' "Ten Principles for Good Design", and the goal for today is to turn this collaborative presentation slide deck design from Figma into a real presentation; and not only a real presentation, but a real presentation that contains GIFs (embedded GIFs) and embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo. I'm just going to grab that GIF, and I'm just going to swap out this image with the GIF of Dieter Rams, and you can see that it's kept the aspect ratio, it hasn't stretched it, it's just vertically centered it; and of course the way you could go about making sure that's positioned the way you want it would be to create a proper placeholder. You solved all of our problems, this is amazing. . The image from our slide up here will not be rendered, it's just going to show this GIF; you could put a placeholder image there if you want; if you want to swap out a video or swap out a GIF later, that might be a good way to do it; you can easily easily swap that out. I'm just going to click "Update Presentation" and that will update the presentation for me; what it's doing now is it's going through each of these frames that we've set up as slides, and then it's also going through every single layer of the of the the children of those slides and it's creating the slides for us and generating the images, generating the SVGs, creating these slide thumbnails, and then it's basically going to upload it for us. This means you can't edit the text itself. I use Then after that, we've just got our regular slides; these are all just as we expected. Pitchdeck presentations yesterday without a hiccup. Export compressed JPG, PNG, SVG, WebP, AVIF, GIF and PDF files from When you import an image, we create a rectangle with the same dimensions and apply an image fill to it. Set your export options. I'll add one more; we've got our Vimeo link as well, so we can try all three. The other thing to know is if I go backwards any video that I have embedded, it will get restarted whenever the frame changes or whenever the slide changes; if you go forward and then if you go back, that will restart the video; it won't pause at all and just loudly start in the middle again, it'll do that if you did need to go backwards. 1000+ Premium Figma icon set. Really, whatever link from YouTube or Vimeo you find, you'll be able to just paste that raw one in there and Pitchdeck will figure out the rest, it'll embed it for you. With Unscreen you can record your footage anywhere, then simply get rid of the background. Batch crop/resize multiple images into multiple sizes with presets, 70 background patterns for Figma Today we are featuring a great freebie created by Chris Orebaugh. A set of four beautiful Amazon jungle Figma freebie backgrounds. We recommend PNG or JPG for uploading work to the Designlab platform. from Figma in seconds. Free Background Music for Video and your Projects. CopyDoc is a game changer! I don't think that Figma natively has support for video yet; they do support GIFs, I believe, in the prototypes; but for me personally and for a lot of people I know, video is super important for doing presentations; so that's why I wanted to add support for some video formats. Now that that's done, we can see that it's telling us that our secure presentation link is ready, which means that we can copy or click on this secure link and also copy the password down here to get access to present the deck. It has a finite size of -65,000 through +65,000 on each axis. Compare Figma designs with your local website development builds using You can you can play around with this yourself, as I said before, if you want to add in some placeholders; rectangle placeholders or whatever shape you want those embeds, that's just a really easy way of positioning and resizing them over your frame. I'll leave you there, and until the next time, thank you as always for watching; we'll be back very soon with more Figma tutorials just like this one. There will probably be more video formats supported by the Pitchdeck Figma plugin in the future, so stay tuned to these Figma tutorials and the Figmatic website for more updates. This box here as you can see by the placeholder indicating it, these are for pasting in links, and as the title says, we can paste in URLs for Vimeo, YouTube or just a GIF. You will need to blur those layers directly. September 20, 2020; resources. It doesn't keep loading in and over and over and over again because every time you make a change it'll keep trying to load it in. Fast and powerful, just like your work. I did three Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Java and XML. updates as always! problem for us (without us even asking!). Each review includes a full screenshot of the website design along with noteworthy features. Another video tutorial from Figma’s Getting Started series includes this lesson on color styles. For now, I'm just going to load it onto the Dieter Rams photo on the intro slide; if I jump to my website again; the first thing I'll do is just copy the GIF and show you what that looks like. The ex:ride series is a set of vehicles for figma figures—including bicycles, motorbikes, etc. Figma does not export any background blurs to SVG. By default, vectors are rendered as resolution-independent paths in the canvas though you can turn on Pixel Preview at 1x and 2x resolutions to enable pixel-precise editing for raster assets. You can notice that we've got our slides all loaded in as expected, they're identical to what we have in our Figma design. Angular or diamond gradients. Free Motion Background Stock Video Footage licensed under creative commons, open source, and more! Now that we've got that sorted out, we've got our order that we're all happy with from 1 to 10 and the intro frame; you probably also notice that there's some animations going on and these aren't coming from your Figma design, again, these are coming from the Pitchdeck Figma plugin. A curated collection of video background websites for inspiration and references. figma … The next thing we can try is the the YouTube video. Now we can move three after four I can move that back you can move any slide around in any order and it's worth noting that this will not affect the ordering of your Figma file, it's just telling Pitchdeck what order you want these slides to be in when it exports a presentation deck from the Figma plugin. files with one click. Animate and export production ready banners from Figma to HTML, GIFs and That way Figma doesn't apply the transition to the elements that both frames have in common, such as the background of the tab or the phone status bar.

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