These are films that I think are the best from between these years of cinematic history. What a spectacle Anderson and Day-Lewis create: a portrait of male belligerence and fear, a Tutankhamun of misery, walled up in his own sarcophagus of wealth and prestige. The blueprint for the modern, mainstream superhero movie film lies with “Spider-Man 2,” from the strong female lead to the flawed superhero we see ourselves in. CS Read the review, Still Sacha Baron Cohen’s finest moment, a feature-length upscaling of his ludicrously hilarious TV character, whose purpose is to sucker the unsuspecting into condemning themselves out of their own mouths. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000). The film’s climax is the massacre of Palestinian refugees by Christian Phalangists at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. Farhadi’s superpower is empathy, making the audience see all points of view. Returning to Mauritania, his country of birth, Sissako puts together a string of vignettes and encounters, linked together by a returning, westernised student who can barely remember the local language. AP Read the review, Such was the glut of Judd Apatow-ish comedies to come our way about 10 years ago that it’s easy to forget what a gem this is; how deep and weird the performances (stand up, Steve Carell), how fast the laughs and rich the detail. Shot by director Gianfranco Rosi with an evocative lyricism that sits in counterpoint to the blazing anger at the film’s heart. Thai master Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s hypnotic experimentalism has never been bettered; sorry, Uncle Boonmee. He crafted a movie and a scenario (where babies have become extinct) that could terrifyingly happen. CC Read the review, The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw ranked The Incredibles as Pixar’s best ever film, the jewel in the crown. Here are the best movies of the 2000s in terms of box office for each year - according to Box Office Mojo… 2000: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (total gross $7,511,547,085 ) 2001: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (total gross $8,110,960,182) 2002: Spider-Man (total gross $9,165,535,694) Get all the best … CS Read the review, Brief as a dream and just as devastating, Paweł Pawlikowski’s black and white story of a novice nun on a road trip with her aunt in 1962 Poland to discover the fate of her Jewish parents is spare, shocking and utterly unforgettable. Jesse Eisenberg is a knockout Mark Zuckerberg, the smartest guy in the room (though not sartorially, in flip-flops and a hoodie). The story was already timeless before Peter Jackson got his hands on it. It’s the start of the kid’s prison education. CS Read the review, French film-maker Jacques Audiard’s blistering arthouse prison thriller begins with a 19-year-old rookie prisoner (Tahar Rahim) being made an offer he can’t refuse by the mob: execute a police informant or be killed. Ant-Man gives the crime picture a superhero overhaul, but these movies do it better. Separate, each film would make its way onto this list. CC Read the review, The triumph of Barry Jenkins’s coming-of-age tale over La La Land for the best picture Oscar was extraordinary in all sorts of ways, of which Faye Dunaway’s envelope mixup was maybe the least remarkable. Mickey Rourke gives the performance of a lifetime, both physically and emotionally, as a professional wrestler who can only find happiness abusing his body in the ring. The first part of Paul Thomas Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood” functions, in a way, as a silent film. But who is the double-crosser? These days, it looks like a fantasy: a president with principles: who’d have thought? He lays depth charges in seemingly inconsequential moments with emotionally thrilling consequences. CS Read the review, Director Matteo Garrone announced himself big-time with this blazing screen treatment of Roberto Saviano’s fearless account of the contemporary activities of Neapolitan mobsters: a thoroughly chilling chronicle of corruption and savagery rendered in tremendous style. The performances are flawless. “Traffic” was a bit too dark and real for Academy voters in 2001, earning four awards, but somehow not Best Picture. Nicole Kidman and Paul Bettany both excel in this study of a woman on the run from gangsters who is offered shelter in a small town in return for undertaking chores. CS Read the review, Hubert Selby Jr’s lacerating novel that lasers in on the exhilaration and tragedy of addiction is given expansive, stylish treatment by the then-emerging director Darren Aronofsky. CLEVELAND, Ohio - Last year was a big one for movies both in terms of critical acclaim and money. CS Read the review, An early lead for Ben Whishaw as the ailing John Keats romancing Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish) is the tremulous soul of this underappreciated Jane Campion drama. “Her” is a movie that may always be ahead of its time. In this guide to the best-reviewed African American movies of the 21st Century – that’s from 2000 all the way to now – you’ll find some of the most incredible voices working in movies today, and some of the most game-changing, industry-shaking films to hit theaters in decades. Here Are the Best Movies From Every Year Since 2000, According to Critics. CS Read the review, After a string of brilliant, industry-transforming scripts, Charlie Kaufman made his directorial debut with this complex, convoluted drama, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as theatre director Caden Cotard, who is swamped by personal crises as he works on his dream project: building an ever-expanding replica of the city streets and buildings inside a giant warehouse, and populating it with lookalikes; the blurred boundary between performance and reality is mirrored in Cotard’s own breakdown, with the title giving the big clue – this is all symbolic. Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay play a Norfolk couple planning their 45th wedding anniversary. 2) That sex scene at the film's end is cringe-worthy. It’s a film that examines the societal restraints of race, gender, sex and classism in ways that they still resonate today. The film rates as one of the best superhero movies of all time and one that served as a game-changer for Marvel. Pixar’s greatest film brings not only a story to its proper evolution, but also showcases how far the studio has come. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. The performances of Michael Fassbender and Lupita Nyong’o are of the highest caliber. David Fincher’s “The Social Network,” written by Aaron Sorkin, isn’t just about new technology. CC Read the review, Arguably Penélope Cruz’s finest performance, in one of Pedro Almodóvar’s key films: a heady stew of murder, family strife and supernatural shenanigans. Even with all his fantastic comedies, “Lost in Translation” is Bill Murray’s greatest performance. But not THIS good. It’s also hard to separate them. You’ll want to watch it again and again. CS Read the review, The only comic book movie to make the cut is Christopher Nolan’s genre masterpiece: fatalist, bracing and forever the legacy of Heath Ledger, posthumously awarded an Oscar for his terrifying performance. During the mid-2000s, every studio wanted a “Bourne” style film. CS Read the review, Edward Yang’s final film is a delicate domestic miracle: the story of one family seen through the perspectives of the father, the son and the daughter. So the questions are for grownups. Director Cameron Crowe puts his love of music on full display in “Almost Famous,” one of the easiest movies to fall for. Last modified on Tue 10 Dec 2019 22.27 EST, Quentin Tarantino’s latest jaw-dropper bumps Kill Bill: Vol 1 off the list in gloriously irreverent fashion. It’s probably the ultimate movie for Millennials – a sensationalized story about the creation of Facebook. Over the past few decades, critics have praised a lot of movies from the 2000s. And it's all anchored by Leonardo DiCaprio in what might be the greatest performance of his career. Absolute Top 100 Films Since 2000 show list info. In this most twisted of love stories, a pickpocket (Kim Tae-ri) poses as maid to a wealthy heiress (Kim Min-hee). All is resolved after various traumas are lanced. CC Read the review, At the age of 47, after a career directing TV soaps such as Casualty and EastEnders, Joanna Hogg reinvented herself as auteur of a new breed of cinema. This is pure art with performances worthy of the awards they received. Looking back, “Traffic” plays like the best ensemble piece of its era with precise editing that ties together harsh stories about the drug trade and mesmerizing performances from Benecio Del Toro, Don Cheadle and Catherine Zeta- Jones. Mexican auteur Alfonso Cuarón returned to the Mexico City of his childhood, telling the story of a middle-class family and their nanny-cum-maid in swooning, lyrical black and white. Not exactly easy viewing, but it’s a masterpiece of slow cinema. The best movies released between 2000-2009, from Spider-Man 2 to The Dark Knight, Moulin Rouge! The performances of Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons are top-notch in a movie with one of the best end scenes you will ever see. (And lumbered him for the while with the label “Mexico’s Tarantino”.) Still, we'll stand behind our updated list of the 50 best movies since 2000 that we chose. AP Read the review, Steven Spielberg’s portrait of the great US president looked at the time like a history lesson come to life: graced by a monumental, Oscar-winning performance by Daniel Day-Lewis, it detailed the arm-twisting and chicanery behind the passing of his slave-freeing constitutional amendment. AP Read the review, Relegated to telly in the US, Steven Soderbergh’s wondrously funny and lavish Liberace biopic had a cinema release in the UK. It never descends into cliche or even self-pity; it remains a film for adults, uninterested in anything but the truth. CC Read the review, Whit Stillman, Kate Beckinsale and Chloë Sevigny reunite 20 years after The Last Days of Disco for the most blindingly funny – and faithful - Jane Austen adaptation yet. Scott and Manohla Dargis rank the best films made since 2000. It’s the performance of its cast, led by Heath Ledger, who holds his face like a tightly clenched fist, until its heartbreaking ending that stays with you. The brilliance has faded. Even after the controversial release of "Passion of the Christ" and his own personal problems, there was no denying Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" as the epic piece of filmmaking that it was. A highly original and affecting film. CS Read the review, Ridley Scott’s deluxe Roman blockbuster is toga soap turned up to the absolute maximus. He has a few stellar films to his credit, but “Pan’s Labyrinth” is the one that will leave you in awe. AP Read the review, Steven Soderbergh is the Renaissance man of American cinema, and this intricately crafted heist movie – remade from the old Frank Sinatra chestnut – shows him on never-bettered, commercially minded form. Playful, ingenious and prodigiously informative, it’s a triumph of vision over verite. Astoundingly good. Sandra Bullock is the rookie astronaut with George Clooney by her side, a living, breathing Buzz Lightyear. 6. Movie producers in the early 2000's must've taken pity on parents because they created some of the best kids movies that were just as … Toni Servillo, Sorrentino’s regular onscreen foil, plays journalist Jep Gambardella, a bon viveur beginning to sense the dying of his personal light, and hunting out meaning and substance in the world around him. • Number 90 of this list was amended on 16 September 2019 to correct the year the film Eden was released to 2014, from 2012 as an earlier version said. There’s a reason people get excited when they see Guillermo del Toro’s name attached to a project. It’s a bruising watch, but Ramsay makes it’s impossible to turn away. Michael Douglas cast vanity aside and caution to the wind with virtuosic results as the promiscuous ivories-tickler; Matt Damon was terrific against type as his lover, Rob Lowe pinched and uproarious as their much-employed cosmetic surgeon. CC Read the review, Western audiences unfamiliar with the wuxia martial arts genre had never seen anything like Ang Lee’s dazzling 18th-century-set epic in 2000 – fighters flying through the air with balletic grace. Mr Incredible is living in suburbia with his family after one lawsuit too many. CS Read the review, A beautiful, strange dream of a film, Italian director Alice Rohrwacher’s drama looks at first as if it’s set sometime in the dim and distant, a portrait of villagers exploited by feudal oppression. But Jonze, along with Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson’s voice, pieces together a perfect love story of the future. Thus is the case for a silent movie that serves as a lover letter for old-school Hollywood. Paul Thomas Anderson’s strange masterpiece, freely adapted by him from Upton Sinclair’s 1927 novel Oil!, has a dark title that threatens a calamity now visible on the horizon: destruction of the Earth itself. But it’s also about one man reaching his limits and being forced to trust in the people he’s chosen to protect. Todd Haynes’ “Far from Heaven” is a period piece that carries a timeless vibe. I can’t think of anything about this film I don’t like about it. AP Read the review, Stephen Frears brings tonal tact and unobtrusive genius to this wonderfully funny and touching real-life tale of an Irish natterer (Judi Dench) and cynical reporter (Steve Coogan) who demolish red tape and challenge evil nuns to try to find her long-lost son. The best example of that is “Slumdog Millionaire,” an exciting and heartfelt film with a satisfying ending Oscar voters couldn’t help but embrace. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. But from 2016, there has been a raging Plainview in plain sight in the White House: Trump, the eccentric property billionaire and spoilt baby whose cranky tweets are as crazy as Plainview’s deranged “milkshake” pronouncement. Gangsters, superheroes, schoolkids, lovers, slaves, peasants, techies, Tenenbaums and freefalling astronauts – they’re all here in our countdown of cinema’s best movies since 2000 A genuine one-off, the film is partly a satire on Europe, globalisation and workplace misogyny, as well as being a prickly sweet father-daughter movie. But it gives Danny Boyle’s picture bite (pun intended), while examining the social and political dismay that’s bound to come when the world falls apart. It’s the story of a workaholic management consultant (Sandra Hüller) whose embarrassing dad turns up unannounced for the weekend wearing joke-shop false teeth. CS Read the review. Russell Crowe bellows and glowers opposite hyper-evil Joaquin Phoenix and lugubrious Oliver Reed (who died during production). Chadwick Boseman in "Black Panther." With a title referring to the constitutional amendment that abolished slavery, DuVernay suggests that privatised prisons, cheap labour and light-touch capitalism are all in it together. “To ache?” Few films try to answer: this Fabergé egg of a film does. He has repressed his memories of the time. There may never be a better Spider-Man than Toby Maguire in terms of portraying a young man struggling with accepting the burden of greatness. Incredibly glamorous and miserably heartbreaking, this film gave notice of Aronofsky’s brilliance. CS Read the review, Yorgos Lanthimos’s debut film was the only one, in the end, to make our list; its tonal idiosyncrasy and battily unsettling story and performances just edging out Alps, The Lobster and The Favourite. All rights reserved. This is cinema as gentle revolution. Cruz plays a woman forced to kill and bury her ex-husband, while her dead mother appears to be haunting her hairdresser sister. There's an understating beauty and brilliance that comes with Best Picture winner "The Artist." The most riveting horror film of the past 15 years, “28 Days Later” defies the rules of the zombie apocalypse. This is the most almighty achievement. AP Read the review, After the Cambridge Analytica revelations, the treachery and backstabbery in Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher’s Facebook origin tale looks positively quaint – the geeks and nerds fighting over who had the idea for Facebook first. The 23 Best Movie Musicals Since 2000. A film supercharged with edginess. The movie perhaps looks even stranger, starker and more unforgiving now than it did in 2007 when it first came out. AP Read the review, Iranian-French director Marjane Satrapi adapted her own graphic novel in this animated fantasy-memoir about a 10-year-old girl growing up in Tehran after the 1979 revolution. CC Read the review, A beautifully shot observational documentary about the continuing humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean: the lethally dangerous boats that carry refugees from Africa and end up on the Italian island of Lampedusa. CS Read the review, The second in Roy Andersson’s trilogy of wackily incisive Swedish vignettes comes at you thick and fast – about 50 micro-sketches, sometimes loosely linked – yet sticks like plasticine beneath your fingernails. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. So much so that the list of movies that didn't make our list would probably drive you mad. AP Read the review, A young solider and a feral boy fall in love, dance to the Clash then trek to the jungle searching for a shaman dressed up as a tiger. AP Read the review, Joanna Hogg’s belated international breakthrough is a story of extraordinary specificity – young Hogg has disastrous affair while living in Knightsbridge and studying as a film student in the early 1980s – with rare cut-through and relatability. Films that are between the dates of 2014 and 2000 (just because, just because) So get clicking, see how many you've seen. Arnold was an early adopter of inclusive casting, too, giving the role of Heathcliff to black actor James Howson. AP Read the review, A film that grabs you by the neck and shakes hard, this brutal crime drama announced the Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu as a major new talent in 2000. A priest speaks of “reawakening the soul of the Russian people” as their spirits lie crushed at his feet. None of them had actually seen the film, a powerful, compassionate drama starring Cillian Murphy and Padraic Delaney as Republican brothers split by the civil war that followed independence in 1922. AP Read the review, Has there ever been a more beautiful couple in the history of cinema than Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung in Wong Kar-Wai’s smouldering love story In the Mood for Love? A strange masterpiece. AP Read the review, The film begins with a couple in front of a judge asking for a divorce. Probably not. Originally conceived as the pilot of a new TV series, this expertly fuses Lynch’s softcore pulp obsessions with his trademark creepy surrealism. It’s hard to choose between Quentin Tarantino’s two-part martial arts epic. There’s the haunting score and the overall ambition of a director to make a drug film that will scare the living daylights out of you. Based on a great novel by Cormac McCarthy, “No Country for Old Men” is the Coen Brothers’ take on man’s desire to overcome his destiny. Gangsters, superheroes, schoolkids, lovers, slaves, peasants, techies, Tenenbaums and freefalling astronauts – they’re all here in our countdown of cinema’s best movies since 2000, by Peter Bradshaw, Cath Clarke, Andrew Pulver and Catherine Shoard, Fri 13 Sep 2019 01.00 EDT Upon its release, Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street" felt like a bloated body of work that could have been trimmed. As in Manchester by the Sea, the effect is shattering; it is like watching actual lives fall apart. He spent months upon months building vehicles and choreographing stunts that would make “Mad Max: Fury Road” seem unlike any other film of today. Kiarostami and his star Mania Akbari conjure knotty drama out of a series of conversations about marriage, family, religion and sex. AP Read the review, The most audacious slaughter of sacred cows seen on celluloid, Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s marionette action-musical is a gleeful hail of precision-aimed bullets. Not that they’re a couple, technically. CS Read the review, Just nudging Gene Hackman’s Tenenbaum clan down the list, Wes Anderson’s glorious 1930s confection is a delight with a hard nugget of politics at its core. Ryan Gosling’s character never gets an actual name in “Drive.” That’s on purpose, as he’s supposed to function like an unemotional vehicle. The murder, a brutal struggle with a razor blade in a six by eight cell, is unforgettable. CS Read the review, One of the recent stream of fine dramas issuing from South Korea, Lee Chang-dong’s adaptation of a Haruki Murakami story is an elusive, unsettling thriller, in which a young writer reconnects with a former schoolfriend, only to find she mysteriously disappears after a trip away. The decade of the 2000s in film involved many significant developments in the film industries around the world, especially in the technology used. 2,530 103 Weirdest Movies That Are Actually Really Great. “40 Year-Old Virgin” takes what would become director Judd Apatow’s go-to premise – a down on his luck loser looking to land a hot girl – and rides it to perfection. It also has the best line ever about being in a couple with small children: “I feel like I’m running a small nursery with someone I used to date.” CC Read the review, Michael Winterbottom and Steve Coogan’s truth-tickling hit a high note with this joyful sorta-biopic of the record label boss and broadcaster Tony Wilson. CS Read the review, Steve McQueen’s real-life story of Solomon Northup, a free man kidnapped and sold into slavery in 19th-century Louisiana, exudes all of the dignity, impatience and artistic fidelity of its director. AP Read the review, Probably most Wes Anderson-y of Wes Anderson’s films and certainly his finest, with a to-die-for cast and the best fur coat in the history of cinema. It’s a science fiction film filled with teenage troubles and battles with moralities. Directed by Anurag Kashyap, this is conceived on a giant scale, as generations of three gangster families fight for supremacy over the course of half a century. The 15 Best-Reviewed Horror Films Since 2000 1. Take your pick as to which is the best “The Lord of the Rings” film. A gentle, mysterious fable about a 10-year-old girl whose family stumble upon a haunted bathhouse. The 25 best horror movies since 2000. CC Read the review, In Richard Linklater’s gorgeous, romantic Before Sunrise, a pair of twentysomethings (Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke) spent the day together in Vienna. "Moonlight" is one of those movies. These are not the scariest films of our new millennium, but simply the greatest that happen to occupy the horror genre AP Read the review, Brutally visceral fable that plunges the viewer headlong into the all-encompassing horror of a Nazi extermination camp. A film as unique as they come, David Lynch’s neo-noir masterpiece keeps you on the edge of your seat while it slowly ties together various storylines into one thrilling end game. Martel has been called “the Malick of Latin American cinema” but this feels closer to Herzog. Beckinsale has never been better; Tom Bennett steals the show as the fantastically dim lord lined up for her daughter. Here in the second movie when they meet again in Paris for another brief encounter, they are in their 30s. This year's Oscar category for Best Picture features one of the highest box office totals over. A cinema of awkwardness, wielding a scalpel on the well-to-do middle classes, was born. In a world of CGI and special effects, George Miller decided it was time to go old school. Daniel Auteuil plays a successful TV host whose contentment is disturbed by the arrival of mysterious surveillance tapes. David Thewlis voices the depressed motivational speaker to whom everyone sounds the same – except for Jennifer Jason Leigh’s scarred sales agent. A beautifully crafted act of ancestor worship. Well, the first half, anyway. She wants to leave Iran and take their daughter. Do you agree with the picks? It’s an autobiographical documentary, Folman interviewing the men he fought alongside, aged 19, in the first Lebanon war of 1982. It’s 1962. AP Read the review, Sofia Coppola’s second feature stands up: utterly distinctive, wildly romantic and fleetingly queasy. After that, it’s complicated, with a flight into magic realism or perhaps even reincarnation. CS Read the review, Ang Lee’s romance missed out to Crash for the best picture Oscar, but its legacy as a five-hankie ode to doomed romance lives on. Thanks to restraint and brilliant performances, “Spotlight” takes a subject few want to rehash – the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church – and makes a stunning, moving and watchable film out of it. It’s a well-polished film that at times, feels almost too real to believe. By the time “Memento,” one of the best psychological thrillers ever made, gets to its conclusion, you realize the unthinkable – you’ve been rooting for the wrong man all along. The 140 Essential 2000s Movies << Rotten Tomatoes – Movie and TV News The “infected” are fast and menacing. CS Read the review, Seth MacFarlane’s brief ascent to the Hollywood firmament was down to this scabrously funny talking-bear farce, which helped reinvent the grossout comedy. The best that cinema has had to offer since 2000 as picked by 177 film critics from around the world. AP Read the review, The Young Pope director Paolo Sorrentino crafted this swooningly beautiful love letter to Rome – “la grande bellezza” – in its decadent, jaded glory. He had to give us the shocking ending as well. In retrospect this is a movie that moves you through intensity and thrilling scenes, only to realize that vengeance or even justice can't cloud the fact that violence brings about more violence. Sure, there’s humor. Sometimes movies can catch you off guard and be so subtly powerful they leave you sitting there for minutes after trying to comprehend the emotions you're feeling. It’s also a total blast. Haneke ratchets up the tension with an unerring sense of dread and dismay. Giddy yet gripping. CC Read the review, Kelly Reichardt is a master of slow cinema, the maker of films about American outsiders, living without a safety net. CC Read the review, It took Winter’s Bone’s Debra Granik eight years to get this off the ground, but was worth the wait: a brilliantly moving eco drama with Ben Foster and Thomasin McKenzie as a father and daughter living off grid in an Oregon forest, but whose relationship and priorities are changed as the child begins the transition to adulthood. It’s a touching love letter to the joy of music that will hit you right in the heart. 1) In some ways, it felt more like an action film than an examination of the 1972 Olympics tragedy.

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