It is based on our own printing experience and an extended period of collaboration with Microsoft while working on a partner printing integration solution for WVD. Do you have a legacy application that you want to publish to a subset of users? Plus, there are no synchronization conflicts because the profiles are always accessed directly from the remote location. my post on Windows Server/SQL Server end life, 3 Tips to Help Federal Agencies Get the Most Out of Digital Transformation, Adopting Microsoft Teams? Whether its single application or whole desktops environment, WVD is a scalable, secure and agile. Ensuring a secure, cost-effective, and efficient way to support remote workers has become increasingly important for all companies in today's circumstances. For example, users can be assigned to personal desktops or pools of desktops within the portal and through Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) group memberships. You can also create space-efficient, point-in-time volume snapshots without impacting volume performance. Your email address will not be published. I kept following the Azure WVD space. WVD hosts can be Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows Server 2012R2, 2016, or 2019. It doesn’t even install on your local machine like VMware Workstation or VMplayer. While WVD offers numerous benefits like multi-session deployments, unified management of Windows desktop and apps, and more, the question remains—is it really the right fit for your environment? Some of the benefits include: Whereas Azure Image Builder via Azure DevOps solves the problem of creating golden images in an automated and repeatable way, some of the benefits of Azure Image builder include: In order to effectively use pooled Windows 10 multi-session desktops, shared storage for user profiles is a necessity. With Azure WVD, the infrastructure and management components of a traditional on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) ... Windows 10 Multisession. Top Benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure. Being able to provide virtual desktops within the same geographic regions of your remote users ensures a great user experience. WVD Drive test. Azure provides the most affordable and highest performance infrastructure for virtual machine workloads, which is what host WVD is based on. It is possible to provide different compute and storage performance SKUs for different sets of users. However, a major benefit of WVD is the availability of the Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-Session Operating System. He also enjoys, reading, watching movies, gardening, and kayaking. FSLogix with Azure File Storage makes for a great solution to manage user profiles without using roaming profiles or folder redirections. Here are the top five benefits of the new Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure: The amount of use cases for WVD are endless. You can manage this service through PowerShell, REST API, or the Azure admin portal. Monitoring dashboards for usage and performance. © 2020 CONNECTION, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Now is the time to take advantage of easy to use app and database migration assistants and new streamlined resources available through the .NET Apps offer in AMP to bring ASP.NET web apps to Azure. When it comes to “golden images” there is a lot of administrative effort and many moving parts that go into creation, maintenance, and distribution of these images while keeping track of all changes; it can be a hectic and time-consuming task for businesses of any size. In case of WVD those licenses or subscriptions are: Microsoft 365 E3, E5, F1; Microsoft 365 Business; Microsoft A3, A5, Student Use Benefit (educational institutions) This is something that a traditional VDI/RDS environment can also provide; however, the cost advantage of Azure WVD, when combined with security and control, creates a winning combination. You can't use overlapping spaces to uniquely identify traffic that originates from your VNet. Combine Azure Reserved Instance and Azure Hybrid Benefit to save even more – up to 80% compared to pay-as-you-go pricing. Three Ways to Survive Windows 7 End of Support, What You Need to Know About the Latest Microsoft SA Changes, Encouraging the IT Evolution: Microsoft Inspire 2019 Recap. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family. This capability allows you to easily optimize your WVD deployment scale for cost. The Azure Advantage. Additionally, the Azure File Storage share can be backed up using Azure Backup to an Azure Backup Recovery Services vault and easily replicated to other regions for added protection. WVD is not a virtual desktop that you can buy from Microsoft. With Azure WVD, the infrastructure and management components of a traditional on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) disappears into the cloud—just like a dinosaur-shaped cloud merges back into indescribable formations on the backdrop of the beautiful blue sky on a sunny day. All Rights Reserved. The Benefits of Azure WVD Azure WVD provides a highly cost-effective solution for Contract Us, as they only need to pay for virtual servers when their virtual desktops are on. Start your free WVD trial now! RDS components such as Gateways, Brokers, and Licenses are provided by the WVD service and no longer need management. 2: Domain required – For setting up WVD in Azure you need to have an Active Directory in place to ensure that machines can join a domain ,and no direct support for Azure AD Joined devices. For example, virtual desktops can be provided to... 2. Azure Windows Virtual Desktop, or simply Azure WVD, is a cloud-based app and desktop virtualization service offered by Microsoft Azure. With Azure WVD, users can only access the virtual machines by going through the Azure Active Directory authentication system. The WVD service manages the RDS infrastructure, so you only need to manage your users, applications, and virtual machines. Microsoft Azure has helped ease some of the complexities with the new Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) offering and specifically the latest Spring 2020 release - available for Public Preview in June. Also, Azure uses reverse connect technology that lets you run a virtual machine (VM) without keeping any inbound ports open. Windows virtual Desktop Benefits: -Virtualize both desktops and apps, then assign and connect users to them. Service endpoints provide the following benefits: 1. FSLogix gets installed on the VM image and configuration settings are managed using group policy. If you already have Microsoft 365 licenses, it covers WVD licensing for Windows 10. The cost savings alone can be a significant driver for companies on Microsoft software Ecosystems to adopt Azure WVD. Range of Potential Uses Windows Virtual Desktop is a cloud platform service, a set of Microsoft technologies running in Microsoft Azure for virtualizing desktops and apps. Windows Virtual Desktop enables you to effortlessly maintain your desktop image, applications, and users. Want to enable your remote workers efficiently? Then I saw a massive spike in demand for Azure WVD in March and April of this year. Improved security for your Azure service resources: VNet private address spaces can overlap. Please check back soon. Also, these sessions are isolated from each other, which gives higher security and privacy. Hosting your desktops on Azure also means you get Azure’s state-of-the-art security features. This service enables secure and scalable remote work. Let’s examine the case for Azure WVD during pandemic times and beyond. Applications can be installed on a WVD host and published to a group of users in order to minimize maintenance and management. Rather, it is a set of technologies used to … Not to mention, Windows 7 EOL customers get free Extended Security Updates on Azure WVD. Reach out anytime to one of our Account Managers with any questions about desktop virtualization. With the business disruption during COVID-19, companies were trying to find ways to extend their remote work infrastructure while keeping their operating expenses low. As a Gold Microsoft partner with a services practice and expertise in Azure, Connection can help your organization adopt the Azure WVD model. Access Azure WVD from Any Operating System. Don’t Miss Out on These Offers, How to Optimize Your Cloud Costs with Azure, Cloud After COVID: How Azure Adoption Has Changed Since the Pandemic, Inspire 2020 Recap: How Microsoft Is Changing the Way We Work. In the Azure WVD, Microsoft makes the adoption easier for you by making the Azure WVD license free with most Microsoft 365 licenses and Windows 10 Enterprise Licenses. But what are the benefits of this service? One click license assignment for users (CSP) Intelligent Autoscaling based on schedules and metrics. Companies already on a Microsoft ecosystem, such as Windows 10 Enterprise or Microsoft 365, had additional incentives to make the shift; I will explain why further down. This new Windows 10 multi-session operating system is only allowed to run on the Microsoft Azure … WVD can deliver both multi-session (Windows 10) virtual desktops and, if needed, dedicated VDI desktops. In fact, Microsoft Group Program Manager for WVD … WVD helps businesses seamlessly scale their virtualization requirements while benefitting from the top-of-the-line security features on Azure along with … It provides the same functionality as RDS roles, used to manage the lifecycle of desktops and determine how users connect to desktops, in a single platform. This Azure reference architecture offers insights on the requirements you need to bear in mind when building a cost-efficient and reliable print architecture for Windows Virtual Desktop. Your email address will not be published. Sreeraj Vasukuttan is a Product Marketing Coordinator at Connection. Windows Virtual Desktop can provide for the most demanding user needs! The complete flexibility means that the users are given full Windows10 desktops with the business applications they need. Automated way of configuration of software and operating system (firewall, antivirus behavior), Repeatable process with repeatable results, Automatic image publishing and replication to shared image gallery, SaaSplaza Business Continuity and COVID-19. It’s clear that the work-from-home transitions due to COVID-19 drove customers’ increased interest in Azure WVD. Training or testing environments can be deployed with WVD to test new applications or policy settings. What Apps4Rent has done is to build typical environments with Azure WVD suitable for small to mid-sized organizations. With the latest WVD release (Spring 2020), the WVD components are now Azure Resource Manager (ARM) resources and can be managed within the Azure portal or through PowerShell. Integrated Billing and Cost and usage reports. Whereas when using Windows 10 multi-session with WVD, multiple users are assigned to a pool of desktops, thus sharing resources (and costs). ... as well as the benefits and challenges. (Read my post on Windows Server/SQL Server end life for more dinosaur metaphors.) Discover the 7 most important aspects you need to choose Cloud or On-Premise for Microsoft Dynamics in one simple guide. Required fields are marked *. How Microsoft will attract customers to Azure. If you already have an Azure tenant and services running or even a traditional RDS deployment in Azure, its not too much effort to move over to Windows Virtual Desktop. A user could be accessing a different VM every time they log in to WVD, so their user profile needs to be available and responsive. WVD works natively with Azure Active Directory and Conditional Access to deploy the policies and controls to users and devices. WVD is a global service from Azure. Automated Installation of desired applications, such as Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Google Chrome, and line of business and custom apps. Microsoft claims that Azure is considered as the most secure public cloud platform, and Azure WVD provides the best DaaS security model for customers. Setting up Windows Virtual Desktop takes just a few minutes to get the service running. This OS support allows for multiple users to log into a single Windows 10 VM. Now generally available, Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop offering is a desktop and app virtualization service that runs on Azure. WVD hosts can be deployed in multiple regions around the world to support your users globally. For WVD on Azure with Windows 7 of Windows 10 an organization needs a license or subscription which grants access to a virtual desktop. This makes managing WVD much more convenient. WVD -- Storming The Market. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Azure compute can be as much as 76% 1 of the total Azure infrastructure bill. This saves costs by powering off virtual machines when they are not in use and powering them back on as users start logging in. The product has a lot of positives and is a direct replacement for those using on-premises Remote Desktop Services AKA (RDS). The multi-session capability promotes significant cost savings compared to other VDI solutions. Azure N-series VMs use Nvidia GPUs, these are designed for Graphics/Compute intensive workloads such as CAD users. It'll be possible to publish applications to Azure Active Directory groups, for … Microsoft acquired FSLogix a few years back and integrated its profile container technology into its Azure and Microsoft 365 ecosystems. If IT decision-makers consider the end-user benefit, another reason to choose Azure WVD is the superior experience of Windows 10 and Office 365 that it can provide. Modern VDI Solutions with Microsoft Azure. Our Microsoft team at Connection has been getting many customer inquiries about Azure WVD in the last two months. This means companies can use multifactor authentication and conditional access according to their needs and depending on the employee profile. -Virtualize Office 365 Proplus and deliver it to your users in … The profiles are managed using FSLogix which is simple to deploy and manage. Once you enable service endpoi… FSLogix in combination with Azure File Storage solves this challenge efficiently. Monitoring of WVD diagnostics is also available with dashboards and alerts available for troubleshooting and Virtual Machine (VM) or User issues. The amount of use cases for WVD are endless. It'll be possible to publish applications to Azure Active Directory groups, for … This means that the VMs on Azure WVD are not exposed to the Internet directly. The growth drivers for Microsoft products are not just better technology; it’s also how Microsoft makes it easier for existing customers to adopt those technologies and how they use their partner ecosystem to help customers solve business problems using those technologies. The user is not able to tell they are using a remote profile- it simply looks as if the profile is local to the machine. Another reason why Azure WVD wins the end-user is by the flexibility that Microsoft offers for Azure WVD across diverse Operating Systems. The WVD service manages the … FSLogix Profile Containers. Thanks to this merging, Microsoft is taking back critical components of a traditional VDI, such as brokering, load-balancing, compute, storage, and diagnostics, from your plate—which will let your precious IT talent focus on other strategic areas with growth potential. The desired Azure Storage SKU and data redundancy options can be configured to meet any availability requirements. Enhanced Management Capabilities. I was fascinated by the early demo videos of the Windows 10 experience on Azure and thought Desktop as a Service (DaaS) would be the next big thing. In standard VDI solutions, single users are assigned a dedicated virtual machine. Explore the business benefits and features of desktop and application virtualization platform Windows Virtual Desktop with the ClearCube team. Susan Artz, Cloud Solutions Architect & Abdul Jaleel, Cloud Solutions Architect, Version and grouping of images for different environments such as (Dev, Test and Production), Replication of golden image across different Azure regions so that the same version of global image could be deployed in all regions of Azure, Premium storage and replicas for faster WVD and Scale set deployments. Moving to Microsoft Teams: How Does It Compare to Skype for Business? WVD Management Service is a platform offered by Azure that serves as a control plane for WVD. WVD tenancies will get some benefits from WVD becoming an ARM service with the spring update preview. Support cycles: Windows 10 multi-user is attractive in several ways. A user can access Azure WVD Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android. Now, let’s explore what makes Azure WVD a robust offering that could have sustainable growth even after more employees can return to the office. Automated scaling of the WVD pools is available for powering on and off WVD hosts based on user session counts and peak hours. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. The FSLogix piece solidifies my above point about the superior Windows 10 and Office experience on Azure WVD. This is where Microsoft Azure Shared Image Gallery and Azure DevOps come into play to provide an automated and uncomplicated way to build, maintain, support, and replicate these “golden images.” The shared image gallery helps overcome several obstacles, involved with management and distribution of images across the globe, while offering version management in one place. Microsoft launched Windows Virtual Desktop, a solution hosted in Azure designed to deliver Windows virtual desktops. The FSLogix technology on Azure WVD also allows OneDrive sync when the user roams through non-persistent sessions. No upcoming events. As a DaaS offering, Azure WVD is highly cost-effective compared to scaling up a traditional virtual desktop environment in your own data center. I remember how excited I was when Microsoft announced a preview of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) on Azure in 2019. Azure WVD is a service within Azure that can be used to create an environment similar to your on-premises IT infrastructure in the Azure Cloud. Each two-processor license or each set of 16-core licenses, either Datacenter or Standard editions, are entitled to two instances of up to 8 cores, or one instance of up to 16 cores. Unlike the traditional RDI, Azure WVD allows multiple sessions on a VM of Windows 10. Another driver for Azure WVD during this time is that it lets organizations control apps and data while allowing their employees to access those resources from their own devices. The client OS flexibility of this sort goes a long way to BYOD scenarios that companies may want to use while they extend their remote work footprint. This means that an organization can have multiple users access the same virtual machine while reducing costs on maintaining multiple VM licenses. Azure Hybrid Benefit helps you get more value from your Windows Server licenses and save up to 40 percent* on virtual machines. There are several aspects of WVD that are designed to attract users to Azure. FSLogix with Azure WVD can provide you the most productive Microsoft Apps (formerly Office 365 ProPlus) experience. Do you have a particular department that requires higher compute power? It seems like years’ worth demand for Azure WVD has happened in weeks. Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service on Azure is exceeding its first-year sales forecast.. 3 Ease of Management Azure offers the only end to end hosting platform designed from the ground up to manage .NET applications with Azure App Service and Azure SQL. One of the benefits is more frequent release cycles. Windows Virtual Desktop is a combined cloud equivalent of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Remote Desktop Service (RDS) and App Virtualization. Rather, WVD lets you deploy and scale virtualized Windows desktops and apps on Azure Windows Virtual Desktops. An Azure WVD user profile will follow a user even if they do not use the same virtual machine session every time that they access the Azure WVD Virtual machines. You also do not have to worry any longer about managing resources such as RDS gateways, licensing, and load balancing. Reserve in advance with Azure Reserved Instances and save up to 72% 2 from pay-as-you-go pricing on Azure compute. With the release of the Windows Virtual Desktop service (WVD) on Azure, Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 operating system which can host multiple user sessions on the same virtual machine. Get started with your WVD migration in just 60 seconds using Nerdio for Azure. You’ll also gain the benefits of Azure Firewall, Azure Sentinel and Azure Security Center to maintain your security posture and keep your virtual desktops secure. WVD tenancies will get some benefits from WVD becoming an ARM service with the spring update preview. This capability makes it possible for you to roll back individual FSLogix user profile containers via a copy from the ~snapshot directory, or to instantaneously roll back the entire volume at once via … In a Windows Virtual Desktop deployment, Microsoft manages portions of the services on the customer’s behalf. Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service is now available, providing organizations access to applications remotely that are running on top of Windows 7- or Windows 10-based client operating systems. I’ll go over them individually. Easy adoption for existing Web virtual desktop users. Each user profile is stored on the file share and is mounted at user login to the WVD host. Automated way of installing updates for software and operating system. VDI-based, one-to-one desktops are ideal for workloads that require high computing resources while doing remote work. Azure Stream Analytics Real-time analytics on fast moving streams of data from applications and devices; Azure Data Lake Storage Massively scalable, secure data lake functionality built on Azure Blob Storage; Azure Analysis Services Enterprise-grade analytics engine as a service; Event Hubs Receive telemetry from millions of devices; See more; See more Meaning that the session pool cannot be joined to an Azure AD tenant, only using Hybrid AD Joined mode is supported. Azure Stream Analytics Real-time analytics on fast moving streams of data from applications and devices; Azure Data Lake Storage Massively scalable, secure data lake functionality built on Azure Blob Storage; Azure Analysis Services Enterprise-grade analytics engine as a service; Event Hubs Receive telemetry from millions of devices; See more; See more I read reports that there was a steady three-digit adoption growth for Azure WVD. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is not Hyper-V or a rehabilitated version Windows Virtual PC. WVD is not just for enterprise users and applications- it can also be utilized by software companies to distribute a cloud version (using a SaaS model) of their application to customers. Later, when Microsoft announced the integration of FSLogix with WVD, my excitement was doubled. The integration of FSLogix containers also significantly impacts how your Microsoft Apps and OneDrive experience work with Azure WVD. The right user experience increases productivity. Microsoft calls this operating system “Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session”. Learn what the launch of Microsoft WVD means for customer leveraging VDI. You don’t want to frustrate your valuable employees with a clunky experience while they work from home. With FSLogix profile container technology integrated to Azure WVD, Microsoft has revolutionized the way the end user experience works in non-persistent virtual machine sessions. Here are the top five benefits of the new Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure: 1. As an Azure Managed Service Provider, we can also manage your Azure VWD environment for you. Built-in profile management (using FSLogix) © 2020 SaaSplaza International. WVD deployments are always based on some form of VM image, whether it is a standard Azure marketplace image or a “golden image” created by an IT Team to cater to company needs. WVD takes advantage of optimisations already in Office, like the way Teams allows clients to negotiate peer-to-peer connectivity and stream AV directly between two devices to … Service endpoints provide the ability to secure Azure service resources to your virtual network by extending VNet identity to the service. Integration with 0365. Talk to us! Azure Hybrid Benefit reduces the cost of compute by up to 40% when the OS license is provided separately and not rented through the Azure VM. For example, virtual desktops can be provided to remote workers securely using your existing Active Directory for authentication, thus allowing users to access their desktop from home via the internet. The service has many built-in advanced security features, such as Reverse Connect, which reduce the risk involved with having remote desktops accessible from anywhere.

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