27.Automatic stabilizers: 28.Policies that stimulate or depress the economy without any deliberate policy change are called: 29.The long and variable lag before a policy … 25) All of the following are automatic stabilizers EXCEPT A) the federal income tax system. All of the following are examples of automatic stabilizers except. d. increase welfare payments. D) the federal income tax. These are the main tools for the fiscal policy. C) a system of employment insurance. Answer: a. increase income tax revenues. c. Refer to the following table as you answer the next question. a. rapid growth decreases the number of people collecting unemployment. vanilla2bean|Points 4188| User: passive fiscal policy Weegy: Passive fiscal policy is one in which the authority raises … All of the following are examples of contractionary fiscal policy except an increase in the discount rate. answer choices 26. ... Fiscal Policy is often not very timely because of the long lags involved. This is automatic in nature and no need any control. b. increase the budget deficit. c. increase unemployment insurance. answer choices ... A major advantage of automatic stabilizers in fiscal policy is that they. If the economy goes into a recession, automatic stabilizers will do all of the following except a. increase income tax revenues. The U.S. government is able to manipulation of the following except: B.Automatic stabilizers. All of the following are automatic stabilizers except: C.National defense system. Fiscal policy includes: B.Government spending and taxation. All of the following are automatic stabilizers except a. unemployment insurance benefits. d. more people qualify for unemployment as a result of a recession. B) do not require new legislation. Which of the following is not an example of an automatic stabilizer? Answer: D Topic: The Employment Act of 1946 Skill: Recognition 5) The purpose of the Employment Act of 1946 was to D) unemployment compensation. c. Congress authorizes spending for new roads all across the nation. This scenario is the definition of implementation lag. All of the following could be considered automatic stabilizers except: A) a profit-sharing system for workers. B) promote economic growth. User: All of the following are examples of automatic stabilizers EXCEPT: a.personal paycheck c. social security b. unemployment insurance d. progressive individual income tax Weegy: All of the following are examples of automatic stabilizers EXCEPT: Social Security. 17. 2. D. Automatic stabilizers do not totally reverse a decline in aggregate demand (for this to happen the payments would have to equal all of a persons loss of income), but they do slow down the downward trend. b. payments to welfare recipients. b. disposable income increases due to increased employment. Question: All of the following are automatic fiscal stabilizers except: a. a decrease in overall tax revenues during a recession. All of the following are automatic stabilizers EXCEPT: discretionary tax cuts: The amount of the time that it takes between recognizing an economic problem and implementing policy to solve it is: the action time lag: If Peter cashes a $10,000 check and puts the in his home safe, this is an example of: a currency drain. 26 26. C) discretionary tax cuts. D) All of the above answers are correct. All of the following changes will shift the investment demand curve to the right EXCEPT. Topic: Fiscal Policy Skill: Recognition 4) The purpose of fiscal policy is to A) achieve full employment. B) welfare payments. 26) Automatic stabilizers are fiscal policy measures that A) must be determined by the Congress in each budget. C) maintain price level stability. B) discretionary changes in taxes.

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