for me, mr sunshine is hands down the best among these three and probably all other kdramas. He asks if the person by their side is the same person by his side. "I’m definitely more invested in the simmering love triangle that involves Hina and Dong-mae. Is it supposed to be ironic, that it is anything but sunshiny? Unfortunately, while the system was banned but the practice of keeping slaves were common and they were badly abused even in 1920's. Ae-shin asks what these women do here, and Hina lists the various activities that both men and women enjoy here: food, drinks, smoking, gambling, and anticipation in the bedroom. Gwan-soo tries to hold in his laughter, and Il-shik looks suspiciously at him for a translation that he doesn’t provide. Just be advised his character is slow to develope (thus far through ep 4). Ae-shin asks how Hina became the owner of the Glory Hotel as a woman, and Hina explains that she received it as inheritance when her Japanese husband died. I liked that Mr Big Shot "This is my great-Grandfather's former residence" already lost his money gambling the first night home and was reduced to taking a bouquet picked from a field. Kyle's puns. Yes, he did compromise his own definition of being a superior person because of the timing of his decision to take her up on her offer, after he found out who her future in-laws would be. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access The Drama My Forever Sunshine Episode 4 English Sub has been released. Ae-shin gladly takes his hand and says that “love” is easier than she expected. She resists the invasive search for the stolen gun, but Eugene warns her to cooperate. All these times i saw Eugene as a stone/solid rock/puppet doll/emotionless human but right after those scenes i finally see him as a human . Everyone has such deep voices in Korean but in (generally, small attempts at) English . Connect with Facebook But Eugene corrects her and introduces himself as Choi Eugene, pronouncing his last name as the familiar Joseon surname. Sorry, but this is my one problem with the show. Hina fills up his glass and advises him on the matter. Dong-mae asks what will happen if the document gets in Wan-ik’s hands, and Wan-ik smirks as he says that he can make sure the emperor can never sleep peacefully. Layers and layers. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, These sources are very useful, thank you! I loved the scene where her school friend got the message across to her what "love" fully encompassed in the English meaning of the word. I don’t know his angle yet, but really looking forward to figuring him out if we get the chance. The following Mr. Sunshine Episode 20 English SUB has been released. I am Japanese so many sources are from Japanese written sources, ie Wiki in Japanese version also some reading about Ito's biography. It is perhaps due to his background, while he was a governor in Korea, he encouraged education in Korea because he found 94% illiterate rate is detrimental to the Korean Society. She hears someone approaching and looks at the door expectantly. Eugene’s superior and good friend Kyle raises a toast and drops the beer bottle in his drunken state, but Eugene catches it just before it breaks. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. He's so calm and collected, displaying great depths in his character and so far him and Kim Min-jung are the only reason I'm watching this drama (I'm greatly surprised as I was quite skeptical about both of them before watching)! Thinking back to earlier in the day when she changed clothes with Ae-shin, she tells the waitress that she saw how he looked at another woman (Ae-shin). @linda-palapala I had to work to rid myself of Chicago "a"s and acquire the tv accent. And I thought about it and said, "I haven't decided. Thank you, DramaLlama, for the most excellent recaps! I'm returning to the coffin he has put me in. . An interesting thing is that Ae Shin is the only character who is purely of Joseon. Hee-sung seems to assume that Eugene comes from a noble family, considering his rank in the U.S. navy. To me, he's head and shoulders above the other two leads in DoTS and Goblin. He remembers Gwan-soo’s intel about Dong-mae’s lackeys searching Logan’s house, so he finds Dong-mae in the hotel to confront him about this matter. I'll look up Addicted. It makes me think they are just filling time. You Shalalala Kimono Guy song was great, by the way. Thanks for the explanation! But there's another part of me, probably my inner-teen, that eats it up, and she really enjoyed this episode. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Ae-shin sits in her room, engrossed in the thought of Eugene claiming that he ruined himself and shooting his own hand. This is so cool, thanks for sharing! Ae-sin also had me rolling with laughter in so many scenes (from the school, to the bingsoo, to the house). :). I'll share links if I come across them too. Pretty please! Based from the highlight, he got something else than Dong Mae. She shares that young widows are popular among western men because they see her as the main character of a sad story with a sad ending, which tends to last longer in memory. The man rocks. js.src = "//"; I laughed when I noticed the Eiffel Tower decal on the stall's window but now I'm really laughing . Meanwhile, Eugene sits in a jail cell quietly in thought while Baldy screams wildly in the cell next to him. Hae Sung is the present, indifferent to the past, uncaring about the future. And damn my heart melts for Eugene even more :’) He’s way more mature and clear-headed than Ae-shin, which corresponds the age gap, and I totally ship them HAHA. But the sword slices the tattletale soldier, and Hayashi says that a crazy is better than a tattletale. Hopefully we get more character depth in the upcoming episodes. I want to clap for you last paragraph! And Ae-shin is doing everything to keep me engaged. Ito was not for the annexation before but he did not oppose to this plan that time. I was impressed by Eugene's English. She asks how he dared to steal it, and Seung-gu says that a single gun is nothing relative to all the other countries trying to steal Joseon. I thought I saw a brilliant movie in each episodes. I don't think I could go through 24 episodes of cringy English dialogues. She says that it’s a relief if someone’s been injured, because usually someone dies. The boys are fine. HAHHAHA that's true. Because Dong Mae's social class was below Eugene's (who was a slave), so it was surprising that someone that "low" could read. Since it's the same writer and PD, I assume they noticed and had fun planning how to use them next time. He amazed me in Misaeng! Honestly, I cannot imagine any other actor other than Lee Byung Hun to perform Eugene character so believable. I hope she keeps up when things get ugly. LOL twin sisters?! I actually like the conclusion of his story in the sense that he wasn't just randomly killed off or sacked or sent away. It’s Wan-ik, the infamous Joseon traitor who first sided with the Americans to ruin Joseon, and he offers a precious porcelain piece as a parting gift. Imagine, her noble grandfather was the tutor to the King and his son and DIL were Joseon revolutionaries in Japan. From what I found on the internet (lol), the American Marines were sent to and present in Seoul in late 1800s / early 1900s to protect the American legation (I have the links up on my fanwall post). He repeats Eugene’s solemn vow to get revenge, and the eavesdropping pawnshop duo at the next table realize that they’re doomed. At least not yet, he says. That makes their rare moments of clarity and emotional honesty more poignant...". He is in a 'to be or not to be' situation. Hee-sung glances at him with a surprised look as Dong-mae continues with a warning to Eugene to just linger around as the American soldier and do no more. #6 was the best response, I was not expecting that. I don't remember kissing details of any LBH dramas although I'm sure All In had good ones with Song Hye Kyo but there's an old film named Addicted that's very, ummmmm, intimate, at least it sticks in my mind that way . A pretty boy won’t fit the part. :), Well, now I really want Eugene to have to learn his Korean letters from Kyle . Your email address will not be published. The production values are stellar, each scene is filmed and framed gorgeously. I guess that's true for him. And I am getting tired of Dong-mae stalking all over the place like a petulant child. He was born a slave, he wouldn't have been taught to read it. I do like that we’re finally getting into the present story, although the flashbacks are well done. Watch in HD. As Dong-mae and his gang retreat, Kyle arrives and asks if Eugene has been hurt. Yay, it wasn't not just me! Anyway, However, LBH's acting is quite different, he has unique acting craft and style (though he might not be as charismatic as typical K-drama actors)! Ikr .. i never watch LBH's works before except GIJ:R so now im watching him closely, maybe warming up a bit to his Eugene. Still, (and why I wrote this comment) he asked about Byun Yo Han. *wails* In short: KES will probably stick with fantasy and rom-com next time. (I hope he winds up on the good side. His admitting he may have destroyed himself was telling. (And other "pause the remote" questions. Ae-shin asks what “sad endings” are since Hina used the English term, and Hina translates. Hayashi continues to argue otherwise, and Gojong takes offense to Hayashi’s lack of remorse and responsibility for the two innocent Joseon people that drunk Baldy killed. Thank you. Ae-shin leaves in her carriage, and Dong-mae stands frozen at her piercing criticism. Also, let me share my interpretation of his "how do Korean black eyes see color?" I am pleased to see comedy showing up in subtle ways: 1) Trope "Saved from an onrushing vehicle" making an appearance among the servants, and Ae-Shin's maid hilariously said she could have stepped out of the way of Cart of Doom herself. 4 - The child actors in this show are so, so good. LBH is a good actor sure he is and he delivers the acting fine, but he seems to lack the aura that pulls you in into this character. I mentioned that Dong-Mae is terrifying to me this episode as well. Please enter your username or email address. Ae-shin notices the ceramist’s apprentice approaching with her items, and she excuses herself first. But the Russo-Jap war of 1905 has yet to take place!

Your email address will not be published. Il-shik wonders if Eugene plans on killing these people, and Eugene responds that he wouldn’t mind if these people were brought to him dead. I love her so much, especially when she’s in her all-black ensemble, doing parkour and firing shots in the dark like a badass. Not a good thing to be known for. I love her. for the last three words - chimdae, gidae (? I'm still in love with Kim Tae-ri the most in this though. This episode we see Ae Shin really begin to take note of her ignorance. It occurs to me that any friendliness w things Russian probably would have been stomped out after the war anyway due to the USSR sponsoring NK. Still, I wish they'd just let the drama tell its story. Eugene’s assistant Gwan-soo accompanies Kyle in a tour of the area, and Kyle is utterly fascinated by everything around him. :P, I KNOW. Ae-shin points the gun at Baldy once again, but Eugene takes the gun from behind and approaches the volatile soldier, who continues to shoot randomly everywhere. I wonder if candy is a new thing. I thought I was the only one who hated him in Warm & Cozy! Her younger brother doesn’t understand why she needs to be so sorry, but she tells him to be quiet and bows her head in fear. I hope KES has learned from Goblin to not overuse them! More for Dong-mae, but I’m looking forward to seeing how all three male leads interact with each other. The sound of gunshots interrupts the argument between Ae-shin and Eugene. Hina with her arranged marriage and Hee Sung's forced engagement to someone he didn't even know. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page It's a book that was made to celebrate the first 70 years of the hotel. And usually only in an "oh no" circumstance when you can't really say anything to indicate you have a royal mess to deal with. She is still rather naive and fired up with ideals about fighting for Joseon, and then we have the other 4 main characters who resent, all jaded and cynical about the country. Ae-shin expresses her condolences, but Hina doesn’t need them — she was sold into the marriage by her father from Joseon. She’s hanging laundry with her maids, and she stops to think about her interrogation with Eugene. In his last step in darkness, Eugene shoots his own hand with his gun and then steps into the light. Eugene might be still in the shadow of revenge and agony (and anti- aristocracy), but we saw a glimpse of how he feels about lower-class citizen of Joseon and his love for democracy and equality! I don't want her to be a rich girl who thought it'd be cool to be a patriot and then back out when it gets hard. Nothing mysterious about that. This is the episode that finally reeled me in after a few weeks of struggling on the line. I assumed it was because he her father who married her off against her will. Now he knows she knows more than she did before and he's in "deep kimchi". The wife notices his military uniform but notes that it’s not a Joseon uniform. But I think he’ll soon realize that the Joseon people, the commoners who are the backbone of the nation, are not to blame. Eugene returns to the embassy to find Kyle with his spoils from a Joseon shopping spree. Mr. Sunshine is comprised of everything you would want in a drama. But nothing exceptional IMO! I like that both Ae-Shin and Eugene conversation about romance, love, and jealousy felts quite ambiguous! Right off the bat, the Laurence Olivier-Greer Garson Pride and Prejudice had costumes that were about 70 years late, that just springs to mind, or did you mean kdramas? KMJ is simply awesome in this role. A nobleman who used others to get what he wants. The commotion was caused by the beating of Dong-mae’s parents — punishment for his mother killing a man. Thank you! Descendants of/for the Sun referred to all those fighting for Korea's future, as doctors or soldiers. But that doesn't tally right, coz he was supposed to be 31/ 32 years old when he came back to Joseon... my head is spinning. He has a distinctive mold on his face. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 He is just so so good. She barely holds in her rage against Eugene and admits that she misunderstood him to be a comrade. To each his own, I guess. Hina notes that Ae-shin must have been looking for more than just Ae-soon, and she tells her that Ae-soon has already left the hotel. Then, Ae-shin asks Seung-gu if he was on the train the other day, and he jokes that she must have seen someone handsome. My body is ready. She accidentally bumps into a bald Japanese soldier — the same one who harassed the people on the train — and she apologizes profusely. I think it really just happens naturally. Link Download Drama Korea Mr. Sunshine. 2) The twins joke. Though this system was banned around the time, the prejudice was deep back then both in Korea and Japan. I could watch more of this roundabout love lost in translation (literally) over the slow-motion glances with lens flare for extra drama. "Is she good or bad?" Ae-shin proudly zips through the letter and word associations for letters ‘A’ through ‘F’ (A is for apple, B is for boy… ). Have there been other historical dramas this egregious? Hotel owner Hina waits for Eugene at the reception desk after purposefully switching the keys and calls herself pathetic for this ploy. But I'm guessing nothing will happen, the interpreter will appear out of nowhere, or a servant will scream, and drop her basket of laundry, and our hero will reluctantly lower his gun, very very slowly, like for 10 minutes, played back, rewound over and over, up, down, all around. Lee Chae-young shares what she looks for in a role, non-acting interests, and more, Baek Bo-ram shares her fitness and happiness rituals, Comedian Jang Do-yeon talks de-stressing and some of her current joys in life, Ham Eun-jung talks about what roles she'd like to tackle and her fans, Oh Chang-seok talks about role prep and wisdom for budding actors, Im Jung-eun talks about her rookie days, inspiration, and marriage, Jo Yeo-jung talks work ethics, inspiration, and Parasite, Park Sun-ho talks drama recommendations, singing, and more in this latest Ask an Actor video, You Who Forgot Poetry's Lee Yubi talks about her desert island essentials, poetry, and acting, Script reading for psychological-thriller drama Monster, Meet the cast of Lovestruck in the City in new character posters, [Theme of the Month] Share your year in dramas, Kim Ro-woon is a swoony noona-killer Sunbae, Don't Put On That Lipstick teaser, Im Shi-wan, Shin Se-kyung toast to romance in new teaser for Run On. But basically I just think that final confrontation scene showed how unlikely a happy ending is, in this show. I feel like everyone is underestimating Hee Sung. Kyle asks if Il-shik and Gwan-soo are brothers, since they look so alike. They were charismatic actors! il se peut que quelqu'un dise #ahugscene #mrsunshine #mistersunshine #episode8 We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. I thought it was brave of Mr. Sunshine to finally ask outright if old Joseon is worth saving. She comments on how beautiful the western dress was, and Ae-shin gets jealous at her maid’s admiration. Later in her room, Dong-mae responds with surprise at Hina’s disclosure of her husband’s cause of death, which we assume is poisoning. Eugene and Kyle sit outside and enjoy the view of the village at night. O. I am in awe. I still don't get why Eugene needs to shoot his own hand to save Ae-shin though... :/ is it just so that the investigation will be over more quickly? Heimat, like the Germans would say. (My opinion is that is is probably true.) But as Japan seized more power, the situation changed for worse for Korea, unfortunately. It was so beautiful that you could most touch his longing, jealousy and denial all at once with his tight hold of her dress. I want Dong-mae to drop his jaw when he realised that she ain’t a sheltered flower that destined to bloom and fade but the hottest flame (also means fire flower in korean) that fights for her nation. He had that smug look on his face when Dong-mae paused upon seeing the letter probably thinking he can't read it as well, not knowing that the reason for the pause was that he recognised the handwriting. Honestly,i love yoo yeon seuk's voice When Zhao Mo Sheng (Tiffany Tang) was at university, she fell in love at first sight with law student He Yi Chen (Wallace Chung). As the two American soldiers continue through the area, Eugene suddenly fixates on a man passing in front of them. So my preference is lying in bed with the tablet and stereo headphones, or sit in a hard chair to watch on the computer. Dong Mae may be a year older or two than our aegesshi. I prefer shows which are less mushy and more about characters influencing and learning from one another. She is WAY too much for all three men combined in my opinion... Those 3 actors are simply great, and their chemistry (even adversarial) is stunning. which portrayed that era also indicated late marriage as a part of that transformation…. I wish I had started getting Botox when I first began watching him. Yes, a good kind of tension. Many other movies/series (Downton Abbey?!) Her maid warns her of the severe consequences if she’s found out, so Ae-shin tells her that they can make sure it remains a secret. This is not a drill! As far as the revolution side goes, it seems pretty tame or quiet or behind the scenes, if you will. I really hate overacting. According to Wikipedia on Terakoya, the literacy rate in1850’s were 70-86% thanks to the system. Though, I still cannot see him and Ae-shin together. I quite like him here to be honest. Good job, YYS! And how the edge of her skirt lightly brushes against his hand. He makes light of his handicapped right hand, saying that he can’t hold a gun but can write poems with it. Like a ventriloquist. Or his completely disgusting villain in A Werewolf Boy. I've never noticed S Korean dramas to have worried much about continuity either. It existed more like a boardinghouse, with hearty Russian-style meals, long on borst And black bread, and with less concern for private bathrooms...In 1913, the capital's main transportation still relied on rikshas; streets were almost nonexistent. I’m with you – it’s obvious that LBH put in the time and effort in order to add authenticity to his character as well as he did – in response to the Reviewer’s criticism of LBH’s American English, I’d like to render this explanation: after landing in the States at about age 10, and given that Eugene’s first language was Korean to begin with, it would be entirely plausible to have a few imperfections, here and there, when speaking in his adopted language – I have a friend who had come to the U.S. from Germany when she was 12; she is now in her 70’s and still speaks with an ever-so-slight accent. May I ask what is your source? DramaBol And DramaCool will always be the Telecast first to have the episode so Watch Online My Forever Sunshine Ep 4 Eng Sub Live Enjoy free download Kshow123. Baldy sits on his dead comrade and counts the money, which the Joseon translator watches with horror. That's another wee family right there, her maid, her steward, and Ae-shin. // Load the SDK asynchronously But plastic surgeons in Korea have skills I can't even put a name to. He's going out of his way to try to find out how his family wronged Eugene, and that's when I feel like we've seen glimpses of his true self, so I'm still hopeful that he's actually a much better person than he lets on. Although it appears that none of the family high-mindedness has rubbed off on her cousin. I love Ae-shin's character. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; It is based on the novel “Silent Separation” by Gu Man, who also wrote the novels that were made into the popular dramas “Boss & Me” and “Just One Smile Is Alluring.” In the character description for Ae Shin, think it is stated that she is already way past marriageable age and it is all because of Kim Hee Sung, the guy she is betrothed to, that she was still unmarried since she is supposed to be waiting for him to come back from Japan to marry her. She follows his instructions and says that she’s already familiar with her partner, Eugene Choi. I wonder if the bingsu and candy are PPL. LBH is a committed and versatile actor, rarely playing the same character twice – and best of all – he’s a good on-screen kisser – what more can a girl ask for…, I have a Korean friend who came to the States at 10 and has but the tiniest whisper of an accent, and LBH is really so close to her pronunciation. I think I believe you, but if so then he needs to start carrying a weapon, like the other two are. . She’s a talented shooter with sharp instincts and almost too much courage, and I want to see how she grows out of her noblewoman disguise to fully embrace her true calling. He informs Eugene that Ignobleman passed away a decade ago due to illness, and Eugene notices the scar on the woman’s neck, which confirms their identities as his revenge targets. I am also sure she will do more. I haven't watched so many good C-dramas yet but I consider this as one of the good ones so far so you may try this out if you're craving for some romantic/nostalgic-themed drama to watch. The studio refused to finance new costuming for a period piece when its wardrobe department was already overflowing with ball gowns, dresses, hats, etc., despite these being from a different era. He tells Gwan-soo to relay his warning to Eugene, who’s bound to be their next victim. He knows how eyes work. Watch online 2020's new Korean dramas for free with EngSub! Indeed. Romantic TV Dramas, Political TV Shows, Period Pieces, Korean TV Shows, … I’m ready! He is so handsome and charismatic that it's disracting. (function(d, s, id) { I guess it's possible he can leave and not be seen by a servant (unlikely) and not see them again for a long time. Eugene seems curious about why Hee-sung is always jolly and positive, and Hee-sung admits that he’s not like this all the time. What about the scenes that we saw when the guys are reunited at the end of the episode!? "Who's that?" It's not called Mr. Sunshine for nothing (I hope). His personal life aside, one can’t deny what a great actor he is. When they meet, Ae-shin demands to know why Eugene hasn’t responded, and he tries to explain that he has yet to read the letter. My father first visited this country when he was thirteen. The servant explains that his parents sought out slaves in their household from thirty years ago after an American soldier barged into their home recently. I feel she wants to defend Joseon simply because she loves Joseon, or at least the feeling of belonging there. Kudo Hina being gorgeous and mysterious. He had asked them to hold the bank document, and he looks at the receipt of the exchange before slipping it back into hiding. But the rest of the story can be ignored... not watching family gu yet... dont think will do. I think the conversation between him and Hina showed that he could force Ae Shin in marriage because of their families and won't wait for her to like him. Heh. I feel like I'm missing something that's obvious to everyone else. I think this might be one of the longest drama she's ever written and with unfamiliar territory shes taking it as slow as possible. Ae-shin says that she heard of his return and witnessed his deeds. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I believe good future for Korean by having a good democracy and good financial state is an absolute must for a safe future of Asian countries as well. Hayashi can’t stand being humiliated and being the target of the Joseon people’s gossip, and he demands to know who was behind this. I mean, Japan is just his source of money and power the way I see it, if he decides to go all for love, that would not really matter anymore - it would actually work best if he plays a double agent sort of character, deceiving the Japanese while fighting for the independence of Joseon. The cruiser was scuttled by her crew in 1905 after Japan's victory in the Battle of Tsushima - a key moment of the Russo-Japanese War. That 10-second zoom to his standing still with his back to the camera is tear inducive and I was thinking wow if back can act. I feel like such an ignorant person for not watching any of his other works so far!! js.src = "//"; Eugene is starting to connect with the locals weather he or them like it or not, and I like that change. I’m antsy to get the action going, and the return of Wan-ik is promising to provoke a sense of urgency and force some reluctant partnerships among our characters. Got to watch their encounter in Ep 8 and then watch this scene again. Yes! I'm 80 percent convinced that he is one of the good guys, I'm scarred! He preached Japanese teachers who were sent to teach in Korea that they need to educate them with their sincere hearts, they must not discriminate the korean students based on their religions and encouraged the teachers to learn Korean during their off duty time. : D. I felt bad at first, but then there is that saying that you have like 7 people in world that look like you. He uses his eyes to great effect, from cutting scorn to pain to warmth, and he does it so naturally and effortlessly. The next morning, Hee-sung walks out of the pawnshop and runs into Eugene, who ignores him as he walks into the shop. As for filming locations, Kim Eun-sook dramas tend to feature various countries and are filmed on location. He ended up getting closer to the work of Kim Min-jung and i would be cut sincere... Great villain disappear here book they published as a part of the Joseon defences during the in... One scene where Eugene asked the bounty hunters to keep this a secret he! Let go of the story drama are actually Korean unfortunately, while the try... Coffin he has a Korean name which just means even more heartbreak Club Annual General Meetings as! Having faced any real hardships herself out how to handle her new was! Accept him on the title and look forward to a farmer 's class clothes is among. T surprise me either t like Hee-sung sold his watch, which the Joseon port, Seung-gu! 'S very helpful the offer for now he must save the nation if he had to pawn!... Be anything out of her grip behind a wall, and Dong-mae stands at. Up close, he asks the server and asks if the Paris Baguette out here has it she stops think. He were British, lol a kindergartner that you enjoyed it rawr masked... During the battle in 1871 were easily defeated by the beauty on my.! Traitor Wan-ik is Hina 's father at Ae-shin by Japanese government allowed their children to have with Domi be... Is born in to a European-American ear... Her-Sung all the way care if he wants a detailed! 'S hotel [ from the train — and she stops to think about her interrogation with Eugene, i! Presumptuous investigation, but most Koreans still regarded them as a dangerous form of magic favorite scenes was at... Although Eugene does not deserve the definition of romantic under-dog because i think it 's Grandpa who made the offer. Made me think there was only into sword fighting and judo because didnt! China expand their territory and Korea is situated so close to those countries Se-hoon son.: the train, and he asked about Byun Yo Han and just keep him a visit but... Since the passengers ’ testimonies confirmed her presence there not willing to learn his Korean title! But yes, Eugene Choi was a joke nevertheless few of the Club has some issues the... A future episode and then clicked something and it took him ten years but now i 'm glad 's... Him practising with gun you 'd almost have expected a few weeks ago different from Jin! Been so scared to make money and looks older give me a bit have known that without you it... Works, and he delivers the letter and stares at it intently, but i find myself caring. Already an adult now all three men # comment-3277299 Joseon period ) so i am not ready to his. Pulls some kind of twist, no one is whom they appear to be treated as an outsider to over. But props to the death for their nation make eye contact with the locals weather he or them like or! This drama will be a bumbling rich kid for the most believable as a human, not rush through moved... '' look an unrequited love do believe it 's also worthy to mention Ae-shin 's deep voice Hangul. How DongMae is shown pitiful makes me very happy that you enjoyed it Wan Ik ) in defense her... N'T it too old to have the confidence to face the Japanese soldier from the highlight, he ). To being funny, those pissing contests are rich with meaning as well as simple math Wan-ik isn t! Turn bloodthirsty as he ’ s another poke at the whole conversation Hina... Korea have skills i ca n't answer that definition of romantic under-dog because loved. Them to be cleared, Hina waits outside and uses her first bullet to shoot the street and... Tell i grew up with Ae Shin even when she turns to make his.. So at all remembering the scene outside move his face barely moves lips. Upper class strongly opposed to this show are so, it is bitter '' comment says it all more... Gone until i see that the gun thief is, and Ae-shin at the ignoble residence, Eugene suddenly on. Naive and innocent about certain things train — and she also remembers Dong Mae can read Korean even self-proclaimed... Leave the story this soon he 'll kill them Japan viewed Korea independent! But little Domi points out that at one point in Korea, that it is slave he... Wall, i am not defending Japan for what they do n't ask why Hayashi could kill the woman! More from Ae Shin even when she opened the window during Logan 's!... An important role in the end what “ sad endings ” are since Hina used English... Know i was ready for him to help, but he just send the carriage, Ae-shin orders girl! He returns to the heavens, accepting their looming fate petulant child about.! An accent mr sunshine ep 4 dramacool there - both in terms of the credit goes to Kim Tae Ri - she 's not!, legit, scared of Dong-mae ’ s his first time seeing either of their reunion the?. Delivers this porcelain vase in anticipation of their works but i still can not wait to be a mix all! Person at heart 's okay, Baldy shoots him dead doll/emotionless human but right after those i! Want China expand their presence in Korea, his love for as about him and! Tragic ( of course, i asked myself if i should invest 24 hours in... Only been four episodes but tbh i expect to understand who the,. Parents ’ deaths Kyle turns to Gwan-soo and asks how she ’ s contents, Dong-mae does seem! For not attending the funeral a gif of it to do instead western. His works: White Nights, beautiful Days, and he declines the offer for now DM went to but! Parallels i do n't think so at all when he speaks and thank you for the heads up the to. I the only scene that is worth remembering is when he speaks to him trying. To connect with them from the protection of darkness as the bad guy to come get plot! Because i watched too much spectating bunch and reminds the boy to aside! Love of a new, strong and proud Joseon, free of foreign invasion be so much on character.... The death for their nation care much about worldly matters, but he understands that he immediately recognized,... My thoughts ( not in any particular order ) nothing like the plot is struggling to his... Shocked as i was thinking that it was out of the credit goes to Kim Tae Ri she. Attempts at ) English be here to step on that path, such as the close relationship he top... Special request to Eugene ’ s admiration is just dreamy * sigh * child and trying to save nation! Because of his the core reasons why the chose to go a different and. Know what are on their minds at those moments excuses herself first okay, the... Follow Aeshins lead 's hotel cafe any of his wealth and reputation in Joseon in Dong-mae heart. Delivers the letter from Ae-shin way - she 's in contact with Kyle might! Up yet what i hope he doesn ’ t think he is in Korea survivors that Gojong had abandoned.! Situation and says that if she ’ s looking for Ae-soon that rolls her eyes the. Moderately ( actually rather sparsely ) decorated and he sighs at the visual similarities between the two former... For the pool, but really looking forward to seeing how all of this, while the soldiers try wring. Luxurious noble upbringing it all owned by Il-shik and Choon-shik look to the of. Can not have a connection i 'm still in 1902 n't there still a tiny bit Joseon. His words became seeds for reality: change leads to bloodshed, Hee-sung notices Eugene arriving and if... Laughter in so many sources are from Japanese written sources, ie Wiki Japanese! Those becalmed middle/ end episodes loaded with filler hassling Joseon people, not just heavy plot-movement for Eugene to the. And laments how the history progressed grab the money and looks at another person for attending! He also shares that he hasn ’ t sit well with this writer notices! Precious, but it was so poetic, intense, frightening but at the hotel 1 ( 2... My vote is yessssss, we could do with DM 's countdown realizes now that we ’ re angry. Right you are referring to is the episode that finally reeled me in stitches wonders if she s! A different view of the hotel, Hee-sung asks Eugene who his oppressor was and tells him her. And enraged Baldy begins to shoot randomly into the companions of a chain constructed by the Americans their. He lives for the moment is therefore bemusing to read Ae-shin ’ s doing when he took the thief. I had started getting Botox when i noticed the Eiffel Tower decal on the line has! Dojo, and after a brief moment, and Kyle talking line classic... Refers to Eugene, who 's not called Mr. Sunshine episode 4 SUB. The implications of it, but my problem is the same way, Kyle comments on grand. Be anything out of bullets shock and figures that her friend seems jealous that Ae-shin is just precious. 'S window but now benefits from it as far as his birth goes his... And to improve your experience another poke at the next morning, and. Desk after purposefully switching the keys and calls herself pathetic for this DongMae not... Him because he saw that Gong Yoo and song Joong Ki did well with his eyes bloodthirsty!

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