172+3 sentence examples: 1. In business, scholarly, and other formal writings, omit “ain’t,” unless it’s used in direct quotation, and never go around saying it in general conversation unless it's part of a joke or well-known saying. I gave you two yesterday, and here are ten more. (Speech) essays are academic essays for citation. Is ain't a word? People write it. A great memorable quote from the To Kill a Mockingbird movie on Quotes.net - Mayella Ewell: I got somethin' to say. The child may not fully understand what the adult is trying to correct. Lang, S. S. (2009, May 12). Ain’t is also influenced by aren’t, the contraction for are not recorded in the late 1600s. “Ain’t” is not used exclusively in the first person singular, of course. Retrieved February 04, 2018, from http://news.cornell.edu/stories/2009/05/learning-second-language-good-childhood-mind-medicine. used when someone talks shit about you and its true. You know its happened before!! Synonyms for ain't include aren't and are not. The Difference Between Ancient and Modern Literature, Why Schools Should Support Varying Dialects, Virginia Woolf, Hélène Cixous: On Modern-Day Feminism, A Small Glance at Femininity in the Bible: Tamar, Looking for Representation in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, The Androgynous Compromise in A Room of One’s Own, Moana: Creating Space for Our Mother’s Gardens, Connection in Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America”, Femininity, Soup, and Death: Homosexual Repression in “Billy Budd, Sailor”, Captain’s Log, The Brain: The True Undiscovered Country, in Two Parts, Music as a Language, Music as Rhetoric, From Music to Foucault, Knowledge, the Unknowable, and Power in the View of Foucault, Codeswitching, Standardized Tests, and Writing Workshop, Male and Female Convers— Canadian Potholes. Ain't ain't a word cuz ain't ain't in the dictionary!! However, as it has still not been accepted into "proper" English like its counterparts won't and can't, few people see any problem with further "misuse" of the word. She was helping me become a more fluent speaker and helping me to sound educated. She ain’t pretty, or you ain’t allowed to do that. I am really interested in Peace Corps and Habitats for Humanity. In elementary school, I had a friend who used to say, “Ain’t ain’t a word, so you ain’t s’posed to say it three times a day cuz it ain’t proper.” I cannot remember where I first heard this saying but it has stuck with me. LOL. There is no way of knowing if the child has simply memorized a sentence or is trying to use the correct grammar when speaking unless they are allowed to speak as they want too. After this stint in college, I want to do some volunteer work. 2 0. If it ain't a word, then it ain't. How to use ain't in a sentence. "Ain't" and 10,000 other new entries have made it into the newest edition of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. In V. Clark, P. Eschholz, A. Rosa, & B. L. Simon (Authors), Language Introductory Readings (7th ed., pp. 0 0. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! Synonyms for ain't include aren't and are not. You’ll recall that when two words are pushed together and at least one letter is removed and replaced by an apostrophe, a contraction is formed. You jus’ stand there and don’t say nothing. “Catch Phrases”-Do They Influence Our Language? Of course it is. The Acquisition of Language. The word ain't has been used and understood long enough to be accepted by the standards of any dictionary, but has not because of sobbery. Zen Buddhist Thoreau, or: An Account of a Ten-Foot-Square Hut, Fabulum Potestatem: The Power of Storytelling, Melville on Structuralism in “Billy Budd, Sailor”, Language Acquisition and the Word Know –Abe’s Word Psychology. On my journey, I am making pit stops by trying my hand at student government (I’m the President of Student Senate) and music. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. ain't was originally a contraction of "am not" or "are not," and should only be used in the first person. What Do Children’s Books Do, and Does it Matter? Breaking Down the Fourth Wall in Six Characters in Search of an Author, Marxist Character Study: Doris Kilman in Mrs. Dalloway, Poor Folk and Pokrovsky’s Psychosexual Regression, It’s the Little Things: Sealed Off – Week 16, Journalsim and the Ethics of Public Discourse, Students Have the Right to Be the Know It All, Communication is Life and Death for Learning, Rhys and the Fairies: My Hand at Celtic Mythology. The most amazing thing is that children are learning all of this from listening to other people talk, they are not being sat down and taught this from a book. Low class people use it and therefore it is rejected. Equal to, I will not be doing that.” “He ain’t coming. 10 100 1,000 10,000 100,000 1,000,000 When I was little, my sisters & I used to say, "Ain't ain't a word & you ain't gonna use it! The Random House Dictionary points out that although “ain’t” is considered improper or slang, it actually arose as an alternative to two other contractions—one clunky and one just plain wrong grammatically. That’s really versatile. So, in theory, it’s helping a preposition, “of.”  Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Ain’t is a contraction for am not, is not, are not, will not etc. After getting to the telegraphic speech stage, children start to learn more function words. Oops. First of all, I ain’t never gonna be old because I ain’t got time to be old. I ain’t gonna stop using the word “ain’t” just for some people who ironically think they’re being good grammatical pedants by insisting on its illegitimacy. After yesterday's One-Liner, I'm sure you knew this was coming... Really, for a relatively harmless word that nevertheless seems to be the bane of teachers everywhere, "ain't" is used in a lot of popular song titles. Every online dictionary that I’ve ever looked in contained an entry for ain’t. Anonymous. It's not correct to use in formal writing, but it conveys a casual feeling and a cultural identity.|I say “ain’t” and yes it is incorrect English. The correct word is "aren't". No words were handed down from the heavens. Equal to, he is not coming.” “They ain’t going … It is used a lot in songs, books, movies,etc. Ain't definition is - am not : are not : is not. I wouldn’t say that “ain’t” is the gateway slang word, but that the issue of improper grammar is the result of a far more fundamental problem of people not bothering to learn and understand the language they use on a rational level, instead being content to rely on our human faculties of … Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS “Ain’t ain’t a word.” Most parents in the USA say that sentence to their kids. It's “could have.”. Rhetoric and Religion in Sojourner Truth's … Absolutely. Essays for Ain’t I a Woman? The language-learning process is broken down into several steps; the one-word stage, the two-word stage, telegraphic speech, and several basic grammar rules before they are able to speak in full coherent sentences. Therefore, in many non-Standard English dialects, one could say: I ain't no quitter. A lot of people make fun of the way I talk…saying I make myself sound like a dumb, uneducated hick. While we’re on the subject of contractions, let’s take a look at what has happened to the constructions “would have,” “could have,” and “should have.” People have heard the perfectly correct “could’ve”—and heard it as “could of.”, There’s the helping verb “could,” but then if you spell it “could of,” it has no main verb to help. There are many cognitive advantages to learning a second language early, and these advantages can lead to future academic success. As with many coinages, the rule here is one of context. If it is, ain't is a' official word. ‘they ain't got nothing to say’ ‘Baseball's origins ain't found till they're found.’ ‘He ain't won a fight in years.’ ‘Well, he's a man who loves being on the hills and what he ain't climbed ain't worth climbing.’ ‘Hey sis, I ain't forgotten about ya. I know it sounds stupid now but you made me remember it!! Lv 6. Relevance. It's part of informal Southern and black English dialects. For years, teachers have warned against using the word ain’t, apparently with some success.Emily Hummell from Boston sent us a poem that may have contributed: “Don’t say ain’t / your mother will faint / your father will fall in a bucket of paint/ your sister will cry / your brother will sigh / the cat and dog will say … Your mother will faint and your father will fall in a bucket of paint. 2. In my mind, she was doing me a favor  by correcting my grammar. Mine too! You can sign in to vote the answer. To keep decent English alive, make a little extra effort and enunciate: “would have,” “could have,” and “should have.”, “Well,” you might say, “I’ve meant to improve my diction.”. Aint No Mountain High Enough Ft. Tammi Terrell - Marvin Gaye 11. Often used to mean "don't have any," it literally means the opposite. Merriam-Webster Online: Main Entry: ain't Pronunciation: \ˈānt\ Etymology: contraction of are not The common bit of schoolyard wisdom that “ain’t ain’t in the dictionary, so ain’t ain’t a word” turns out to be untrue. which expands to: I am not no quitter. A professional linguist explains why ain't isn't a four letter word. "Ah'm a gonna go up ta Scooters and get me sum wings! National Council of Teachers of English Past Resolutions. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Ain't I a Woman? In grade school, one might have heard a smart-alecky classmate say, “I ain’t gonna use ‘ain’t’ anymore, ’cuz ‘ain’t’ ain’t in the dictionary.”  Well, actually it is; but you need to be very careful about how you use it. The Walker Brothers, the Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More 9. Learn more. The earliest they were able to teach a children this new detail was no more than a couple days away from the child learning the detail on their own. Aired 12/1/09 . People say it. basically if they're hatin and they got a reason too you say "ain't i?" A newspaper reporter apparently juiced it up a bit, and “Say it ain’t so, Joe,” became part of sports lore–even finding its way into last year’s vice presidential debate. Actually, you couldn’t care—could not—care less. Quick & Dirty Tips™ and related trademarks appearing on this website are the property of Mignon Fogarty, Inc. and Macmillan Publishing Group, LLC. 27 Answers. You ain't gotta lie to kick it, my nigga You ain't gotta lie, you ain't gotta lie You ain't gotta lie to kick it, my nigga You ain't gotta try so hard And the world don't respect you and the culture don't accept you But you think it's all love And the girls gon' neglect you once your parody is done Reputation can't protect you if you never had one Your Results Click the SHOW MY RESULTS button above to calculate your results. I want to teach because I feel like that is the best way to reach as many people as possible. Should they not say, “I am not”, also? Ain’t is a perfectly valid word, but today, ain’t is considered nonstandard. It is used for are not and am not. slang contraction of is not, are not, am not, do not or does not. Actually, "ain't" is kind of an all purpose word -- both singular and plural -- and acts for any pronoun or subject: "I ain't ready yet. See more. All Free. Yee-haw!" The same dialects that use "Ain't" also use double-negatives to express negatives and intense negatives. It might be, “am I not?”, “I’m doing all right, am I not?”  That’s correct but a little awkward—and, in today’s casual conversation, perhaps unduly proper. My name is Carly and I am a 20 year-old from small town Nebraska. In the cases of “could of” and “I could care less,” remember the old standby: Think about the meaning of what you’re saying. (Speech) by Sojourner Truth. For years, teachers have warned against using the word ain’t, apparently with some success.Emily Hummell from Boston sent us a poem that may have contributed: “Don’t say ain’t / your mother will faint / your father will fall in a bucket of paint/ your sister will cry / your brother will sigh / the cat and dog will say … @tchrist: If "NNS" means "non-native speaker", then I don't think it's a native vs. non-native thing, but rather a linguist vs. non-linguist thing. The example from page 620 uses the sentence “Nobody don’t like me.”. Ain't definition is - am not : are not : is not. When teaching children a language, whether it be a first language or a second; it is ideal to teach children these skills before they hit puberty. Flip that around and shorten it into a contraction, and it’s even clunkier: “I’m doing all right, amn’t I?”, A worse alternative is “aren’t I?”  That suggests the construction, “I are doing all right, aren't I?”, Random House, in its usage section, offers a better option: “I’m doing all right, isn’t that so?”  Simpler yet, try this: “Am I doing all right?”  And remember, “all right” is two words, “all”–with two l’s--and “right.”. 1 decade ago. Treat it like spicy mustard; don’t make a whole sandwich from it. (Speech) Ain't I a Woman? Now let’s imagine that someone tells you something that makes no difference to you. Moskowitz, B. “Ain’t ain’t a word, and I ain’t gonna say it” Some of you may recognize this saying or something similar to it from growing up. Blah, Blah, Blah! I’m still young so the more I can do now, the better! To quote the famous opening lines of the first-ever talking picture, The Jazz Singer: “Wait a minute, wait a minute! Although, some people still choose to use it. Does conducting a speech require education? "ain't" as "have not" I don't think I've ever heard "ain't" meaning "have not" except where "have" is an auxiliary - "I ain't a clue" sounds strange to me (it would mean "I'm not a clue"), but "I ain't got a clue" (heard quite frequently on EastEnders) sounds … A professional linguist explains why ain't isn't a four letter word. comes from the song "aint i" by yung la ft. young dro & t.i. ALL words were made up at one point or another. For today’s English lesson, let’s have a look at this non-standard verb and how it … Show My Results. Let’s assume someone says, “I’m doing all right, ain’t I?”  Well, what is “ain’t I” replacing?

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