Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Many are afraid that the decision to reinstate the monument as a mosque puts the depth of the Hagia Sophia’s history at risk Razmig Bedirian. Oct 21, 2020 | 13:24. in Carousel Front Page, Orthodoxy. The minbar is a structure for the leaders of the Islamic prayers to deliver speeches. This mosaic shows John II, one of the emperors of the Komnenos Dynasty. Hagia Sophia is a former church and museum and declared as one of the world’s greatest architectural works and accepted as the 8th wonder of the world. Of course, not only earthquakes but also the enormous pressure created by the central dome has an effect on this. Read the site’s full Privacy / Disclosure policy here. I am a retired radiologist and like writing and taking photographs as my hobbies. The atmosphere is pretty breathtaking and you feel a bit like a time traveler, surrounded by ancient history. Very beautiful! However, since I could not find the rightful owner, I cannot specify his name here. Michael Powell. I was pretty lucky and didn’t really have to wait at all! The Byzantine elements of Hagia Sophia are present in the interior's grand dome, its massive marble pillars, and the intricate mosaics of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, angels, and saints that were uncovered when the building was transformed from a mosque into a museum. Required fields are marked *. The Hagia Sophia has … Then, when the Ottomans took over the city in 1453, the church was converted into a mosque, serving as Istanbul's main mosque for nearly 500 years. Indeed, what changed the fate of Istanbul was that the Roman emperor Constantine declared Byzantium the second capital. Thanks, Andrea! Private Byzantine History Tour in Istanbul, Church of the Monastery of Christ Pantocrator. According to the Chronicon Paschale, the church was consecrated on 15 February 360, during the reign of the emperor Constantius II (r. 337–361), by the Arian bishop Eudoxius of Antioch, it was built next to the area where the Great Palace was being developed. Walk around. This lively environment will give you the opportunity to take beautiful photos of Hagia Sophia from the outside. I do walking tours in Istanbul focusing on Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman history. Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya in Turkish) can be considered as the best and the most visited sights in Istanbul together with the neighboring Topkapi Palace. - Wallpaper Abyss Travel looks very different right now depending on where you're from and where you're going. The General Directorate of Institutions which is under the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, announced a tender for the construction of toilets inside Hagia Sophia, Ethnos reported.. Two years ago Turkish History professor, İlber Ortaylı, had warned of the dangers of such a move for the building. A Dangerous Business is a participant in several affiliate programs. This is Serhat Engul. When there was no male heir in the dynasties, the new emperor was determined through marriage. Walking into the Hagia Sophia for the first time is a moment in my life that I will never, ever forget. Hagia Sophia (/ ˈ h ɑː ɡ i ə s oʊ ˈ f iː ə /; from Koinē Greek: Ἁγία Σοφία, romanized: Hagía Sophía; Latin: Sancta Sophia, lit. Giant columns allegedly brought from the Temple of Artemis in the Ancient City of Ephesus can be seen on the right. However, the remains of the second church built by Theodosius II can be seen in the courtyard. As far as using my photos, it’s fine if it’s just in a newsletter or on Facebook, but I’d prefer if you didn’t publish them on another website anywhere unless you can give me credit/link back to my site. This blog post contains affiliate links. The danger for the structure of Hagia Sophia is pointed out by the recent assignment for the construction of toilets in Hagia Sophia, a competition that provokes the reactions of the scientists. Its looks have constantly been changed through the ages. It has been the largest cathedral for 1000 years until the Seville Cathedral was built. Marble Jars brought from Pergamon, columns brought from Ephesus and finally these Bronze Doors brought from Tarsus. My most favourite building on earth, I could visit it every day. Read the full disclosure policy, In Photos: Inside the Magnificent Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Palace soldiers guarding Byzantine emperors consisted of Scandinavian-origin soldiers. Though covered and uncovered more than once throughout the history, mosaics outstand on the walls of this masterpiece. In the Islamic tradition, only Allah has the power to create life, and so they did not create artistic depictions of the human form. Author of this blog, Serhat Engul, is a licensed tour guide based in Istanbul. Your email address will not be published. But the fear is that Erdogan’s decree puts the Hagia Sophia’s cross-cultural legacy, and its mosaics, at risk. The conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque was one of the main reasons the Orthodox Public Affairs Committee (OPAC) I only had 2 days in Istanbul, but I still considered going back to the Hagia Sophia for a second time. For this reason, I am grateful to the person who took this photo. We will never know if some things about medieval history are true. So if you’d like to save time and money, it’s a good idea to get a combined ticket. "It's a dangerous business, going out your door. In this mosaic dating from the 9th century, Byzantine emperor Leo VI the Wise kneels before Jesus. The most beautiful mosaics in Hagia Sophia are on the second floor. Each round marble has its own original color. They intended to remove them when the mosque was converted into a museum. Hagia Sophia overlooking the Bosphorus, situated in Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul. Story, Concept & Hosted by Maya Singh Camera, Direction & Post-production Vikramaditya Singh. Inside the Hagia Sophia. From the date of its dedication in 360 until 1453, it served as the Greek Patriarchal cathedral of Consta… “What will we do if 3.5 million visitors a year ‘leaving behind’ one litre each? The recent change in jurisdiction to Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs came on the 126-year anniversary of the 1894 earthquake that greatly damaged the building. It is one of the most beautiful among “Christ Pantocrator Mosaics” in Istanbul. The danger for the structure of Hagia Sophia is pointed out by the recent assignment for the construction of toilets in Hagia Sophia, a competition that provokes the reactions of the scientists. It is an ancient monument revered by different ideologies for centuries. Hagia Sophia virtual tours can be started by clicking the preview window or by downloading the stand-alone versions. In 1985, Hagia Sophia became an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Istanbul Clues travel guide is designed to introduce you to the history, museums, restaurants and culture of istanbul. Hagia Sophia was the most important church of the city in the Byzantine period and the most important mosque in the Ottoman period. Enjoy a guided tour inside and see the … Built originally back in the year 537 as the cathedral church of Constantinople on the orders of the Roman emperor Justinian I, this Byzantine structure has seen the rise and fall of two empires, as well as the birth of a modern nation. Apart from this, the terrace of hotels such as Four Seasons Sultanahmet, Adamar Hotel and Hotel Arcadia Blue are also suitable for taking panoramic photos like this one. Hagia Sophia-14. The Hagia Sophia is a domed monument built as a cathedral and is now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. You’ve really captured it’s grand and stoic presence in these photos, too – a great advert for Istanbul . For more information, please read my Disclaimer. I loved it that much! admin Leave a Comment on In Photos: Inside the Magnificent Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. I’m just a small-town Ohio girl trying to balance a “normal” life with a desire to discover the world beyond my Midwest bubble. • Only Patheon in Rome has slightly bigger dome than the dome of Hagia Sophia … The General Directorate of Institutions which is under the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, announced a tender for the construction of toilets inside Hagia Sophia, Ethnos reported.. Two years ago Turkish History professor, İlber Ortaylı, had warned of the dangers of such a move for the building. The huge wooden panels bear the names of Allah, Mohammed and his grandsons; Hasan & Hussein and four caliphates. Transcript. This historical work was added to Hagia Sophia during the Ottoman period. In the mosaic depicting the Judgment day, Jesus, Mary and John the Baptist can be seen. Reversing Ataturk’s secular legacy plays well among Turkish nationalists, for whom the museum inside the Hagia Sophia long represented a humiliating foreign imposition and a … image caption There was only space inside Hagia Sophia for 1,000 people at a time. Take a seat and simply listen to the peaceful quietness. That gave me a sense of awe at the time, but these photos are gorgeous. After passages from the Koran were read inside the Hagia Sophia, the Greek foreign ministry said it was "an unacceptable attempt to alter the site's designation as a monument" and "also an affront to the religious sentiment of Christians" worldwide. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It is famous for its enormous and breathtaking dome, that still soars over the nave of the church. Ce monument fut la fierté d'empires successifs. SHARE. The round marbles you will see on the ground in the photo were where the coronation was held. These drawings, commonly known as “Viking Script”, are one of the things that Scandinavian people who come to Hagia Sophia are especially looking for. Dedicated on December 26th, 537 by the emperor Justinian, the great church of Haghia Sophia was the religious centre of the Byzantine Empire for nine hundred years. The dome we now see is the second, which has been extensively repairs over the years. It is an architectural intelligence and the first masterpiece in Byzantine architecture. Justinian’s Hagia Sophia is the one that stands today. The ''Emperor Door'' is the largest inside Hagia Sophia. It served as a center of religious, political, and artistic life for the Byzantine world and has provided us with many useful scholarly insights into the period. In this article, I will share the pictures I took in Hagia Sophia in 2016 and the years that followed. July 16, 2020. The fact that it was able to resist earthquakes and time is proof of how advanced Byzantine mosaic art was. Learn how your comment data is processed. We’ll be in Istanbul for 5-7? Inscripted by M. ‘’Izzet Efendi’’, the eight calligraphic roundels of Hagia Sophia were placed by Fossatis during the Sultan Abdulmejid reign. For more than a thousand years, the original basilica served as the seat of the Patriarchate of the Byzantine capital of Constantinople. Join the ADB Community! I wish you a nice holiday in Istanbul! I hope the articles I posted on this site help you in planning your Istanbul trip. The Hagia Sophia began its journey as a blink-and-you-miss wooden roofed structure. Hagia Sophia: Istanbul's Mystery. This mosaic is seen as a renaissance of Byzantine art. It is a good experience to take a close look at the mosaic where the colors look original like the first day. Ottoman sultans also made various attempts to decorate Hagia Sophia. You can find freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, sweet corn and roasted chestnuts in the square, which is full of tourists at any time of the day. • When Hagia Sophia was a church 50 foot silver iconostasis was decorating inside, now it is on display in the museum. You can use the photos in your own blog by linking to this article. To install the listed sites as a screensaver press F5. The Hagia Sophia, for me, represented the bits about Istanbul that fascinate me the most — the history of conquest; the clash and merger of “East” and “West”; and differing religions existing side by side. All Rights Reserved | Church-turned-mosque-turned-museum. In Photos: Inside the Magnificent Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Last updated on: August 12, 2020. “What will we do if 3.5 million visitors a year ‘leaving behind’ one litre each? I feel like it would be quite easy to just sit there for a long time. The use of the 1,400-year-old Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, which has been a cathedral, a mosque and is now a museum, is being reviewed by Turkey‘s highest court, after a request to convert it back into an Islamic place of worship. Before the Hagia Sophia was built, the most important church of Constantinople was the Church of the Holy Apostles. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to restore Hagia Sophia to a house of worship is only the latest twist in … In other words, some of the most important decisions in the history of Christianity were made in the section behind this door. In the meantime, you can overlook the mosaic of the Byzantine Emperor Leon VI on the imperial gate and the golden ceiling mosaics adorning the interior corridor. Interior Photos of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. Among them, the mosaic called Deesis is the most famous. The lodge, where noble women from the Byzantine palace watched the coronation and religious ceremonies. As a descendant of Basil II, one of the most important emperors of Byzantine history, Zoe was a famous empress. Miel 140 . 15954. When the Ottoman Empire finally fell in 1931, the Hagia Sophia was closed for four years, eventually being re-opened to the public as a museum in 1935. SHARE. Download royalty-free Decorative interior of the Beautiful Hagia Sofia Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey stock photo 11607977 from Depositphotos collection of millions of premium high-resolution stock photos, vector images and illustrations. From: Inside Story Hagia Sophia: A matter of sovereignty or a narrow-minded act? Picture: Jeison Higuita/Unsplash. I need to return to Istanbul one day soon. facebook shares. Here’s an example of a combined ticket that includes Hagia Sophia access. Leading representatives of the state and the church stood in each spot. 0. Enter the magnificent Hagia Sophia, which is the world’s largest place of worship, built by Emperor Justinian in 532 AD. Nearly moved to tears as I stood, open-mouthed, at the magnificent interior of this building took me completely off-guard; I never expected a bit of ancient architecture to affect me THAT much. Home » Turkey » In Photos: Inside the Magnificent Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Hagia Sophia is a vast domed basilica that towers to height of a 15 story building. Your email address will not be published. • Eastern Orthodox Church focused on Hagia Sophia for 1000 years as an important place. When you start touring Hagia Sophia, you will first see these ruins in the garden. Istanbul Travel: Inside the Hagia Sophia. Be sure to check local restrictions and be willing to adhere to any and all safety regulations before planning a trip to any of the places you may read about on this site. If requested, I can provide full resolution versions for academic studies. With its ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman heritage, Istanbul was the imperial capital throughout most of its history. 5. The History of ByzantiumThe Roman Empire proved too vast togovern. As you can imagine, visiting this site today is quite an interesting and fascinating experience. In Hagia Sophia, there were a total of four-winged angel figures constructed somewhere between 900-500 A.D., depicting the four biblical angels that are believed to guard heaven. Trouver des images haute résolution de qualité dans la banque d'images Getty Images. The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul has been many things, from a Greek Orthodox basilica to an Ottoman imperial mosque to the museum it is today. A view from inside Hagia Sophia looking up at the dome. Absolutely stunning! 0. Inside The Hagia Sophia. Voir cette photo intitulée Inside The Hagia Sophia. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has defended the move to reconvert Hagia Sophia into a mosque. 0. This post was written by Amanda Williams. Yet another reason to linger about on the upper level of Hagia Sophia's golden inside. You will see a ceremonial fountain while leaving the Hagia Sophia. Visitors can pay a visit to the tomb of Huseyin Aga, who was the founder of the mosque. All photographs were taken by the author and copy rights belong to Serhat Engul. Justinian, who built the Hagia Sophia, symbolically presents the church to the holy family. Inside Hagia Sophia after Turkey's president converted it into a mosque 7/10/2020. Additional restorations followed that aimed at preserving both the Christian and Islamic pasts of the building. I felt this way at the Taj Mahal. But I had to wait a long long line to enter it. This photo is useful for viewing the interior of Hagia Sophia from a bird’s eye view. by The Guide Team; Posted on 7 October 2019 12 August 2020; The Hagia Sophia has served as both a shrine of peace and an everlasting fountain of mystery through the centuries. Deesis Mosaic is a 13th century Byzantine art work. Filed Under: OLD CITY Tagged With: Hagia Sophia. Cuivre 120 . The vast, domed structure overlooked the Golden Horn … Thanks to their donations, they were immortalized with a mosaic in Hagia Sophia. One of the most impressive views inside Hagia Sophia is that the Imperial Gate and The Apse appear simultaneously from the outer corridor. I just shared the photo I took from the Empress Lodge. But perhaps the… Did you know there's a cat living inside Istanbul's Hagia Sophia? Or 40 . When Constantinople was captured during the Fourth Crusade in 1204, Hagia Sophia was ransacked and desecrated by the crusaders. The Doge of Venice (Enrico Dandolo) who commanded the invasion of the city is buried inside the basilica.Hagia Sophia was a Roman Catholic cathedral until 1261 when the Byzantines recaptured the city. I mentioned in the “Hagia Sophia Architecture” article how these churches were destroyed and rebuilt. The most beautiful photos can be taken in the late afternoon. L'un des endroits touristiques les plus importants d'Istanbul est Little Hagia Sophia, à seulement quelques minutes à pied de la grande mosquée bleue. By Aslıgül Armağan. Albâtre : Bonus: Recherches: Produit Points Forge toutes les 24 heures. It was so beautiful. It’s one of the reasons I love traveling in Europe – so much old architecture to gawk at! While visiting the upper floor, you can see how much Hagia Sophia was affected by earthquakes over time. July 16, 2020. You may see the details of this tour on the HOMEPAGE of the blog. Use the scroll wheel to zoom at the details. Istanbul is on our summer list (along with Cairo and Jordan). It’s amazing. Hello explorer of Istanbul! May 21, 2013. This time, I am sharing the image of the lodge from the ground floor. We will visit Hagia Sophia and will see how it looks like today after changing her status to mosque again. Isidore of Miletus & Anthemius of Tralles for Emperor Justinian, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, 532-37 (photo: Steven Zucker , CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) It is an architectural intelligence and the first masterpiece in Byzantine architecture. Exploring Istanbul. Kgbinwanderland.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. I am a licensed tour guide operating in Istanbul. The angel mosaic after it was uncovered at Hagia Sophia … Nothing remained from the first church built by Constantine the Great. Jan 19, 2017 - Hagia Sophia (from the Greek: Ἁγία Σοφία, "Holy Wisdom"; Latin: Sancta Sophia or Sancta Sapientia; Turkish: Ayasofya) is a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. I remember in middle school having to write about the Hagia Sophia and researching it online. We will also talk about its history and secrets which are kept inside. Hagia Sophia has had a rich and turbulent history, changing hands between Christians and Muslims and having its doors open to all as a secular building from 1935 to 2020. However, they couldn’t go through the doors. I was only in Istanbul for about 2 days unfortunately – it was never meant to be on my original itinerary last summer! She had to marry 3 times for the continuation of the Byzantine dynasty. This image should be the most beautiful photograph that includes the dome of Hagia Sophia.

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