The SE215’s bass is not quite as deep or noteworthy as the 315. Treble is different in both, Shure is well balanced. The SE215 is able to show what the company is capable of. Without using any EQ I like the FA9 the best right now. Shure SE215 Shop now at Amazon. How are they compared to the regular ones? These are amazing earbuds. The scoring that appears on this site is determined by the site operator in its sole discretion, and should NOT be relied upon for accuracy purposes. I'm talking about the capture of things like echoing or distances (be more 3D than 2D). Differences. Shure isn't going to give you all for $99, but I'm very satisfied with how much is there. SE215 has too much bass and sounds heavy and not clean. Shure SE215 BT2 Wireless Sound Isolating... Shure SE215 BT2 Wireless Sound Isolating Earbuds, Premium Audio with Deep Bass, Single Driver, Bluetooth 5, Secure In-Ear Fit - Clear $79.00 The cable connects to the chassis via a MMCX connector. Shure has managed to get themselves into a lower price bracket (they have historically been known to be quite expensive) …. its for my shure SE215 and Grado 80i on a iPod classic. Shure SE215 MSRP: $99 Amazon link. Arch-Supremacy Member . Frequency response: 15 Hz ~ 40 kHz 4. Silicone tips tend to promote bass while foam tips calm it. Considering good value for money along with great sound, the RHA MA750s are better and definitely bang for the buck. F9 Pro has the same dynamic driver inside, so the bass amounts and qualities are quite similar with F9, but the midrange and the top end feels more vivid and lively on F9Pro, the high end extension being quite noticeable better on F9Pro. And yes, earphones can do this, you just have to go up higher in the price chain. Great balanced sound and great fit using Comply foam tips supplied. It has a little pocket on the inside for small accessories (like eartips) and a clip on the outside. Hardware Canucks 1,028,412 views. The sound has a nice character, some mid-bass and clear, detailed midrange which makes for decent easy listening. Foam tips are generally prone to stop keeping their shape or eventually fall apart. Lastly, included in the box is a soft, zipper carrying case. Once donned, it's a comfy and secure fit. This means that guitar strums and vocals have a presence like they're actually there. The earphones also generate little wind noise when outside despite their rippled design. Sound The mids are what it's about in the sound signature. Fiio FH1 MSRP: $75 Amazon link. The SE215 dominates the sub-$100 earphone price bracket. The soundstage presentation of the SE215 isn't wide and doesn't give you a mental image of the how the sounds surround the space. Get in touch. A shame that the cable it's not replaceable. As a result, the FiiO F9 Pro was born. If you're considering stepping up your audio game, you need to think about these. These little guys sound spectacular for $99.Talk about in your face. Shure is not a mainstream brand name, because the manufacturer is more associated with audio gear that isn't quite wallet-friendly. FiiO M11 Android High Resolution Lossless Music Player with aptX HD, LDAC HiFi Bluetooth, USB Audio/DAC,DSD256 Support and WiFi Play Full Touch Screen Whereas both the regular F9 and F5 shipped with Fiio’s HB1 waterproof case included in the packaging, the F9 Pro has both the HB1 case as well as a soft carrying/storage pouch which is much more compact than the HB1. Additionally, passive isolation is different between materials. Because of their similarities in shape and size, they both touch the ear in a similar way, although it’s pretty comfortable. Different eartips can significantly change the impact of certain elements in the sound. Let's check out if the SE215 maintains that philosophy and delivers Shure's awesome sound. The fact that Shure uses the same design across all its models allows the manufacturer to keep some of these same benefits. Check Authenticity. Shure Se215 vs Fiio F9 Pro Home. I reviewed the SRH145 on-ears not too long ago, which surprised me over how much they offer at $39. Fiio F9 Pro + K1 -> where next? Fiio F9 Pro Triple Driver Hybrid Earphones, Answer / Hang up, Play / Pause, Next track, Previous track, Volume, MMCX connectors, Hybrid Technology Earphones, Comfortable and secure fit, Hi-Res audio, Sound Isolating™, Gold-plated MMCX, 360-degree rotation, Includes a zippered carrying case, Etymotic Research ER3-SE In-Ear Headphones, Etymotic Research ER4-SR Studio Reference In-Ear Isolating Earphone, Etymotic Research ER4S-B In-Ear Headphones, Shure SE535-CL-E Premium Sound Isolating Earphones, Westone UM Pro 10 Single Driver IEM Earphones, Westone AM Pro 10 Single Driver IEM Earphones, Etymotic Research ER3-XR In-Ear Headphones, Etymotic Research ER4-XR In-Ear Headphones, RHA CL750 Noise Isolating Precision High Impedance In-Ear Headphones, Fiio FA1 Single Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors, Tin Audio T3 Dynamic Hybrid driver In-Ear Earphones, Best Selfie Sticks to Capture the Best Moments. More info, Copyright © 2020 [WTA] Portable amp cmoy vs Fiio. AMP AMP. The F9 Pro has an impedance of 28 ohms and a relatively high sensitivity of 106 dB/mW, making it easy to drive out of any device we used for testing, but surprisingly it did not hiss when used with our most powerful headphone amplifier. This ability helps ensure that these headphones will be long-lived investment.The cable that Shure includes is pretty standard - comprised of a black, smooth finish wrapping. FiiO F9 vs FiiO F9Pro - F9Pro is the bigger brother of F9, with improved Knowles Drivers, although they are almost double F9's price. The SE215 packaging include three sizes of both silicone and foam tips, to suit your fancy.I also have to mention that Shure's signature black tips (dubbed Shure "Olives") don't really wear out in my use. Advertiser Disclosure. And there's almost no microphonics as you move around (because the noise gets dampened by your ear before it gets to your ear canal). Of course you will forgo the HB1’s waterproof capability if opting for the soft case. My preferred budget is sub-$250 (CAD, after taxes), but I do have some play. Except as expressly set forth in our Terms of Use, all representations and warranties regarding the information presented on this page are disclaimed. The cable is made of a hard plastic, instead of a rubber coating, so very noisy. I have Shure SE846, Shure SE215, Fearless S8Z, Sennheiser IE80s, BGVP DM6, DROP + JVC HA-FDX1, Fiio FH5 and now the Fiio FA9. It's semi-transparent, so you can peak in and see the tiny micro driver that does the audio magic. FiiO LC-BT2 Neckband MMCX Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone Cable with aptX LL/LDAC, 24H Playtime, Microphone and Remote for FiiO/Shure SE215 SE315 SE425 SE535 (MMCX) 4.2 out of 5 stars 71. Shure seems to rather focus on a design that's functional than eye-pleasing. LTD. Momentum IN-EAR vs SHURE se215 - Duration: 8:12. I can tell that bass is much better and deeper in Shure. Fiio have also carefully considered ergonomics when designing the F9. It will continue to be sold alongside the F9. Shure doesn't just do this to stray from the herd, there's a reason. When talking about earphones, eartips are a sensitive subject. $69.99. Triple Driver Hybrid In-ear Monitors. ... FiiO F9 Pro Headphones Unboxing - Duration: 1:54. 4:27. X. … The cable is a really nice material and doesn't curl up like some annoying materials. They both have unique strengths and weakness, with the FH5 preferring music that relies on low frequency energy and quick transient response for emotional impact. The FiiO F9 Pro is the new top tier balanced IEM from FiiO and the first to use a brand new triple-driver hybrid design, with each channel (L/R) is composed of one dynamic and dual balanced Knowles TWK-30017-000 armature drivers. When I reviewed the FiiO F9, I was impressed by the sound quality and especially the build & design for 99$. FiiO Earphones-Born for Music. Final ThoughtsShure has captured me with its sound, and I'm really glad that its making itself more accessible with an affordable price. However, it's way better than Shure SE215 with an equal price. Available in wireless and wired versions with detachable cables in multiple color options. Introductions, Help and Recommendations. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. The stiffness doesn't let the user wrap the cable snugly around the ear. Shure SE215 product page, Black, Black,Translucent, Blue, Clear, Transparent. Available colors: Editiorial reviews: N/A. Address: 223/224, Raj Ratna Industrial Estate, Liberty Garden, Near American Spring Company, Malad (West), Mumbai 400064, Maharashtra, India. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. 1More Triple Driver In-Ear vs Shure SE215 Side-by-Side Headphones Comparison - They also have the in line remote which is a good plus. This is a real shame because it does detract from an overall impressive sound. Shure has now provided us one of its entry-level earphones to review for you guys - the SE215.The SE line of in-ears ranges from $50 all the way up to $1,000. On one hand, the earhook of the FH1 is more … [row][double_paragraph][/double_paragraph][double_paragraph][/double_paragraph] [/row] 1 year ago. It's angled just right, so that it aims directly at your eardrum.Something you won't find on earphones at this price point is removable cables. There is a symmetrical Y-splitter down about 13" from the earpieces, with a chin slider to help with cable movement. With the F9 Pro, you get a: hard case and a soft carrying pouch, 12 pairs of tips, a 3.5mm cable, a 2.5mm balanced cable, a house in Bangalore, a new Maruti Baleno, and … The FiiO F9 Pros are without a doubt the best overall balance of sound quality, comfort and flexibility. Both are IEM’s. I'll jump right to it and say that Shure maintains its excellent audio prowess. That's not so with the Olives in my lengthy experience with them.If you haven't worn earphones of this design, there is a slight learning curve. Additionally, this design allows the user to covertly route the cable down their back if it's preferred.I would say that Shure could do better with the thicker "memory" wire that is on the portion of the cable that routes around the ear. Weight: 21g The cable is very long and is made from a very sturdy and durable material. The total cable length is 64", and the headphone jack is right-angled The one uniting factor — apart from the triple drivers (2 balanced and 1 armature) setup — of the 1More Triple Drivers and FiiO F9 pro are the box contents of the IEMs. The SE215 are no doubt one of the best earphones out there for $99. This go over your ears and provide such a comfortable fit. It's a shame that there is no way to adjust the sound on the headphones. It doesn't hide, it's very relevant in the overall sound, which is great. You get so many accessories with the earphones that you can donate some to your family and friends. I listen to a wide range of music (usually FLAC or 320 kbps MP3) and through my Fiio E07k. But you can get nit-picky and say that the treble doesn't extend as far as it could (higher pitches get rolled-off).Depth is where I can hear compromise. It isn't just the typical stick-in and you're done. Fiio F9 Pro IEM - Brief ... and similar priced Shure and Westone iems around that price no longer seem to be universally recommended. Cables Cables ... F9. I was blown away by the sound,comfort and isolation of these. Plain and simple fantastic iem sound and build. But they also want to step up to the next level and quickly improve with each product they launch. It is the baseline, which considerately starts off with the company's quality audio reproduction and engaging sound signature. 1. Buy now. 4.2 out of 5 stars 48 ratings. The information which appears on this site is subject to change at any time. Cable length: 120cm 6. [row][double_paragraph][/double_paragraph][double_paragraph][/double_paragraph] [/row] Manufacturers have a slightly different approach to try to capture a good fit among most people and transfer the exact sound signature that they hope to. Some people don’t like the short cycles in terms of product releases, but seeing a company … Build is similar in shape/comfort, but they're metal so they'd probably last a fair bit longer. The comfort of these is even more amazing than the sound. [spacer color="264C84" icon="fa-music"] Detachable cable is durable enough to withstand everyday wear. Overview – FiiO FH5 vs Shure SE425 Comparison Review Overall, the FiiO FH5 and the Shure SE425 are very different sets of in-ear-monitors and should be spoken of as such. The FiiO F9 Pro is a revision of the existing F9 IEM and will sell at a slightly higher price of $139.99. Shure SE215 LIMITED EDITION. ORIGIN MARKETING PVT. Just as I thought that the F9 could’ve been better in some ways, there came the FiiO F9 Pro. 3. Archived. The stiffness does let up slightly over time though. Reply April 5, 2018 alberto Another new inclusion is an additional storage/carrying case. The shure 215 (but as far as I know also the 315) seems to sound a little "worst" than the triple driver anyway shires have better noise isolation. It's inconvenient at first, but eventually becomes second-nature.You'll realize after a while why many audio manufacturers these days choose this kind of design. ... which one is better? Foam tips excel with sound isolation.Shure is generous when it comes to eartips. When you're going for a long run, that's exactly what you want. Thread starter WaffleBoy; Start date Mar 25, 2018; post-14126887. The whole sound signature is so balanced and cleanly delivered. Fiio F9 Pro vs Shure SE215-CL; Product Comparison: Fiio F9 Pro vs Shure SE215-CL. I do like them a fair bit more than SE215's. SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones provide legendary sound in a secure, over–the-ear design for long-lasting comfort and immersive audio. Earphone Earphone. ¥ 398.00. Disclaimer: The FiiO F9 Pro sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. Fiio F9 vs Shure SE215. The cable is a bit thick from the splitter to the jack, but not stiff. Likely the best quality sound you can experience for the price. The fit, sound isolation, and removable cable push the value even further. On the other hand, it is a favorite among the audiophile community because the company knows how to bring some kickin' sound that is equally engaging as it is high quality.As of late, Shure sought to reach out to more audio lovers by filling in its lower price gap. Anyone managed to give them a listen? The pulse of thumping beats can make you feel superhuman. To learn more about FiiO reviews on Headfonics you can click here. *For my sound trials, I used the LG V10 (HiFi SABRE 9018 DAC setting) and Tidal HiFi music samples.Now we get to the meat of the review - the sound quality. The SE215 costs about $124 while the SE425 cost $384 (both after taxes). The sound quality is amazing, everything is just so right. Replacement Cable for MMCX Connector Headphones. level 1. A good example is between silicone and foam tips. View more> F9SE. [spacer color="264C84" icon="fa-music"] While the sound reproduction sounds great, it could use extension to fill out the space, if you will. [row][double_paragraph][/double_paragraph][double_paragraph][/double_paragraph] [/row]Usability It's quite a long cable, so can flap about a bit when working out. DesignI wouldn't necessarily call the SE215 a looker. Forums. Phone: +91 (022) 40224087 / 2883 5886 / 2880 1335 WhatsApp: 9870294946 Get in Touch: FiiO certainly knows how to make bang for buck products as we know them for a long time now. Their fit is slightly difference because of the way the cables’ earhooks differ. hi all. 3 editorial reviews. I’m testing Shure SE 215 and FiiO F9 Pro. Fiio F9 Shop now at Amazon. LC2.5C/3.5C/4.4C. We thank FiiO for this opportunity. Help and Getting Started. Impedance: 28Ω 2. They’re both manufactured by Shure and look similar. In other words, it hits with plenty of strength, but I wouldn't call this a basshead's headphone. Though not especially compact, the F9 is a far from a large in-ear, about the same size as the Shure SE215, with long but low-profile housings that make them perfect to sleep on. The SE215’s do not have a bass port while the 315’s do. I have had the SE215s for around 3 months now--first impressions here-- and got my FH1s around three days ago--first impressions here.I bought the FH1s to use at my workstation and for on-the-go listening and had bought the SE215s to just try out IEMs with a earhook design. SHURE SE215 FAKE en Aliexpress(link actualizado 27-1-19): ... Review FiiO F9: in-ear triple driver por 120€ - Duration: 4:27. In FiiO treble is too intensive, not very natural however it’s a good quality. The comfort is amazing too. Mar 25, 2018 at 4:45 AM. Thread Starter Post #1 of 2 WaffleBoy Head-Fier. Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from certain companies that appear on the site, and such compensation impacts the location and order in which the companies (and/or their products) are presented, and in some cases may also impact the scoring that is assigned to them. I could use a bit more sub-bass; it doesn't go very deep. FiiO F9 SE Triple Driver Hybrid in-Ear Monitors (Black) by FiiO. Traditional earphones just have the cable fall in front of you. Contents1 Why We Like It – Shure SE2151.1 Performance1.2 Design1.3 Value1.4 Shure SE215 Wrap Up 9.2Expert RatingThe Shure SE215 is one of the best earbuds with an under $100 price tag on the market today. Instead, it awkwardly goes up and over. Driver configuration: Triple hybrid (9.2mm Dynamic driver + 2 Balanced Armature drivers) 3. Deciding between them and TDK IE800.. _____ FiiO X3 -> Unique Melody Miracle WTS: BNIB Zowie G-TF Speed mousepad, CDs 07-02-2013, 10:56 AM #2: darkarn. ­ All Rights Reserved. It certainly beats the sound of your own labored breathing. But despite the price, Shure is very careful to give you the most for your money and not compromise on the audio enjoyment that it excels at. Zococity 9,096 views. Buy Yinyoo 4 Core Alloy IEM Earphone Cable with 3.5mm Audio Plug for Shure UE900 SE215 SE315 SE846 SE535 SE425 fiio f9 LZ A4 A5 (MMCX 4.4MM, Copper) online at low price in India on nothing fancy but would love to hear yer input If you would invest in an LOD as well with the amp, you will definitely appreciate the improvement. When the cable goes around your ear it helps tremendously with microphonics (noise from the cable rubbing on you).The chassis is a glossy, hard plastic that feels solid. Both have good noise isolation. It's a common standard along audio gear.Here's the kicker of this feature: If your cable fails (which isn't uncommon), you can simply buy another and swap it out. Sitting in my ear, the FiiO FH1 and the Shure SE215 feel very similar. Shure is not trying to bias out ear-candy, it wants to give you the full impact of the recording.The bass is delicate while still being very relevant. The over ear cables provided are very comfortable, even while working out. Most of my looking around point me in the direction of Shure SE425 vs. the SE215. It also adds a fullness to the music that many headphone reproductions lack. Player Player. The F9 Pro’s Frequency response, according to Fiio, is in the “Hi-Res Audio” range of 15 Hz to 40 kHz. You sorta need to position the earpiece, stick it in, and then fit the cable around your ear. Sensitivity: 106 dB/mW 5. The sound is fed into your ear via a stem that extends from the chassis. I will say I've only recently gotten into the Audiophile world. Using Fiio M11, I use 4.4mm and 3.5mm cables trying to find different experiences. 4.5 / 5. 8:12. Both have a detachable cable, and their cables are the same length. I'd agree with that from the perspective that in-ears aren't really that noticeable when donned, especially compared over-ears.Almost all of Shure's SE earphones follow the same design - a jellybean-shaped chassis with a cable that is meant to route over your ears. Gold-plated MMCX connector has a lock-snap mechanism allowing 360-degree rotation for a comfortable fit. In fact, Company/product listings on this page DO NOT imply endorsement by the site operator. The separation between instruments is really amazing. FiiO LC-2.5C 2.5mm Hand-Woven,8-Stranded High-Purity Monocrystalline Silver-Plated Copper Balanced MMCX Replacement Cable for Shure SE215 SE315 SE846 SE535 SE425/JVC/FiiO FH5 … The right music doesn't soothe the savage beast, it makes the beast more savage. Cable length is also good, again was fine for djing, but also a good length to allow the cable to be tucked inside your jacket but will still allow comfortable use of your phone. But the definition is thoughtful.My opinion of the treble is almost exactly the same. Bluetooth Bluetooth.

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