The lifespan of common octopus, which is most widely found species, ranges between 1 to 2 years. Octopus, meaning ‘eight footed’, are one of the most fascinating and intelligent species in the sea.They are classified as Cephalopods (translated as a head with feet), and are related to Cuttlefish, Squid, and the Nautilus.In fact, marine scientists believe that the octopus evolved from the Nautilus some 490 million years ago, well before there were fish in the seas and animals on land. These amazing cephalopods have been measured to 12 cm (mantle l… Boyle, P. (1983). Octopus mercatoris, the Caribbean dwarf octopus, is a small octopus species native to the Caribbean Sea region of the Atlantic Ocean.. In other words, sex and procreation usher in the death march for octopi. Males reach sexual maturity at 140 days of age with females doing so in 150 days. Secondly, yet another surprising fact sets the fascinating animal apart from its kin. This octopus gets its name from the false eye spot under each real eye. As I mentioned above, I generally prefer to use a well-sealed aquarium with an open sump in which to keep the skimmer and filtration, but a carefully sealed tank without a sump can work just as well, provided you have a reasonably large tank (say at least 30 gallons for an octopus whose head is about the size of a mandarin orange) and good filtration. The life expectancy of octopuses is one of the shortest among marine animals, with some species having a lifespan of mere 6 months. (1984). Paste as plain text instead, × Remove all; … This video is unavailable. Caribbean Reef Octopus Its scientific name is Octopus … Humann, P. (1992). al., 1984). Anderson, G. (2004). N/A: United Nations Development Program. Over 3 inches of that is the arms so the mantle part of the body isn’t very much to work with at all. These animals are also not endangered and present great laboratory specimens for study (Oceana, 1979; Hanlon & Forsythe, 1985). … Loading... Close. This is their coloring though when they are in their normal state. Marine Science. These creatures are generally a top tier predator among coral reefs and other habitats preying mostly on crustaceans and small fish. 3. (2008). The Caribbean Octopus will do best in an aquarium if provided with plenty of live rock, ample hiding places and a … They have a very quick growth rate too due to the whirlwind life span for them. In fact, due to their environment, the Caribbean Reef octopus’ size varies quite a … Until the octopus becomes an adult, the creature is vulnerable. They also do most of their hunting at night in order to be as stealthy as possible (Boyle, 1983). These intelligent and fascinating creatures unfortunately only live a short time. In the auquarium usa 2002 annual, it says this octopus could be housed in a 10 to 20 - gallon tank. Its lifespan is of about 8 to 10 months. Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. Advances in the Laboratory Culture of Octopuses for Biomedical Research. The average lifespan of dumbo Octopus is around 3 years to 5 years and they are one of the rarest of the Octopus spacious. The octopus lifespan is relatively short, with some living lives that last only six months, but it varies depending on species. One way to definitely tell them apart is by looking at the eyes. They are also a beautiful blue-green color and have a very short lifespan, generally only a year to a year and a half. The Caribbean reef octopus produces eggs (Fig. Caribbean Armstripe Octopus Scientific Name : Octopus burryi Common Name: Caribbean Armstripe Octopus, Brownstriped Octopus Size: Unknown Weight: […] Watch Queue Queue. Octopuses are living in almost every ocean in the world and in most of the seas.They are usually found on the ocean floor, pelagic water and coral reefs. It can change colors according to its surroundings. 95: 1. London: Academic Press. Its lifespan is of about 8 to 10 months. Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Co. Hanlon, R.T. & Forsythe, J.W., (1985). This creature is 20-30 inches in length and weighs just over 3 pounds. Clear editor. It may come as a surprise for many, but the death of these creatures is related to their reproduction process. This illustrates the variable inhabiting ability these creatures possess. It must be close to Halloween . They are able to change the pigment of their body with ease. There are at least 10 species of tiny blue-ringed octopuses, which, ironically for their size, are the most deadly of all cephalopods. This is because other, larger predators do feed on them such as grouper or eels (Oceana, 1979). They are often mistaken for Common Octopus species. This species has an average lifespan of 8–10 months. It has been shown and observed for many years that the Caribbean reef octopus, as with other octopi species, use their extremely sensitive eyesight and touch senses to catch prey. There is also evidence that these creatures will contract certain diseases when living in close quarters with one another. Thus, this creature begins its journey as soon as it hatches, skipping a platonic stage, and within generally three months they are three fourths the size of a mature adult (Oceana, 1979). The Caribbean Reef octopus has eyes with circles of dark colors around them. 44:1. However, their tactic of ambushing prey means they usually attempt to catch slower moving organisms such as crabs.   Pasted as rich text. The male will search the reef during the day for a suitable mate. This animal has four pairs of arms and two eyes. Caribbean reef octopuses, Octopus briareus, are predominately found in the Neotropical region of the world in warm waters.The range of this species stretches from southern Florida in North America, through the southeast coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean, and continues south to the northern coast of South America. In fact, due to their environment, the Caribbean Reef octopus’ size varies quite a bit, which means its overall size is difficult to speculate. The average lifespan of a Bull shark in the wild is 16 years. According to the Everything Octopus website, the juvenile will increase in weight by 5 percent daily until reaching full size. Watch Queue Queue. The young offspring are amazing – able to move quickly through the water and to instinctively find food. At a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, the O. Dofleini or the Giant octopus lives up to five years. Fatal Penetrating Skin Ulcers in Laboratory-Reared Octopus. The Caribbean reef octopus can grow as big as 12 cm with arms as long as 60 cm (Boyle, 1983). Caribbean Reef Octopus Physical Description. (Edited by Delph at 10:14 am on June 3, 2002). @BlennyBoi, it’s a really old thread, from 2001-2002. Octopus Lifespan. With Octopus you can do just that by tailoring your own Caribbean vacation. The eggs hatch in approximately 80 days. Skip navigation Sign in. A female octopus will only reproduce once in her lifetime and males will usually die within weeks or months of breeding. Geographic Range. The octopus does not know if there is actually prey there, yet the creature will net the hiding spot with its body while searching with its tentacles (Oceana, 1979).

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