When an organisation develops something that works, then the question becomes: how can this get to everyone who needs it?

We work with early stage impact ventures, NGOs and social enterprises who developed an effective model that they know is needed in one or more locations.


Our clients come to us knowing that their program or model has strong evidence of impact and effectiveness, and that “scaling” for them means replication. Their core challenges normally evolve around:

  • how to synthesise their proven model effectively
  • how to turn their solution into an adaptable format
  • how to reduce the overheads, costs and people-intensive processes of engaging with multiple potential partners
  • how to create a space for agency, trust, accountability and initiative with each new local partner

We are able to turn existing, proven models into digital toolkits, able to guide even hundreds of potential partners at the same time through the process of:

  • understanding the model and their readiness to take it on
  • validate the initial assumptions in their local context
  • start gathering the initial resources for the set-up

While we encourage Originators and Adopters to connect and collaborate, we also know that the initial understanding of the model, its requirements and first validation steps are very costly, time intensive and complex to coordinate.

The Scaling Tools we provide to each client are composed of:

  1. a Readiness Tool that guides every new adopted through the process of first understanding and validation
  2. a Legal Design Tool to pull together the needed agreements depending on the origin of each party
  3. a Toolkit able to provide each adopter with the guidance needed to learn, adapt and re-create the desired outcomes and impact in their own local context.

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Meet some of our clients to date: