As a general rule, pots as small as 10 inches in diameter … If you love everything basil, then you no doubt have a basil plant growing somewhere in your home! Repeat this process with all branches that have tiny leaves growing. For the plant to remain healthy, grow vigorously, and provide you with plenty of basil this season, it’s important to learn how to prune it correctly. You've moved it to a sunnier spot, you've changed its pot, and you've given it plant food, but your basil is still not producing. Every time you prune the leaves from the top of the basil plant, it allows the plant to create two new branches from the spot that you picked. Given enough space, basil grows between 2-4 feet high and 1-2 feet wide, though you can grow smaller basil plants in little containers. As a rule, when pruning leaves and flowers, a simple pinch of the fingers is adequate. Where the base of each leaf meets the stem, you should see another small set of leaves or very small green knobs. 4. And there you have it, the secret to growing big bushy basil plants! Start by looking for a set of 2 large basil leaves. Where the base of each leaf meets the stem, you should see another small set of leaves (or small green knobs). How to Prune Basil In this article, we'll show you exactly how to prune basil the right way so that your basil plant can produce aromatic leaves over and over again! But some, like you perhaps, may want to just use a few containers for other reasons. The three tips to prune basil include: Start pruning basil when basil plant is about 6 inches tall and has atleast two to three sets of leaves.Cut each stem to the last set of leaves.If the basil plant bolts producing flowers and seeds, pinch off the crown of basil. In a few weeks you’ll see that those tiny leaves turned into new branches, and you can again prune the new branches just above new sets of leaves so those will branch out again. K17A. As soon as flowers become evident, pinch them off so the energy in the plant stays diverted to foliage growth. The small leaves will now grow out in place of the one cut stem between them. Cut back the plant too much, and it’ll not grow back the same again. Step 1: Look for Two Large Leaves Use the pinched leaves or dry them, so there’s no waste. Starting from the bottom of the stem and going upward, count one or two sets of leaves and produce a cut a few centimeters above them. Fill in around the soil until the basil is planted at the same depth it was at in the bed and water thoroughly. It also dries and freezes well so you can have the herb to use all winter long. Believe it or not, if you want a big production of basil, you actually have to prune it, so today we'll show you how to prune basil so you can get the healthiest, biggest crop yet! Ideally, you’d start pruning when your basil plant is still pretty small, with only one or two stems (6-8 leaves) off of the main plant. These are great for indoors. ... How to Prune Overgrown Basil. Basil loves hot weather, and if your plants are flourishing, it’s time to prune (and harvest). There are as many uses for basil as there are types. If the pot is heavy, the compost is too wet, so raise the pot … You can continue cutting the middle stems until your plant is at the desired size, or leave it as is. Fresh basil is great to have in your kitchen as it's very convenient, and will easily thrive in a windowsill! Instructions Identify the spot on the branch where you can clearly see new tiny basil leaves forming. You can learn two of the easiest methods for drying herbs at home in our article here. When you pinch back the stems to the next leaf cluster, you keep the plant from getting leggy and stimulate new growth. How to prune basil flowers. Store-bought basil (Ocimum basilicum) growing in a pot provides fresh leaves for a week or two, but a repotted plant can supply your kitchen for months. Step 2: Cut the Middle Stem When warm temperatures arrive, plant holy basil outside in a prepared bed or container. It will grow exponentially bigger every time you prune the plant. Basil plants will grow quickly in the garden, getting leggy with oversized leaves. Look for a set of two large leaves. She also contributes articles to Mother Earth News Online, From Scratch Magazine, and Grit. They should grow to about 12 to 24 inches in height. First, it is more practical to grow basil in a pot if you only plan to use a handful of seedlings. This … This super aromatic herb goes great in Asian style dishes, salads, on pizzas, and anything else you may think of. Before giving your basil a ‘haircut’, wait until the plant has sufficient leaves. 10 Indoor Gardening Ideas You Have to Try! Continue doing this throughout the growing season. The reason to grow buckets of basil is classic pesto, which freezes well in small jars, or ice cube trays. How to prune basil for the first time. I’ve tried to grow basil tons of times and every time I end up with this long stringy plant with super tiny leaves. Start pruning the basil for the first time when the leave is large enough. The biggest leaves on the bottom branches are the powerhouses of the whole plant. Types of Herbs and Pruning. Meredith Skyer is a writer, artist, and homesteader residing in Western New York with her husband and menagerie of farm critters. Pruning basil leaves may seem counter intuitive, but it actually does produce more basil in a quicker amount of time. Planting Holy Basil. The general recommendation for pruning is that you shouldn’t cut back more than one-third of the plant, but basil is somewhat an exception and can be heavily pruned. Alternatively, if you were pruning the plant the wrong way, it would continue to grow leaves from the one central branch, but would eventually turn woody, skimpy, sparse, and ultimately die.

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