The winner for the RISE FOR IMPACT Acceleration Program is

This project decentralizes and accelerates the global impact project reach. It uses technology to analyze and select existing impact projects and, together with its founders, helps them to convert them into adaptable and accessible models for other entrepreneurs to implement in different places.

Congratulations to all the projects that competed! 👏🏼 It’s for social entrepreneurs like you that Casa do Impacto of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa works every day, to stimulate a generation of new ideas and their transformation into impact solutions that will change the world.

2th-Skizo by ircycle
3st – Bigger Wake

We ended this day inspired and with the certainty that our community and the impact entrepreneurs are amazing. The 3 startups asked us before they knew the results, to share the award equally for the 3 finalists, because “everyone deserves it at this stage”.


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