Scale your impact

Scale your impact

We enable existing impact projects
to scale their model where it's needed the most.

spread what works

We analyse existing, impact projects and we turn them into actionable toolkits
to be adapted and used in other locations.


Assess the impact
of your project or portfolio
to identify what's ready to scale.
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Ready to expand to other locations?
Set-up your Scaling Tool
to reduce your overheads and costs
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Identify the best impact project
to adapt and replicate
in your community
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Your dedicated scaling tool

Your dedicated scaling tool

Remove the overheads and costs of traditional scaling

Our Blueprint and Replication Tool can guide people and organisations interested in adapting, improving and grow your project in other locations.

or see one of our Blueprints here.

proven impact projects

Browse the most powerful impact projects
ready to be adapted and used by anyone, anywhere.
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Find the best project for your community

Find the best project for your community

Why reinventing the wheel?

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.
We help individuals and organisations identify the best proven, impact projects to implement in their own community.

Why impacton?

Stories and testimonies from our clients and partners

When we won the Google Impact Challenge, they set us the goal to scale to 10+ other locations, within 3 years.

Without Impacton it would have been impossible, while now we have 30+ hubs building upon our formula.

Fabian Saieg, Fundación Ecoinclusión
Fabian Saieg, Fundación Ecoinclusión

Real progress is shared.

Impacton is cracking the code of international development and cooperation, by giving access to solutions that are sustainable, adaptable and create local empowerment. This is a key aspect of the 2030 agenda.

Lorenzo Giorgi, Liter of Light Europe
Lorenzo Giorgi, Liter of Light Europe
Our network, clients and partners

Our network, clients and partners

We work with experts and organisations from 50+ countries.

Learn more about us, our models, and how we can work together to scale impact.